ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — A measure allowing illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition in Maryland has been amended to require them to first attend a community college in the jurisdiction where they went to high school.

The Senate approved the amendment on Wednesday in a 26-20 vote.

Sen. Paul Pinsky, D-Prince George’s, says the amendment was needed to clarify the legislation. But Sen. E.J. Pipkin, R-Cecil, says the change was made to address a court case pending against Montgomery College for its long-standing policy of providing county tuition rates to all recent county public school graduates, regardless of immigration status.

Under the bill, illegal immigrant students who attend community college could then qualify for the cheaper in-state tuition rate at four-year universities.

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Comments (44)
  1. youseff1 says:

    This is madness!!!

    1. Frustrated and fed up says:

      I am not one who normally comments on things like this, but if this bill goes through I am one of the many legal Americans who would be really upset. Those of us who are here legally scramble to get funding already to attend school and now you want to give many illegals the opportunity to add to the already shrinking funding. Soon there will be nothing left for real Americans. Our government seems to think it’s best to always look out for other foreigners but rarely do they try to do much for there own.

      It has gotten so bad that if you take the time to look around, a lot of advertisements have been written in Spanish. I thought this was an english speaking country. I mean I don’t see the same being done for other people who speak a different language. And please don’t get me started on the healthcare issues.

      I am not a racist. I’m just tired of the government that is suppose to work for me, working for the illegals more. I get a, “sorry pal, we can’t help you”.

      Quite frankly, I think they should save up the money they get from the jobs they are taking from us and pay for their own schooling. But I suppose since I am a legal citizen born and raised in america my opinion doesn’t count.

      1. Almost tired of Trying says:

        I couldn’t agree with you more!!! I’m 22 years old, bought a house, and tried to get help for college. Do you know in order to get help from FASA which i understand is Federal Funding!! You still have to file under your parents!! The only way they will allow you not too is if the following things apply to you: you’re to be 25, married, have a child, joined the service, or emancipate yourself. In my case, my dad is permanently disabled, social security isn’t much of a income, My mom is the bread winner in the house. Her money goes to pay all the bills though. According to FASA she makes too much money and because I’m 22 i still have to have her file for me and i have to log in my income. Now remember I have my own house. We do not live together. When you put her income and my income together on paper we make 6 figures!!! So i get no help to try and better myself!! According to the money on paper we make too much money!!! How is that fair!!! An yet I keep hearing about illegal’s getting help and being able to better themselves here!! they are illegal’s, they seemed to get better treatment then the Americans who pay taxes and are trying to make it through these rough times!!!

    2. Michael H says:

      YES! Madness and insanity. Another example of O’Malley’s STUPIDNESS!

  2. Betty McFall says:

    It’s about time. Late is better than never. Thanks. It can and should be done.

    1. Jim says:

      So Betty you think that people who break the law and come here illegally should be rewarded with discounted tuition rates?!?! How do you justify that sort of thinking? Look at it this way – If I broke into an office building and set up in one of the vacant offices and started running my business and the landlord comes along and finds me, should I be allowed to stay? Of course not. The landlord calls the police and I go to jail because I broke the law. I don’t get a discount on a lease or get to use the tenant garage – I go to jail. Why is this so hard for people to understand

    2. Michael H says:

      Betty must not pay Maryland taxes. That’s the only reason I can see why she would be so free and easy with giving away the cookie jar with the cookies.

  3. Chichi says:

    What part of illegal do they not understand! The state is broke and they’re ripping off the taxpayers to appease illegal aliens!! C’mon, Maryland, stop voting the same clowns into office. They think that they can get away with anything now. Boot ’em out and deport all illegals now!

  4. Mike says:

    We need to recall O’Malley, Miller and Busch for making Maryland a Third World State.

    1. Michael H says:

      I hate O’Malley….he’s such a wussy cry baby! Wah! Wah!

      Miller and Busch are typical politicians…backroom deal makers putting money in their own pockets and ripping of Maryland taxpayers. Hate them!

  5. taxpayer says:

    They will fill a desk with an illegal while a legal tax-paying citizen
    is left out! abuurd –impeachment time

  6. MELVIN says:


  7. DREAM ACT says:

    If the illegal immigrants will be required to attend community colleges first, won’t this put an additonal burden on the citiy and counties involved? Many legal residents/citizens cannot afford college, yet some lawmakers want to give a break to those not of legal status. How about taking care of U.S. citizens/legal residents first? This proposal just doesn’t make sense.

    The illegals are not being denied the opportunity to attend college.

