‘Wire’ Actress Among 60 Arrested In Md. Drug Raids

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—It was like a scene out of the Baltimore-based hit show, “The Wire.” The actress known as Snoop was one of 60 people arrested in a drug sting.

Mike Schuh has more from federal court.

Twenty-three people were indicted federally, 40 by state courts. Officials say they knocked out a major drug ring in East Baltimore involving 60 people.

Few people will know any of the 60 people arrested, except for one Felicia “Snoop” Pearson. She was the assassin on HBO’s “The Wire.”

Thursday morning, federal agents led Pearson away from her luxury apartment downtown.

She played a drug dealer on TV. But told WJZ in a 2006 walk around her old neighborhood that she’d put that life behind her.

“I never got high,” Pearson said then. “I was just a strong person.”

She’s been in Jessup and back on the streets. It’s near her old neighborhood and around the city that police arrested more than 60 people suspected in the marijuana and heroin trade.

The U.S. attorney calls the arrests part of a crackdown of a large Baltimore drug gang.

Late Thursday afternoon, the U.S. attorney and commissioner talked about what it took to make these arrests.

“This is one of the largest cases that we have prosecuted here in Baltimore,” said Rod Rosenstein, U.S. Attorney.

“In this case, we made impact,” said Ava Cooper-Davis, DEA Agent in Charge. “We got the top, we got the bottom, and we got everything in between.”

“We got men and women out there right now hunting and seeking out even more,” said Commissioner Fred Bealefeld.

There were 450 officers that were out on the street to track down everyone. Though there are indictments, not everyone has been rounded up. The 23 people charged federally were at the leadership level; the 40 charged by state were street workers. Snoop was charged for conspiracy at the state level.

This is not Pearson’s first brush with the law. She was convicted of murder when she was 14. Three years ago, she witnessed a murder and refused to testify and was arrested for minor marijuana possession when officers went to get her.

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  • Lois

    I think that she just played herself in the Wire

  • Baltimorelady617

    I agree

  • Bruce Fonzarelli

    aw man !

  • Nikki

    Life imitating art. Really sad if you think about it drug addict parents raised in foster care until she went to jail for murder and caught her break acting. I REFUSE to watch the wire…. Well as sad as it is she’s gotta be held accountable for her actions. And to think I wasted my time going to private schools and college.

  • Pooh

    She can’t help people she know. She probably was arrested for association. She is innocent until proven guilty. You missed a good show, and I stress it was a show, not real life.

    • Nikki

      I know I don’t doubt it was a good show. People talk about it constantly but after working as a social worker in the city and seeing and hearing all sorts of horror stories the Wire was the last thing I wanted to see when I got home and put my feet Up. Nothing against Baltimore. Heck I’m in Arizona now and lemme tell ya I’m counting down the days until I get back to Maryland.

  • Mike

    she is a ghetto rat

    • mrs d

      dont judge til u have walked in her shoes

      • Michael

        Nope, he’s right. She is a ghetto rat.

  • Scott's County

    That’s Baltimore! Once a thug here always a thug in here. This kind of behavior is genetically ingrained in many black Baltimore neighbors from in-breeding among black Baltimore criminal class families. Yes, criminality is a genetically inherited trait that is passed from family to family. That’s why you have multi-generational criminals in certain families. This woman had every opportunity to escape Baltimore and it’s out of this universe crime, but nooooo! Her genetically inherited criminal genes brought her back in. Well, it’s back to Jessup!

    • Nikki

      As is drug addiction …..a genetic trait that is.

    • mrs d

      wow Scott what did u inherit from the fine white people how to rape and sleep with your sister don”t think because u r hiding in the county that your dirty deeds won”t be found out

      • Michael

        Whether Scott rapes his sister or not is inconsiquential. This is about Felicia being caught up once again in drugs and a “thug life”. Don’t get defensive and embarassed Mrs D. because someone is speaking the plain truth.

      • Michael

        (and I don’t think he rapes his sister, cousin maybe, but not a sister)

        ***Kidding man***

  • Pooh

    Sounds like you know her personally, so i will leave that alone. I don’t think her involvement has to do with distribution of drugs, I bet it’s because of association. She has been doing positive things to help our kids in the community in the past. All that would be just a waist.

  • Free2speak2

    Scotts County- You’re living in a box. There are plenty of people that turned their lives around due to their upbringing. I feel sorry for you cause you’re ignornat, you know nothing about the society or street life. You was probably the #1 person coming into the city to purchase illegal drugs to take back to the county. But, then again you probably beat them down when they were already down. The surrounding counties are worse than the city. Until you’ve been in their shoes, Stop passing judgements.

    • QT


      • mrs d

        yes lol

    • Michael

      Free2Speak, can you please learn how to form coherent sentences? Go back and re-read everything you said, not one thing made any sense. Then again, that’s typical isn’t it.

  • zeph

    “News”… meh.

  • George Mouring

    The show probally paid her good money, and it all went for drugs

  • TB4U

    Doesn’t matter anyway…whatever charges she’s brought up on by the time it goes in front of the court commissioner she’ll get time served, maybe a PBJ or Stet & home by dinner time to score another rock…

    • Michael

      Absolutely right man.

