ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — A bill that would allow illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition rates at Maryland colleges under certain conditions will be debated in the Senate.

The Senate is likely to vote on the measure Monday night after convening for an 8 p.m. session.

The measure as amended last week would require affected students to attend community college in the jurisdiction where they went to high school before qualifying for in-state tuition rates at a four-year college or university.

Senators also amended the bill to require a student to spend three years in high school instead of two to be eligible for in-state tuition.

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Comments (15)
  1. Steve says:

    When will the DEMOCRATS STOP PANDERING and REWARDING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS for votes. We have 12-20 MILLION ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS who take BILLIONS and BILLIONSb of US TAX paid programs and STEAL ILLEGALLY Millions of American jobs that Americans could have if not for the ULTRA LOW wages requested of these illegal immigrant criminals. When you vote, remember it is the DEMOCRATS who keep SPENDING YOUR tax dollars and REWARD and ENCOURAGE more ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to FLOOD America with REWARDS like this !!! AGAIN, everytime an American is Killed by an Illegal Immigrant remember this when you vote. Everytime a terrible crime to an American is done by an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT remember that when you vote. Everytime YOUR taxes get raised ( BILLIONS go to illegal immigrants ) remember that when you vote. Everytime an American is out of a job or forced to work ultra low wages to COMPETE with ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, REMEMBER that when you vote. ENOUGH ALREADY, STOP pandering to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS who laugh at our laws while they collect BILLIONS in benefits like this !!!

  2. Dana Smith says:

    Ok, so I don’t feel as strongly opposed to this bill with the high school requirement amendment. But, I think they should add an amendment requiring the student to apply for citizenship in order to receive in-state tuition. If they fail to pass the citizenship exam within x amount of time, then they must pay the difference between in-state and out of state tuition.

  3. Steve says:

    Dana, if you did that you would have every illegal immigrant from the USA flooding Maryland and WE would be FORCED to keep them and ALLLL their illegal immigrant family members who would flood Maryland for more freebies…. Illegal immigration is a crime for a reason ! It hurts Americans .

    How about they go back home to their Country and let their tax payers pay for their own citizens. And we use the BILLIONS of saved dollars for OUR Citizens. The lives we save by removing these people could be your own family members.

    If we keep REWARDING these criminals, they wont leave ! In Mexico, if you are an illegal immigrant you are beaten up, robbed, jailed then deported. All we want is to remove them and give them back to their own Country. Do you understand the cost of supporting 12-20 MILLION illegal immigrants, their Anchor babies and ALL their family members who try try try to illegally get past our border patrol to suck off the tax payer dime ? Using up OUR resources, Our Tax dollars and for many Americans, cause great harm in crimes to them. Did you ever wonder why ID theft is so high ? Do you understand the cost this would add ( to tax payers ) on Obamacare to support them ?? We need to STOP PANDERING to them. Simply cut off ALL benefits and cut off ALL jobs and they will deport themselves.

  4. paulslane says:

    “If they fail to pass the citizenship exam within x amount of time, then they must pay the difference between in-state and out of state tuition.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA like that will happen.

    How about they become legal and then apply for in-state tuition?

  5. Jonathan Chiles says:

    I want to know who the Delegates and Representatives are who vote and who have voted in favor of this bill. It will help me know who not to vote for when re-elections come around.

    Here is my question… for the previous law, a person had to have attended high school for so many years..ect. How does an illegal person register for school if you need a social security number and all for registration? so would that mean that the school system is in violation of a law, if they knowingly allow illegal persons to attend their campus at the expense of LEGAL TAX PAYING citizens?

    Seems like this law is a Catch-22 law to begin with, which would make it unconstitutional. In order to get in state tuition as an illegal, you must first prove your illegal. So you would have to prove you have done something illegal to gain something legal?
    I think they did the same thing back in the day for Pot or something (when it was legal during prohibition ) In order to apply for a permit to grow, you had to bring in product that you had already grown to prove you could grow it or something. When they would go to get the permit, they were arrested for growing without a permit. An easy example of a catch- 22. —- the only problem with this case is, the illegal’s are not being arrested when they prove they are illegal, they are being rewarded. Why do I both paying taxes again? I could just be like any other illegal and get all the milk without buying the cow, what a fool I am……

    1. Jonathan Chiles says:

      *** Why do I bother paying taxes again?****

  6. paulslane says:

    Hell you can’t even send your kid to an out-of-district elementry, middle, or high school without a lot of red tape, aggravation, sworn testimony, and meetings with a bunch of holier-than-thou desk jockeys. AND you have to go through this EVERY SCHOOL YEAR, and supposedly it’s all resource related, because God forbid we don’t want to over tax the ‘receiving’ school. Yet, illegals are allowed in the school with nary a thought of overtaxed resources.

  7. Idiotsville says:

    This bill will pass, never mind those who cannot afford tuition that ARE Americans
    And never mind the Same Sex Marriage. Those that love each other are nothin.
    Anericans are nothing.

  8. Baltimorebob says:

    Why give them all this free stuff how about helping are md citizens get what they need to get into these schools I truly dint understand how they can even thk about this bill it is truly a smack in the md taxpayers face we need to help our legeal citz first the hell with them they are no t us citizens stop wake up and listen to us please bottom line u dont belong hear get out

  9. Malinda says:

    They need to stop giving anything to illegals. I am so sick of illegals coming here, taking jobs, getting on welfare, forming gangs, killing our people and a host of other things, including getting social security from what citizens have paid in. Government morons, listen up: We are the citizens and you are our employees. Do the job you were hired for and quit pandering for votes from those who are here illegally and those businesses that hire them for the cheap labor. Your loyalty should be to the citizens of the United States and nobody else, except God first and your family.

  10. pigeon says:

    “Immigrant In-State Tuition Bill To Be Debated” – it should be. Being illegal is a criminal offense. So, we are going to enable these criminals?! And why should out-of-towners have to pay more than criminals?! THOSE STUDENTS WHO ARE RESIDENTS OF OTHER STATES ATTENDING MARYLAND COLLEGES AND/OR UNIVERSITIES NEED TO STAND UP AND BE HEARD. Do it now before it is too late!

  11. paulslane says:

    My gut tells me this Illegal Alien In-State Tuition Bill along with the just recently semi-defeated Same-Sex Marriage Bill are nothing more than smoke screens to keep Maryland voters minds off the real problem in Maryland and that is the 1.6 Billion dollar budget shortfall the state is facing. Has anyone asked the government why the transporation monies are not there so that the government wants to raise the gas tax by 10 cents a gallon? Of course, they are going to say snow removal the past few years have eaten a large chunk of it. They are going to say the state of the roads because of the harsh winters. My question is ok the past couple of years the winters have been kinda bad but for 20 frickin years prior to that they haven’t been so tough. Where did the money go? Oh, transportation monies were raided and used elsewhere.

  12. Robin says:

    I sent several emails to the Senators noted in these articles and to all the Senators in my County and actually received response. Of course, the only ones to respond were the ones against this bill. If everyone would take a stand, rather then moan and complain about it, more could be accomplished. I would love to know why this was not put forward during our last elections. Sounds like Victor Ramirez is trying to pull a fast one on us. It only takes a few minutes to send an email and you can send the same one to all involved.

  13. Baltimorebob says:


  14. Tasha713 says:

    I agree with everyone above! I have sent my emails/faxes to my district politicians. What makes me sick is that my American born child has to pay 3 times more for tuition out of state when she lives in the U.S. but these criminals get in state tuition and they don’t even belong to this country!

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