BALTIMORE (WJZ)— Police have confirmed that the female victim of a triple shooting in Northeast Baltimore has died.

The victim has been identified as Tenise Ervin.

At around 6 p.m. Saturday, Ervin, 19, and two males were coming out of a carry-out  near the intersection of Gorsuch Avenue and Independence Street  when they were shot, according to Baltimore police spokesman Kevin Brown. 

The two men were hurt, but they’re expected to survive.

Detectives haven’t made any arrests or figured out a motive.

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  1. truthteller says:

    this story should be in the news every day because thats all you hear about in baltimore.drugs,gangs and shootings.baltimore city should be abolished,rezoned,and taken over by all the neighboring counties

    1. Kash Brown says:

      LOL……. REALLY?

  2. What? says:

    Brown says the woman is currently in the worst condition. This sentence sucks. You are supposed to be professional journalist. You should be ashamed WJZ. You suck.

  3. Herman Glimsher says:





  4. cHARMcity_duck says:

    i bet it was a cop right on the next main road pulling a innocent person over for a minor traffic violation… in the meanwhile crimes are being comitted… Baltimore… we have the best crossing guards on the East… I bet they gonna flood this neighborhood full of cops… then it will happen in another…

  5. Fmh1134 says:

    Dear Police,

    There is a gang of 10-15 young 20’s african american males that have literally taken over my neighborhood. They own it at this point. For all my efforts I cant do it anymore. 311 and 911 are next to useless to stop it. At almost any given time of the day or night you can find drug dealers at 437, and 439 Orchard st. 440 St. Mary St., 516 Orchard St., Orchard Mews apartments, pretty much anywhere on Pennsylvania Ave from Franklin to MLK, the St. Mary park all hours of the day and night, and really most of Orchard St. Surrounding this gang territory are citizens who have bought homes, fixed up homes, and pay taxes(unlike drug dealers), which in turn pay your salaries. So before we are killed, or forced to move out because of this gang, could you maybe do something besides send a patrol car to sit and do crossword puzzles?
    I really question some days who runs the city, the thugs or the politicians. Make it right, the city will be flooded with residents who want to live here, thus increasing your tax base. What a crazy thought.

    Thanks so much

    Frustrated City Tax Paying Homeowner Under Siege by Drugs and Gangs.

  6. fran says:

    baltimore needs to be torn down, no need to exist anymore.who cares.whites are having a great laugh.

    1. WhySoSerious says:

      What color was Bernie Made-off (with your money)?? Enough said!!!!
      White people don’t have shlt to laugh @!!!!!!

      1. fran says:

        whites are not to blame for killing blacks on blacks, so who are we to blame now.poverty is a choice.not a problem. some blacks bought drugs to get out of poverty, but that not the answer, blacks found out too late that drugs is not the answer. look at yourself and ur enviornment, whites laugh because they say oh well is this the truth and nothing but truth so help me build more prisons for blacks.

  7. Ex-Baltimore says:

    “Safe” “Peaceful” “Beautiful” “Respectful” “Quiet” “Clean” “Organized”
    Desirable” “Great Schools” “Healthy” “Let’s take a night stroll” “Great Shopping”.
    What’s with the above words and what do they all have in common? They are all words that never can be applied to black neighborhoods.

  8. U says:

    Herman….the murder rate is down…sorry!! But keep complaining because you have nothing better to do.

  9. D says:

    It has nothing to do with race, it has everything to do with economics. If you live in poverty there is going to be crime happening. Baltimore is packed full of poverty, thus crime. There’s no need to steal if you have money. Racists act like poor whites don’t commit crime. Move from Baltimore to the south and prepare to throw that notion into the garbage where it belongs.

  10. Ex-Baltimore says:

    You, just like so many of my fellow black people just live in denial and don’t ever want to discuss the truth. I lived in the south and it’s true down there too: Black neighbords are nice, quiet and peaceful and White neighborhoods are dangerous and undesireable cesspools. I always follow white people. When they leave and Blacks come in, I leave too!

  11. Ex-Baltimore says:

    The above was meant as a joke. Did you get it? It’s the opposite: it’s what you wanted me to say right?

  12. CurrentBmore Resident says:

    What discussion are you having when you use polarizing made up facts!? My family’s from the south and I grew up in an all black neighborhood in Baltimore. I walked the neighborhood at night and have made it in and out of the “bad” neighborhoods regularly. In NC, my summers were spent in all black “neighborhoods” where we walked all throughout the day and night without fear. Bad things happen – do I throw out the baby with the bath water for any and ever bad thing happen among the many good. You are aware that everyday some 650,000 black people living in Baltimore DON’T get shot, knifed or harmed in any way? The only thing good about your comments is your handle “Ex-Baltimore”. Until all person who think, feel and act on said thoughts and feelings are gone from the conversation no progress will ever be made.

