FREDERICK, Md. (AP) — Maryland State Police say a Walkersville man has been charged with assaulting a trooper after a traffic stop.

Michael Mende, 29, has been charged with assault, driving under the influence of alcohol and other offenses.

Authorities say when a trooper stopped Mende’s car for speeding on Thursday, Mende gave a false name and assaulted the trooper when he tried to put Mende under arrest. Police say Mende fled on foot, but two other troopers chased him and took him into custody.

The first trooper was not injured.

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Comments (17)
  1. truthteller says:

    was mende a victim of excessive force prior to the alleged assult?lets hear the whole story.

    1. trooper101 says:

      You sound like a career thug.

  2. Enough Said says:

    What “whole story?” Mende was drunk and attempted to flee while being arrested. End of story

    1. truthteller says:

      reporters dont go to the jails to get the other side of the story so,how can you say whole story when you havent herd both sides?i can see your not fit to be a juror.innocent untill PROVEN guilty.

  3. truthteller says:

    why dont troopers go to pennington avenue and make some drug arrests? i guess people in curtis bay dont pay enough taxes.

    1. Enough Said says:

      Troopers don’t patrol in the City. My “whole story” comment was to question what does excessive force have to do with assaulting a Trooper and fleeing?

      1. truthteller says:

        these are MARYLAND state police. last time i checked ,curtis bay was within the state of maryland. i dont think you have ever been a victom of an over-reactive cop or you would know this happens every we still havent herd the WHOLE STORY.

  4. Bull says:

    Truthteller your are obviously the kind of tool who runs from and assaults police. Oh yeah and assumes that all police lie. Get over it.

  5. truthteller says:

    i can see why your screen name is BULL.

  6. Bull says:

    That was pointed at your BULL. It’s people like you that make kids think it’s acceptable to run from an attack police.

  7. Factfinder says:

    If Truthteller spent less time being paranoid and more time learning facts he/she would know that Troopers have no jurisdiction in any municipality with more than 50,000 people in the state. They must have a Memorandum of Understanding with the jurisdiction before they have authority.

  8. gerrygriff says:

    Truthteller, what are we talking about here anyway, A cattle drive ?….Man, learn how to articulate the english language & stay on the porch so the big dogs can run knucklehead.

    All the rest of you S. Baltimore low life thugs & underachievers that still sneak into school for free lunches, You all suck dead donkey dic & your Momma’s are turd words.

  9. ZAPA says:

    Cops go out looking to pull people over for drunk driving every night, when all they would have to do is sit out in front of the next F.O.P. banquet to make their yearly quota. I would venture to say that over 50% of the nations cops are corrupt. Look at Maryland alone, Troopers growing and selling pot, cops running illegal tow scams, The unarmed Maryland Student who was beat in the middle of the street by cops and the list goes on and on. Anyone can sit at home on their computer and say the cops have it so bad, but until you are on the other end of a corrupt cop and really see how things go down on the streets maybe it is best not believe everything you hear and read from a police spokesperson.

    1. Gary says:

      50%, Really? That’s like saying 50% of blacks are criminals or 50% of mexicans are illegal, or 50% of postal works will shoot up their office. Unless you’ve worked as a police officer or have studied REAL data, I would go out on a limb and say that 90% of stats posted on blogs are made up! Lastly, I am sure you’ll be quick to bash the police, but the first to run to them when crime comes your way. ANYONE CAN SIT HOME ON THE COMPUTER AND SAY THE COPS ARE CORRUPT, BUT UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN ONE, YOU REALLY DON’T KNOW HOW IT GOES DOWN!!!

      1. Bull says:

        Well put!

  10. SMH says:

    How did this go from taking a drunk driver off the road to the Cop is the jerk! Sheesh. They can not be everywhere at once and it is our duty as citizens to let them know where they need to be. If there is major drug activity in Curtis Bay, which I AM SURE THERE IS! then let your local drug task force know and keep calling. They will investigate but it is a procedure they follow.
    Some cops are corrupt but not all of them are and some people are thugs but not all of us are!

    1. SMH says:

      By the way…if the cop used a little excessive force with a drunk driver who took off and resisted arrest, SO WHAT! That is one less drunk driver on the road I have to worry about. I have children, a mother and a father and friends out on the road. Worry about all of them and myself because people think it is ok to get in the car after drinking! GROW UP! Don’t drink and drive! and if you do – be prepared to face whatever consequences come your way!

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