  • Scott's County

    Sorry, free2speak2:
    But I don’t ever and have never gone into the ghetto hoods to buy drugs because I’m not a strung out junky. You just need to stop living in denial of the disproportionate criminality of Baltimore’s black families. Sure, not all are criminals, but so high a number are that racial profiling of black people at the city/county line is becoming common. Don’t believe me? Well, check out the main roads Towson,, Pikesville, Parkville, Catonsville, etc. and you will see county police doing “traffic stops” mostly on blacks leaving the city. This may be bad for Civil Rights, but the huge number of black criminals committing crimes in disproportionate numbers, makes people accept racial profiling–even many higer class black people feel this way because they too, are sick of being victims to underclass criminals from the city.

    • Pikesville Mom

      Scott you are so ignorant and don’t know what your talking about. It is people like you that I hate. You know nothing about how some one else feels.

    • Michael

      Hey Ma,
      Wake yourself a bit, he’s not speaking out of ignorance as everything said was both knowledgeable and truthful. Seriously though, the denial that you’re grasping onto isn’t helping the situation at all. While his comments are in a generally speaking format, he’s accurate, so here’s one more person whom feels the same way.

  • Balt bob


    • jay

      yo check this out i’ve been in thisw ndrug life 4 yrs. but do that make me a convict? note im in it everyday and my son’s but u tell me what im i 2do.
      i went 2prison came home but no one will let me talk 2the kids ,because i know what they wan’t called me;;443-802-6759

      • johnjohn


  • Roland brown

    Some of you sound stupid a conspiracy charge on the state level is not going to equate to jail time for marijuana. Lol there is a reason she is charged on the state level and not on the federal level. Baltimore is a city and has the same problems, issues and positive things as all north east mid Atlantic cities. Did you know the maximum sentence for possession with the intent to distribute marijuana is only 5 years. Cocaine and heroin is 20. Anyway criminal genetics lol that was a good one.

    • why why

      Thanks Roland, some if these people on here are so clueless and need to read a book.

  • why why

    Let the courts do their job people. It us not our job to judge and criticize anyone without the right of being heard. Some of you are so quick to judge without the facts. However snoop choose to live her life is her business, I’m pretty sure we all do things and associate with people that are not right, its just unfortunate that she got caught up. I wish her the best and whatever the courts decide they will look at the evidence and the facts of the case.

  • real black

    scotts county do you even know how ignorant you sound if your beliefs are true and on point, what, is charlie sheens problem.???? . real black real fast.

    • Michael

      Charlie Sheens problem is that he’s a drug addict in a state of denial. Unlike most addicts, he’s extremely wealthy, so the appearance for him is that he’s humorous and thus get’s a lot of airplay for his antics. If he were impoverished, he’d be looked at like any other crazy prowling the streets of Baltimore looking to score their next fix. That’s the difference and that’s the problem.

      Now as for Scott’s point of view, he’s still accurate.

      Since your titlename is real black, I think it’s a safe assumption that you’re an African American. Can you honestly say that when you drive through Baltimore City or in an impoverished County neighborhood, that when you come to a street corner and there are several teenage-young adult African American males loitering around that your first instinctual thought isn’t to lock the doors to your car or get the heck out of there? You’re lying if you say it isn’t true.

  • aging baltimoron

    ridiculous. what a waste. wake up idiots. prohibition can’t work. LEGALIZE!

  • real black

    hey scott,s county speak on your white corrupt baltimore police officers cuaght donig what you say is a genitic black problem ,do all 28 white officers have black ancesters?? speak on that you biggot????? i hope your wife is smarter than you, if not god help your kids>

  • donald

    ,do all 28 white officers have black ancesters?? speak on that you biggot????? i hope your wife is smarter than you, if not god help your kids> scotts county respond

  • baltobikeboi

    wow Scott’s County… If you’re such an effing expert why don’t you go into the ‘ghetto’ and “fix” things. PLEASE! Your rant is the rant of an uneducated, hateful bigot. It’s called “science” not ‘a priori’ (because I see it that way therefore it’s so). If you measure crime in a city with a higher proportionate number of blacks in it then you get – SURPRISE! a higher proportionate number of blacks as criminals. Ta Da!


    White’s “lead” in the FBI UCR report in EVERY SINGLE CATEGORY of crime committing except murder (1% different) and robbery. Here’s a smattering of FACTS:

    65% of rapes are by WHITES
    48% of murders are by WHITES (49% by blacks)
    63% of assaults are by WHITES
    75% of all arson is committed by WHITES
    66% of fraud and embezzlement is by WHITES
    42% of robberies are done by WHITES (blacks do have an ‘edge’ on this one at 55%

    So who’s the genetic cesspool? Look it’s not about genetics, it IS about structure, oppression, opportunity (male whites have a heyday assaulting women sexually btw). So catch a clue. Blacks ARE disproportionately represented in crime figures but these facts show it sure as hell isn’t genetic since whites wouldn’t be doing ANY crime then would they? So must be other reasons. BTW, there are programs that help you go to school in case you want to LEARN something.

