FREDERICK, Md. (AP) — A police investigative report says a Frederick, Md., man who shot two family members before killing himself was mentally ill.

The Frederick News-Post reported Wednesday on documents it obtained from the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office through the Maryland Public Information Act.

The father of John Ming Lee, 26, told police his son was diagnosed several years ago as manic-depressive, also known as bipolar. He said Lee wasn’t taking his prescribed medication.

Lee wounded his 50-year-old mother and 18-year-old sister on Jan. 13 before killing himself with a 20-gauge shotgun he bought a day earlier at Walmart.

Lee’s 58-year-old father broke his back and both heels when he jumped from a second-floor window of the family’s home.

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Comments (3)
  1. dkjkdj says:

    Why is Walmart selling guns?? And why isn’t there a hold time like most other places???

  2. gary says:

    because we are in the US,where PEOPLE HAVE A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS .maby you should by one before the government takes that right away.thank you wallmart.

  3. tyingtochangethings says:

    I agree that we should have the right to bear arms,however I do feel that there should be some kind of way to look a little deeper into someones background not just on the criminal end but on the medical end as well before one should be able to purchase any type of firearm,I also feel that the doctors who prescribe medicine for mental illness disorders that can result in the patient becoming dangerous should make patients come in for blood work just to make sure that they are taking their meds if a person with a disorder refuses to take meds then perhaps a doctor should have them admitted to mental ward where they will be given the meds they need I know that this would require alot more money from insurance companies and alot more close follow up work from doctors neither of which will happen,it is just sad to think that while the mother and the sister were only wounded and I do thank God for that but the real point here is that once again if there were laws for doctors and insurance companies to monitor medicine perhaps that same injured mom would still have a son that was alive as I said tougher rules will never happen

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