    1. Peruvian Peeler says:

      “The illegals are not being denied the opportunity to attend college.”


  8. bernard F Mc Kernan says:

    This is sheer madness!

  9. Herman Glimsher says:




  10. Legal Citizen says:

    Don’t just say it here. Tell it to this person: :

  11. pigeon says:

    Don’t “clean it up” – just get rid of it! HELLO – pull your heads out of the dark place and be realistic. Politicians don’t want to step on their (illegal immigrants)toes, but they sure as heck don’t care about CRUSHING the toes of tax paying citizens and legal immigrants. If this offends anyone, TTSTK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Peruvian Peeler says:

    My family came to the United States in 1971….the right and LEGAL way! We did all the paperwork, followed all the rules, payed all our taxes. I served in the Marines and became a naturalized citizen. I don’t understand why others who want to come to this country can’t do these same things. And I really don’t understand why our politicians are trying to pass this bill! What kind of message does this send? Break the law and get rewarded? None of these fools should be reelected!

    1. Jim says:

      Well said! And thank you for your service to this country. Everyone is welcome in America but everyone must immigrate according to the law. If you are here illegally you do not get to go to college, or vote or drive or get welfare or anything else. Rewarding illegals for being here is a slap in the face to all the immigrants who worked hard to get here and to those of us who ARE obeying the law.

      1. urnotfunny says:

        Peruvian – Thank you for serving this great country. Your family should be the example for the way it is supposed to work and I commend your family for that.

  13. Frustrated says:

    I am confused by anyone who supports this bill. First and foremost, these people are illegal ~ which means they do not belong here. My grandparents went through the process to be legalize and so should eveyone else. We have legal residents struggling but we are willing to give a hand out to illegals. oxymoron, right?! Second ~ does anyone know the background on “instate” tuition? When one is afforded “instate” tuition, the taxpayers have to pay the difference to the University or institiution for the difference of the actual cost of tuition and the “instate” price. Therefore, for every illegal afforded instate tuition, the taxpayers will have to fund the difference. And the residents of this state wonder why the elected want to raise gas tax 10cents a gallon ~ in part to fund the illegals instate tuition. When are the good people of this state going to wake up!

  14. Jim says:

    Everyone call your State Senator and urge them to vote against SENATE BILL 167. This bill is nothing more than an attempt to buy votes by enticing more illegals into Maryland.

    Here are the senators who sponsored the bill – be sure to vote them out of office next election

    Senator Victor R. Ramirez, District 47
    Senator Joanne C. Benson, District 24
    Senator Joan Carter Conway, District 43
    Senator Ulysses Currie, District 25
    Senator Bill Ferguson, District 46
    Senator Jennie M. Forehand, District 17
    Senator Rob Garagiola, District 15
    Senator Lisa A. Gladden, District 41
    Senator Verna L. Jones-Rodwell, District 44
    Senator Delores G. Kelley, District 10
    Senator Nancy J. King, District 39
    Senator Richard S. Madaleno, Jr., District 18
    Senator Roger P. Manno, District 19
    Senator Karen S. Montgomery, District 14
    Senator Paul G. Pinsky, District 22
    Senator Catherine E. Pugh, District 40
    Senator Jamie Raskin, District 20
    Senator James N. Robey, District 13 l

    1. Chalkie says:

      Glad to see someone else doing thier homework for everyone to see the idiots that have been elected into office. Jim I didn’t know about a couple of these people were voting like this and they made my list of people I will not vote for ever again because of this. Thanks for the better list then what I had!!!

    2. bruce says:

      Maybe they need to have their addresses put out there and people visit their front door, like they have their goons do.

  15. Chalkie says:

    He we go again. Same people keep voting in the same people and this is what we get!! People we need to wake up. Our own state government gives money to Casa de Maryland. Our state has a really bad budget problem, and alot of it is from all the illegals here getting all the free perks and working under the table and not paying thier share of taxes. It would be cheaper to round them all up and deport them. But the way the laws are nobody in our law enforcement can do this without stepping on thier rights. They have more rights then we do and we pay the taxes, that pay the stupid people in office that keep giving them more and more of foot hold here. Why does the state contract a outside company to to the didrty work for them, round all the illegals up and deport them. That way the state cannot be held for it. Just a thought. Go down to Fells Point in the morning and I feel like I am in a third world country. Its a shame how many of the older people who vote, only vote for a certain party and then want to complain about whats going on.