    • irritatedbyignorance

      && these are the facts from the UCR! Thank u for posting this for those ignorant ones who have not a clue on what they are speaking of. And let us not forget that the UCR only provides a report on the 8 index crimes (murder, rape, robbery, assault, etc.) & it does not keep stats on the white collar crime. BTW arent there more whites on welfare nationally? I am just saying……

      Once again, thank you for posting THE FACTS. :-)

    • Michael

      Yeahhhh, keep telling yourself this. Whatever helps you sleep at night buddy.

      • baltobikeboi

        yeah “Michael” and that “rape your cousin” joke… real funny. It’s guys like you who make jokes like that that are the kinda people that make ME lock my doors. you are one scary ass white bigot. Oh, and yeah, I do sleep at night – cuz black folk aren’t coming for me… like they might come for you if you keep up this tripe. Funny, I don’t here you arguing the FBI stats I posted? Come on sport – prove to me we should be afraid of black folk more than whites. Bigot.

      • Michael

        Why argue facts. You’re posting a comparisson of national averages to those on a local level. That’s not a comparisson or argumentative standpoint. Of course these facts are going to be skewed, they’re non-specific to our discussion or the locale in whch we’re inferring to.

        And keep clinging to the word bigot, if you think it makes you sound intelligent. You think I’m a bigot because I hve a different opion than you… that’s it. The crux of it all is that you’re a black male, I’m a white male, since I as a white male say “I don’t feel safe in Baltimore City” all of a sudden I’m a bigot. I suppose we can discount the fact that I’m a veteran, a member of the big brother program, a volunteer at the Baltimore Salvation Army and I as a minority worship at a Baptist church on Liberty Road.

        Because I have an opinon on the crime in my area, I am a bigot and a racist in your opinion. That’s okay, I’m not here to prove myself to you. If you feel better about yourself for slander, then by all means. After all, this is a web forrum, you can say anything you like without consequence.

  • Doug

    So,she’s a total loser.
    What’s so surprising,given her jaded past.
    Lucky for her,we keep building new prisons.
    Our roads are crumbling,but we have wonderful spiffy prisons,
    here,in this once great nation.

    • baltobikeboi

      yes, and that’s been SO effective Doug that now the U.S. has THE HIGHEST prison population per capita in the WORLD. Yet, guess what, your crime STILL goes up – 1 in every 100 people in this country are in prison or jail (and this country wasn’t ever so great – how the hell do you think we got to the mess we are all in now). now of course if you’re a SHARE HOLDER in Corrections Corp of America it’s another happy day isn’t it. You can make a choice to support this stupidity or make it stop. Don’t get me wrong she gets no sympathy from me, once bitten twice shy, fool me once etc…. but don’t blame her for the decision of where we spend our money. In fact the prison thing is SO bad that the U.S. attorney general under Pres. Bush last week told CANADA to not do what it did building them all because… it doesn’t work and was a waste of money.

  • baltobikeboi

    Oh and some more…

    80% of drunkeness and DUIs are by WHITES
    55% of vagrancy is by WHITES
    66% of family and child abuse is by WHITES
    63% of public disorderliness is by WHITES
    61% of curfew and loitering is by WHITES
    75% of vandalism is committed by WHITES

    now a correction – there were two other categories where blacks trump whites:

    68 vs 22% of gambling is by blacks

    and note THIS:

    while whites are identified as being “suspicious” 45% of all cases 55% of the time it’s BLACKS being identified as MAYBE doing something they shouldn’t be doing. Gee, now isn’t that a little “problematic”? Especially since they make up roughly HALF as many of the population as WHITES – so they are actually being called out as MAYBE doing something wrong TWICE as often as WHITES – yet whites seem to be doing the majority of crime. What’s wrong with this picture Scott’s County? (and all you other hateful bigots in these postings)

    • Jammie

      How bout urinating in 40 ounce malt liquor bottles?

      99.86 % blacks in general vs .14 % by black Rhodes scholars

    • sexymam

      and do you know that Baltimore have the most “BLACK” owned business, we ranked #3 in the world so whos doing all the crime

  • outkasts

    Baltobikeboi and scotts county are telling the truth but must african americans won,t except the fact that whites know more about their history than they do!
    If you only never knew your real history from Egypt to the Americas?

    • irritatedbyignorance

      and if u really knew your history you would know that everyone in the worlds roots are traced back to the motherland aka, Africa….

      • Michael

        The Motherland….. bwaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

  • TB4U

    Black, white, yellow, red, green, purple, whatever…the point about drug offenders in Baltimore City is that they go virtually unpunished. Maryland has a no truth in sentencing policy whereby before you even hit the courtroom the punishment is already cut by 2/3…then you get credit for time served & it doesn’t matter if your a 1st time offfender or a career criminal 9 times out of ten the States Attorney doesn’t want to go to trial cause the system is overwhelmed with cases so they settle for a small fine, probation & move on…the judicial system in this state perpetuates the drug use and it is color blind

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