BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A local actress recently arrested in an East Baltimore drug raid says she’s not guilty.

In an interview with People Magazine, lawyers for Felicia “Snoop” Pearson, 30, say she is being targeted because of her role on “The Wire” as a drug dealer and because of where she’s from in Baltimore.

“I did not do anything. I am not selling drugs,” Pearson said. “I’ve been blessed with so many opportunities that there is no way I would jeopardize what I have.”

Pearson says she does not know the majority of the individuals charged. She says while currently experiencing financial hardship, she is working on several film projects and has not turned to crime.

“People who really know me, know I am focused on a better life. I thank my fans for sticking with me,” she said.

Pearson, who has been charged with conspiracy to distribute heroin and conspiracy-possession with intent to distribute heroin, is one of 64 people charged in the case. She was ordered held without bail Friday.

Pearson was convicted on a murder charge as a teen before finding success on “The Wire.”

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  1. sillyman michaels says:

    right…if she wasn’t caught she’d be doing the same drug deals..but of course
    she is being targaret cause she in black ..give the people a break

    1. sarah says:

      I agree because if she was a white she would probably have a chance of negotiating and they would have so many reason why she should be defended!

      1. chris says:

        Nothing to do with her skin color. She was caught in a drug bust.

  2. Baltimorebob says:

    Well if you are not guilty than why was you thete and why did u get locked up let me guess u were at the wrong place at the wrong time yeh right the prisons are full of people that say they are not guilty do the crime u should do the time

  3. johnjohn says:

    She was thought to be a very good actress on the Wire. She wasn’t acting!

  4. sarah says:

    lol you talking about it as if you were there to see it for YOURSELF. its funny how poeple always want to believe the worse out of people SMH!!!

  5. keep it real says:

    Lets not be so quick to judge her.With all the police corruption and inquires into police matters maybe there is a possibility she could be innocent.Your are innocent untill proven guilty right.Please stop the witchhunt on all things that dont resemble your lives.The world doesnt need your hatefull way of thinking

  6. Ex-Baltimore says:

    I’ve been very hard on Ms. Snoop with many of my comments and constant anger towards Baltimore’s black ghetto people for constantly committing acts of stupidity that are an embarrassing disgrace to black people everywhere. However, under our so-called system of “justice” you are innocent until proven otherwise. To all those white people who feel she is guilty and want her punished harshly, well what about rich white celebrities like Paris Hilton and Linsey Lohan? They are repeat offenders when it comes to possession of illicit substances. Can Ms. Snoop get their brand of preferential slap on the wrist justice too? It’s only fair, white people.

    1. Wilford P Wellington says:

      Put them all in the same cell. I’m tired of seeing them on the news every other day supposedly commiting new crimes. Put them in jail and see what they commit. Fair for all?

      1. Sarah says:


    2. lou fields says:

      Let’s get it straignt. In the make-believe AMERICA- the one with Santa Claus, and the easter bunny, when charged with a crime you are PRESUMED innocent until proven guilty.

      However in the real gritty American justice system once you are charged with a crime you are DEFINITELY guilty until YOU prove your innocent.

      If not why are people forced to leave their jobs often after an only an allegation…why do you have to hire an attorney to prove your innocent?

      Snoop was surely presumed guilty as soon as her name based surfaced in the drug bust. Why on earth would she even be anywhere near this type activity after her criminal convictions? Ghez, studid flows like water in this city.

  7. bash says:

    Convicted in the court of public opinion…yet again. Stop jumping to conclusions. It has been my experience that people of certain backgrounds, social or economic and both, will be with those similar individuals. But!, it does not mean they hold the same values. I like house music…but places that play that music are frequented by gays…does that make me gay too. Get the facts before you judge.

  8. Kay says:

    I do believe that Snoop is innocent and has been targeted because of the company she keeps.

    1. Wilford P Wellinton says:

      You know the old saying BIRDS OF A FEATHER?

  9. Pooh says:

    I agree Kay. Snoop, I hope this doesn’t run you from Bmore after you have been proven innocent. Like she said, she has been blessed and would not jeapardize that. Keep your head up girl, this is just one more trial you have to go through, I am praying for you. And I am proud to say I am a Fan. Remember, God will not put you through something you cannot handle. Sorry your going through this.

  10. ravenmaniac881 says:

    Awesome….Pooh? Yeah……she was targeted by her success. she says she doen’t know the majority of them…..not ANY of them. Fame and fortune went right to her head…..No that’s not right. It went right into someones veins in their arms.

  11. 50 nevafeltbetter says:

    KEEP YOUR HEAD UP, SNOOP. As for all of you that are so quick to be the judge and jury, you don’t understand how blessed you were/ are to have lived a so-called righteous life. I’m talking about you who were blessed with a mother and father that you know are of the same blood, I’m talking about knowing that if you did wrong that ass of yours belonged to your parents(literally!), I’m talking about being forced to be home by a certain hour, I’m talking about being shielded from the streets of any inner city(as you call it), I’m talking about never having to take or fight for what you want or needed because it was and still is handed to you on a silver platter, I’m talking about you who never had the need or want to look outside for love, understanding, companionship or your true blood…I’m talking about never having to look for yourself.. Oh, how blessed you are. She has a past, as do I and yes I know some people that have done some funky things…. life has taught me to never forget where my bread is buttered at, nor who is spreading it. I have fought and worked hard to get where I am today and in my travels I’ve had the misfortune of running into people such as yourselves(the judges and the juries).. ones that never forgot what I had done in my past, the ones who for some reason want to see me fail, the ones that don’t believe that you can change old behaviors(once a failure always a failure). I have a question for you…If you ever have the misfortune of getting caught out there for anything and I walked through your life and found just one person that you knew way back when that did something really funky…would I be out of line if I judged you by that persons actions?…. Give her the chance that she deserves…she didn’t lie and say she didn’t know any of them and I really can’t see her throwing her career away.She may not have the millions that you do(judges and juries), but she has something of even more value….she has people who care about her and who want to see her succeed.

  12. man in the mirrow says:

    it is really sad how so many people try to address issues that they know nothing about ! yeah I”m talking about all you born with a silver spoon or a half way financially situated family first of all there are 4 kinds of justices.. the rich, the poor., the black, and the WHITE and you only past the test in 2 0f the 4 categories.. and we all know what they are.. now i don’t mean what yall classify as trailer park trass!! because they fall in with the rest of us…but yall silver spoon medicine cabinet ass undercovers know who i’m talking to and about get a free pass from the justice system all the time need to look in the mirrow because they are in yall families too!!

    1. Sarah says:

      TRUE! i definitely agree with what you saying.

  13. JOE says:




  14. Snoop's Friend says:

    I meet ” Felicia “Snoop” Pearson, as a young teen. This young lady came from the streets she paid her dues for what mistakes she made. This young lady was released and began to do some change in her life.
    She has wrote a book that was soon to be released if not released yet she has giving back to tha city thur her role in ” The Wire”.
    I honeslty believe her this time, I do believe she is not involed I do believe they in trapped her and dragged her into some shes got nothing to do with.
    This young lady has done so much as to paid her dues for her past mistakes dont be quick to judge her not jus her but her color or her role..
    She is human and humams do make mistakes although me getting to kno her and following her I do believe she didnt do it this go round !
    She worked with tha Scared str8 program tha ROTC program shes done alot of things to help the youth stay out of tha drug world.

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