  16. rob says:

    that is all we need more illegals in maryland costing use all more money how much are taxes going up because of this

  17. P of the Dollo says:

    I think our leaders in Maryland are not looking out for the taxpayers. All they want from us is our vote and when they get our vote and win for office they do what they want to the taxpayer. It’s like we do not have any control over what they want to do. We vote for our rights as taxpayers and now they let other illegals come in on what belongs to our communities. My thing is get rid of the illegals and don’t let any of these (skanks) come back. I am about tired of our system and how it is ran. The United States of America is ran on poor judgement. Our leader proud on keeping the americans unhappy. When will the Dream America come back. Also, I agree with all of what I have read in these columns you people are RIGHT!!!. We Americans can’t go to other countries to enjoy ourselves they try to either kill you /us or torture you/us . This country need to send all the illegals back to their own countries. We don’t need the sorry (skanks) over here. I don’t like any of them my personal opinion. Get Rid Of The illegals now.

  18. Michael H says:

    Damned O’Malley is behind this! STOP giving illegals any rights whatsoever! What part of illegal does the Maryland State Government not get? Instead of giving illegals rights and benefits we should be making Maryland a hostile environment so they leave and/or don’t come to Maryland. Schools and hospitals will have less burden placed upon them. I hate how Maryland has become so liberal toward illegals under O’Malley. I guess he really needed the hispanic vote?

  19. Bob says:

    Why why they are not a from hear they came hear illeg dam when are we going to start helping our american citizens u guys in govt need to open your eyes up and truly listen to the american people after all is said and done welcome to america only if you are a usa citezian enough is enough if not get OUT OF MY COUNTRY !!!!!!

  20. brenda walsh says:

    GET REAL! I am a legal citizen and do you know how much help I get with MY tuition??? NONE. ZERO. NOTHING.
    This is completely ludicrous. I don’t get a f-ing break, why does someone who doesn’t even LEGALLY BELONG here get one?
    Can I go to college for free in Mexico?

  21. No habla says:

    Why are the Feds not on hand to arrest the illegal aliens when they show up at the state house?

    To hell in a handbag with us all.

  22. Paul says:

    Thats just like the idiots in Annapolis, the state is hurting financilly and they want to give money to people who do not belong here.If the bill did pass illegals wound pour in from all over the country looking for free money. What they should do when they apply is round them up and send them home.

  23. Don' Tunderstand says:

    ‘The Border’ – as posted on Tea Party Patriots website

  24. PAUL E. MICELLI says:


  25. urnotfunny says:

    Are you kidding me? I mortgaged my house to put my LEGAL american citizen child through college. You f’ing bleeding hearts in Annapolis. I never voted for any of you morons and never will.


    Ok, my boyfriend is an illegal immigrant and I do my best to support and stand by his side, but I have to say that this is absolutely ridiculous. I completely disagree with this. No need for me to go into my long opinion about it because many comments already spoke for me. This better not be passed. One word for our Government….DISAPPOINTMENT!

  27. tanya says:

    Here’s my question to all goverment officials in the US: How is it that I have to show proof of residency, proof of birth, social security card, immuzation records and a photo ID to enroll my US born children into puclic school but we have illegal imigrants enrolled in them? I was born here, my ancestors faught for the freedom in which this great nation lives by and your telling me that because I was born here and my children were born here we have to proof it but if I say i’m here illegally its all waived…..I just don’t get it?

  28. tanya says:

    Here’s another eye opener. go to the link below and see just how much the illegal alliens cost our broke goverment in 2008: (pg 5 is the breakdown)

  29. Bruce says:

    Everyone should contact their Congressional Representative in DC and tell them to take away ANY funding they send to MD, until they revoke this bill and cut the sanctuary republic they have created

  30. Bruce says:

    Now this opens up Maryland for MANY lawsuits from those that are attending college in MD and paying out of State tuition. I would ENGOURAGE EVERYONE that is paying out of state tuition to bring charges up against NOmalley and all the loons in the house and senate in MD.

  31. Kathy says:

    Thank you, thank you Maryland for doing this. For several years I have waffled over leaving this state. Now, I will finally do it. No longer will my hard working tax dollars pay for this ridiculously, moronic state that allows ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to receive college education at in state tuition prices while natural born American citizens living in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, etc (you know what I’m talking about) cannot receive the same. Also, once they get to college in the great state of MARYLAND they will probably receive financial assistance. YOUR natural born American citizen child will no doubt NOT receive any of this. Vote these out of touch “politicians” out, One of them is Pinsky from Prince Georges County, Md..

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