UPPER MARLBORO, Md. (AP) — The Prince George’s County sheriff’s office says deputies have yet to serve 642 felony warrants, part of an overall backlog of more than 50,000 outstanding warrants and writs.

The Washington Post reports that 29 of the felony warrants are for murder charges, 49 are for rape and the remainder include crimes such as burglary, assault and attempted murder.

There are 860 open felony warrants, but 218 are for people jailed in other jurisdictions.

Sheriff Melvin High says his office has made progress in clearing the backlog but that the number of outstanding warrants is still troubling.

The Washington Examiner says High wants some of the older warrants thrown out.

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Comments (9)
  1. Scott's County says:

    Wherever you have a majority black populace, you have out of control crime and a so-called justice system either unwilling, unable, or too corrupt to deal with the criminals. This kind of thing only makes criminals feel unafraid of going to prison because nothing is done about their crimes–especially when it comes to crimes
    committed against other blacks. Any place that is majority black you’ll find problems like this. It needs to stop!

  2. Erica Baltimore County says:

    Race do not have anything to do with crime. Crime is everywhere and it affects all race.

  3. Tim says:

    29 felony warrants for murder??!!!! Are you kidding me?? No wonder this county is such a cesspool. Armpit of Maryland!

  4. Scott's County says:

    You are a typical Democrat ultra-liberal in denial. Crime affects blacks disproportionally in areas where there is popupulstion saturation of blacks. Look at any major city where blacks saturate and you will find huge disproportionate crime statistics and unwillingness to prosecute. Former City States Attorney, Pat Jesemy was famous for her racist refusal to prosecute Baltimore’s famously out of control back criminals because of her personal itdentification with her fellow blacks. That’s why Baltimore now has a white man doing a former black woman’s job!

  5. GREAT WORK says:


  6. JOJO DANCER says:

    Scott what planet are you from, inject race in any thing. crime is crime no matter who dose it.

  7. the realist says:

    Jessie Jackson once said something about how HE would worry more if he was being followed by young blacks! JESSIE JACKSON! It is not the tone of there skin that causes it but Blacks do commit more crimes. If we ignore the source were crime comes from how will you stop it.

  8. the realist says:

    Great Work are you from PG County? It is a pit! They can’t keep up!

  9. Balt bob says:

    Wait now lets not blame any race at all I thk it is the maryland court system I mean lets thk about it they get locked up and go to court and get off so I say the system SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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