By Mike Hellgren

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A promising young Baltimore athlete met a violent end, stabbed as he tried to help his sister outside the family’s home.

Mike Hellgren has more on the chilling crime and has the first public comments from the victim’s mother.

Seventeen-year-old Ronnie Gibbs — nicknamed “The Rock”—was one of the top young boxers in the world, but his Olympic dreams were shattered when he was stabbed to death outside his home in Park Heights.

“It’s hard,” said his mother, Charmaine Smith.

Smith has yet to come to grips with her son’s violent end.  Police say Terrance Sims killed him.  According to police, Sims was fighting with Gibbs’ sister and he was defending her when he was killed.

Sims served only five years in jail for killing another man outside a club 11 years ago.

“Should he have been on the streets, killing somebody else?” said his sister, Kiara Karim.

“There’s a quote in the Bible that what greater is your love when you lay down your life for your brother or your sister, so he’s a hero to our neighborhood.  He’ll never be forgotten,” said Dorothy O’Bannon, neighbor.

Gibbs was a mentor and a hard worker, always at the gym, training to be an Olympian.  His family has criticized the initial police response, saying they were made to leave his side.

“Me and his father were talking to him, telling him, `Stay with us, stay with us Ronnie.  You for the Olympics, you got the Olympics,'” said Corey Winfield, family friend. “No one was working on him.  He laid right there for approximately four or five minutes before the ambulance arrived.”

Right now, his accused killer sits in jail and Gibbs’ loved ones are left to make sense of the senseless.

“He didn’t have to die.  He was defending his sister,” Smith said.

Gibbs’ sister was also stabbed in the fight.  She was treated and released from the hospital.

Comments (24)
  1. WhySoSerious says:

    R.I.P. Ronnie, I’m sorry you had to live in Baltimore..

  2. common sense says:

    ” “

  3. Scott's County says:

    Black parents:
    don’t be afraid to allow your male children to join the Army or Marines. Why? They will be safer on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan that in their own neighborhoods in Baltimore. This is a city of crazed, un-civilized, violent savages who will kill you for a french fry.

    1. Tanika HighCommodity says:

      u aliar u lose ur life n thier quicker & hate the person who recruited him….ijs

    2. XoXo says:

      how are u gonna tell these parents they should have allowed their son to join the military, did u not read the article he wanted to be in the olympics. This young man wasnt even out of high school. He was suppose to gradute high school this year.
      You sound like a sexist man or have u not heard that women can join the military too. Or do u feel that its only someone a man can do. i have read comments from u on other articles u seem like ur the type of person who if someone does not look at things the way u do they are wrong.. Dont blame the parents for letting their son follow his dreams n be a boxer and not pushin him to serve his country

      To the parents and friends of Ronald “Rock” Gibbs my thoughts and prayers are with u durnin this horrible time. Rock seemed like he made a huge impact on everyone he came in contact with. He will greatly be missed

  4. Doug says:

    I say execute the murderer and soon

    1. jim says:

      Yes I agree with you doug but they WILL NOT. He will get 10 years and out in 5 sad isn’t.

  5. alex says:

    another sad example of how “the system” is a complete joke. The murder only spent 5 years in jail for killing someone else. Absolutely unacceptable

  6. MeMe says:

    R.I.P. You were truly a blessing from god, protecting your sister was a very good thing that you did. My prayers and thoughts goes out to your family and friends.

  7. Mark Bortle says:

    Kell em. Eye for an eye. It would save us all tax money. He wont get free health care, free meals, etc, which is more than what alot of hard working non murderers get. Shoot em right in the head.

  8. johnsonj3 says:

    Prayers to the family. Hope this killer get what is comong to him . Should have never been back on the streets to kill again.

  9. Nakaja Thomas says:

    My heart goes out to this family, I too know your pain. I recently lost my nephew to the streets of baltimore. Its been almost 5 months & the pain is as fresh as the night he was taken so senselessly. I don’t blame the police because once they arrest these sick ppl its up to the court system to make sure they never walk the streets to hurt someone else. I would rather pay more taxes for tougher laws for repeat offenders than the bottles I drank out of. Will the real mayor please stand up.

  10. beyonca day says:

    my throught’s and prayer’s goe’s out 2 this young man’s family .i have never met this young man sound’s like he was an insparation too the young children and they looked up to him also he is a true hero.r.i.p.

  11. Brent Hutchinson says: this is his cases on MD judiciary case search. The link automatically gives you his information. He should of stayed in jail.

  12. anthony green says:

    Why, Baltimore is a death trap for all of our children, our prayers are with the family,

  13. LADEE WALL KING says:


  14. RC says:

    I believe he should be killed he is a coward. You so much of man that you had to stab a man for standing up for his sister. I hope you get stabbed up in yard because i work in the prison system & it could happen. Young men need to find positive things in life cause negative things will only push up your expiration date on the street. My thoughts & prayers go out to that young man’s family & friends. I grew up in Park Heights & believe it’s worse now than it was when i grew up in 70’s & 80’s.

  15. chyna says:

    the media conveniently left out the fact that the victim brung the knife to the fight, get all the facts for the first murder there is a reason mr sims only got 5yrs.i feel sorry for the family of the victim, however if someone comes at you with a knife and u take it and stab them how is that wrong, with md having no self defense laws in place both of these men are victims

    1. Xoxo says:

      im takin it ur friends or family with mr.sims…how do u know Ronald brought the knife to the fight Where u there?, or are u goin by what u heard of course Sims s gonna say it was self defense just so he wont get the punisment he deserves. i feel sims is no way a victum bc he is not the one who got stabbed or died reguardless if ronald had the knife at first or not he did not stab this MURDERER… if u wanna use he was using self defense explain to me why he felt the need to stab both of them… It is proven this man has killed before he should have stayed n serve his full sentence the first time. hopefully the courts do the right thing n look that this is not the first time this man took a life n gives him the max sentence

    2. R.I.P. Ronald says:

      dont play devils advocate,& for ya information…the victim DID NOT bring any weapons at all to defend his sister except his FIST.That coward murderer just couldnt handle what the young man was giving to he resorted to his knife.Whatever u heard was wrong so get ya facts straight lady!…that coward murderer had already stabbed someone else earlier that night,he brought the weapon! and simms was a grown man anyway,who had no business at all stabbing/fighting a woman or a young boy.He is a pure bread criminal/bxtch and he deserves death..anyway simms couldnt possibly be a victim when u bring a weapon and drama to someone’s home at early hours of the morning..& as for the murder that he got 5 years for,thats BS! that just proves that the criminal justice system is fckd up nowadays.I believe if u take a life u deserve yours to be taken as well.FLATOUT.if they kept simms where he belong “behind bars” in the first place he wouldnt have had the chance to kill again. R.I.P Rock

    3. StoptheViolence says:

      My son and Ronnie “Rock” were friends, and I think your comments are insensitive and incorrect. What the hell is wrong with you? First, this man had no business fighting a female. Second, Rock wasn’t the punk ass with a weapon. You say it was a reason Sims only did 5 years, well we all know the reason….the justice system is a joke!!!

  16. Christiana says:

    Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women and blessed is thy womb Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. May the Lord hug Ronnie forever and keep His family in comfort and in His arms too. I am so very sorry and am proud of the young man. He will be with me in prayer as long as I live and the family also. (T_T) ♥

    1. Christiana says:

      this should be on the media. heroes and beautiful souls no matter how young aren*t heard of everyday. Christiana <

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