ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) —  Baltimore students, teachers and school administrators are telling Maryland lawmakers to “keep the promise,” when it comes to schools funding.

Alvin Thornton, who chaired a commission on Maryland school funding reforms, spoke Thursday night to roughly 200 people gathered in front of the Maryland State House on a rainy evening.

The current proposed state budget reduces $94 million for education statewide. Baltimore city would lose about $15 million of that.

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  1. Wendy Perez says:

    I don’t think your are nearly correct in your estimate of 200. I was one of the 700 from last year and there were way more people this year than last.

  2. Alicia says:

    I agree Wendy. This reporter stayed only for a short time I assume before the crowds arrived at about 6 and kept on coming. I counted at least 20 school buses – at least 75% full, with a max capacity of 47; 3 passenger vans- at least half full, with a max capacity of 12 usually, and at least 3 coach buses – also basically full, with a max capacity for some of 44 for smaller buses. Doing the math alone on those figures will give you a better estimate on how many people were actually there. (.75 x 47 = 35 people x 20 school buses = 705 alone!!!!!)

    There were also churches, PTO/PTA members, parents and community members present. Also, there were WAY more speakers. Dr. Alonso, Delegate Keiffer Mitchell and other legislative members, BEC members, and students Brianna and Joshua. A few student singers as well. Maybe consider sending someone else to events to report them when they are this important.

    I do appreciate the report in general but please give all details.

  3. Crys says:

    I TOTALLY feel you on the no-lyrics thing. I tend to focus on them if they are there. I have a cloupe pandora instrumental stations that I roll during the day. The first is generally a little more upbeat than the second New Funk (link above) which uses the following artist seeds Soulive (an east coast funk trio), Fingathing (an instrumental hip-hop group), and Chordless Theory (tango chill). Instrumental which uses the seeds Brian Eno (ambient), Jesse Cook (modern flamenco), Tiesto (trance), Reset’ (a Mutemath instrumental), and Club Nowhere’ (a Blue Man group song). This Will Destroy You and The Album Leaf sometimes show up on this station some very cool stuff.You turned me on to Explosions back in the day, and i really dig them, but their stuff tends to be too dynamic for me in a work setting I wind up turning it up and down a lot. thanks for the post. you’re a wonderful human.

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