  13. neiighbor says:

    So asad that we have to live this way..I live in NE and notice more white guys “looking” around the neighborhood.. Sure ther are exceptions…a couple of black guys tried to back into my drive with a box truck, 7″30 PM! pretending to deliver/take away from the house. Good my neighbor saw them and they left. Come to find out there is a burglary intitative going on in NE.
    They are watching our movements (per the Police). If you find them knocking on the door and not able to answer a question as to why they are there call 911 (again per the police) I like the city (past 30 yers) and hope I can ride it out but……………………..

  14. Its-A-shame says:

    The black culture is appalling, there is no respect, no ethics no pride. If you could only teach your children to be respectful, hardworking and honest this would help, you don’t have to have money to teach these values, teaching is free. But we know you won’t, because you don’t care and so this violent cycle can never end, which means those from the inner city (including whites) are generally disrespectful, dishonest, lazy, uncouth and violent. Its really not that hard to change – you just have to want to – which means you have to make an effort…uhho that just won’t do.

  15. truthteller says:

    what about all the drug dealers running store to store on pennington avenue?will the police address these gangs of low life thugs?i dont think so.south baltimore police are scared of these low lifes.

  16. Trina says:

    Its funny how when drugs ,poverty and crime is mentioned everybody point to blacks.its just as many whites at social service,methodone clinics and begging downtown for money.Hell there is a white guy standing right at North Avenue court house holding a damn sign begging .Pass city hall there is a white woman and man who sit there from 6 in the morning til 6 in the evening asking for a damn quarter.Take them back where they belong .Take these little white boys back too the parents have so much to say but every damn time you turn around they playing Boosie and Gotti and the girls walking around trying to look like black girls…Shut the hell up if you are not doing anything positive shut up!!! And if you never lived in the city keep your scared ass where you are and shut up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. truthteller says:

    Trina,did you forget to take your METHODONE today?

  18. Leigh Ann Erdman says:

    This is why I will leave here after this military assignment. I was born and raised here and after 26 years of service I got an assignment near home. It was safer in Afghanistan than the streets of Baltimore. When I leave here, I will not look back….

  19. Baltimorebob says:

    Well I have lived in the city all my life and I can tell you this the court system sucks they just give these people a slap on the wrist we needstronger laws and also it is not a race issuie crime has no color to it so I say we need to stand up and take back our streets from these loser and never give up

  20. objective thinker says:

    why does this have to become a racial matter.Whites commit crimes just as well as blacks however they arent sinsationalized like crimes of blacks or hispanics.This country has made lots of progress with its racist laws but little has changed with its racist citizens and media.

  21. Billiam says:

    At the end of the day, too much crime is being committed in Baltimore City and everywhere else for that matter. Don’t blame it on race, don’t blame it on poverty, and please don’t blame it on drugs. Everyone has a choice to do something with their life and everyone has a choice to do the right thing. Having said that, I notice that in most all of the places where shootings take place, I’ve never been in that neighborhood, nor would I want to be. Having said that, what does anything think will happen when the get Owe Malley’s project, the Red Line, going forward? Can’t wait for everyone from west Baltimore to come to East Baltimore!. My parents have lived just below O’Donnell Heights their entire lives and to see how the area has deteriorated is a shame. When it has homeowners there, they took pride in their homes and the surrounding areas. They didn’t have to have blue lights on top of poles and didn’t have to worry about being harassed waiting for the bus. They never had to call the city to discuss a “rat problem” because people were smart enough and courteous enough to put their trash in a can – not in a bag just to be thrown in an alley. It all comes down to choices – and the people in the areas where these shootings are taking place apparently can’t make good choices.

  22. Char says:

    FRAN, look at the it this way, not jus Blacks, but people of all color and race make bad choices that include killing, using and selling drugs or what ever else the case is, I think it’s ignorant to say the “White” people laugh at Blacks. What makes you think that the color of your skin is any better. Sad to say there are some hateful white killers out here that sell and use drugs, that are poor white trash. However, on a more national scale most of the tragedies that has occured at colleges, public places or gov’t facilities were done by a White mental health issues maniac!! go get a real life!! stop thinking skin color makes it better!!

  23. Amanda says:

    All of you ppl have a lot to say about a neigjborhood you’ve never even visited. The neighborhood has come a long ways from how it once was. But things like this happen in a lot of places in the city not just around here. My prayers go out to the victims.

  24. Sharon says:

    Crime & drugs are all across the nation regardless of race, color, gender or a persons financial situation. Some of you are either stupid, ignorant or both. If you have no knowledge of others environment then keep your comments to yourself. There are people in all walks of life that make bad choices in their lives and it has nothing to do with the color of your skin. Walk in another man’s shoes and maybe you will have a better understanding of their situation (poverty, education & wrong choices).

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