NORTH POINT, Md. (WJZ)—Lottery lies. A Baltimore County woman stands accused of trying to scam lottery ticket winners out of their money and keeping it for herself.

Derek Valcourt explains how she did it and how she was caught.

Lottery investigators routinely go undercover to make sure lottery stores aren’t cheating the system. This time it was the investigators who hit the jackpot.

Melissa Stone is under arrest in what police describe as a lottery scam. The 39-year-old owner of Ross Liquors in the North Point area of Baltimore County was caught in an undercover sting by lottery investigators.

She is accused of lying to a winning scratch-off ticket holder, telling him the ticket was a loser so she could profit.

“This is outrageous,” said Eric Wheeler. “They got a winner and she’s taking the winner for herself and cashing the ticket. Unbelievable. She should be put in jail.”

Lottery officials began conducting routine compliance checks last February. Since then, they’ve gone undercover 663 times to make sure clerks operating lottery machines are honest.

They’ve uncovered 12 violations so far. Melissa Stone’s case is the biggest.

The case blew wide open when an undercover investigator brought a $10,000 winning ticket to her store and tried to cash it in. They say Stone told the investigator it was not a winner and instead she brought the ticket to lottery headquarters and tried to cash it in herself.

“At that point lottery officials approached Baltimore County police detectives,” said Lt. Robert McCullough, Baltimore County Police.

County police arrested Stone and charged her with grand theft.

It’s a shock to those who frequent her North Point store.

“She’s a really nice woman. I don’t think she would do something like that,” said Angel Allen, who says she’s collected her lottery ticket winnings from the store often. “She always gives me my money.”

“It’s fraud. She should be locked up.  Stealing money.  I would be locked up for it. I think she should be locked up for it. Sent to jail,” said Michael Kelly.

Lottery officials admit it’s impossible to tell how many customers — if any — might have fallen victim to the scam since smaller winning tickets under $600 can be paid out by the clerk right at the store.  That’s why they do these compliance checks.

Stone’s lottery license has been suspended. She’s been released from jail while awaiting trial on grand theft charges.

Comments (81)
  1. Obiwan says:

    Lock her ass up !!!!!

    1. jimjim says:

      Ask yourself, has this happened to ME? Always ask for your tickt back folks, or read the monitor. I also know of a Walmart checkout person who talks you up to make you forget your stuff in the little bagger turnstyle. Cashiers can scam BIGTIME!

      1. Justin says:

        HUH, how would the walmart checkout person benefit from you forgetting your bag?

  2. Herman Glimsher says:


  3. Baltimorebob says:


  4. Kimmy TextME says:

    Someone finally finds a way to make a liquor store business profitable and everyone wants to take her down.

    1. Shannon says:

      She is stealing from innocent people and you are defending her???? Wow, maybe you should be in jail with her for agreeing with something like that. Im sure it wouldnt be a big deal if that was you that won the $10,000 ticket and she stole it from you right…your an idiot.

      1. Squaregrouper says:

        I agree with what Shannon said, but… If you are going to call someone an idiot, make sure to use proper grammar while doing so– “your an idiot’ should have been phrased “YOU’RE an idiot”

      2. justguessing says:

        I really think Kimmy was being facetious guys. That sounded like a “tongue in cheek” comment to me.

  5. mlong says:

    that is so sad time is hard but come on now you have a income you have the store she need to go to jail

  6. whatnow says:

    She should go to jail but at the same time, how stupid do you have to be to not know your ticket is a winner. I understand in this case it was a set up but if it hadn’t worked before, this wouldn’t have worked.

    1. Julie says:

      Rite!! If sum1 told me my ticket was a winner and i knew it was shiitt i would be outta there on my way to another store…..but u know its dumbdalk soo she probably got lucky a few times haha

      1. Julie says:


      2. janet says:

        Julie, Learn how to spell before you start calling someone from Dundalk Dumb. Back at you a$$hole.

      3. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

        Julie, You pull a train?

    2. bamaneedslottery says:

      alot of people are too lazy to actually scratch the whole ticket and they just scratch the code and hand it right back to the employee they bought it from.

  7. Forest says:

    Stupid is as stupid does…..

  8. Donna says:

    Jail is not the answer. That only cost the taxpayers. She should do an enormous amount of community service for life and lose her liquor license. Hit her in the financial pocket for punishment.

  9. JOJO DANCER says:

    It really amazing me how many English Professor are on this blog and not in a class room teaching.

    1. janet says:

      Go back to your pole ,dancer. Read your statement again, does it really make sense? Have you ever heard of a Plural ? If you are stating how MANY “professor” would’nt that be professors being your are speaking of several people….. but then again your not to swift yourself.

      1. When Criticizing Spelling/Grammar check yourself! says:

        @ janet, you may want to check yourself when criticizing others, shouldn’t “pole ,dancer.” be – pole, dancer. “Plural ?” = plural?, “would’nt” = wouldn’t “your are” > you’re or you are.

  10. 1uniquemonique says:

    If she stole my winning lottery ticket, her azz would have received a serious “beatdown.” Thief!!!

  11. Nicky Marie-Model says:

    I cant believe this!!!!!!! We go in there all the time… i always enjoyed talking to her!!! Im glad i never bought a scratch off there! WOW! I bet she regrets this now, her life is ruined!

  12. Nicky Marie-Model says:


    1. Ken says:

      Correct. Dumb knows no boundaries. Just look at Washington DC.

  13. aperson says:

    aperson: i would always talk with her.but i just cannot place judgement .

  14. marian says:

    maybe i’m wrong, but i never turn in a ticket unless i know it was a winner!!! no one could dupe me on that. were these other people elderly, spoke broken english, or just young and naive? i’ll bet she only did this to people who did not know her or she them. oh and while i’m at it. for a grown person to say “figures, dumbdalk trash”, i have a few words for you. you are narrow minded, uneducated and a bigot. by the way, where did you grow up? essex?

  15. smurf says:

    she stold dat loddo money hun ,she should be hit in da head wif a booerd.

    1. HappyHappyJoyJoy says:

      Is this english? lol…. i really hope you are joking.

    2. janet says:

      What? you do not make any sense… I think the word is Moran, yeah…that describes you.

    3. leelee says:

      I thing zo. Dem iddiettes need ta go ta jale. I no when my tikkit wins cuz my mudder cheks the nummers four me.

  16. pigeon says:

    They should have cashed it for her and made her pay the taxes on the winnings. Then arrest her and make her repay the full $10,000. with no “refunds” due her.

    1. truthteller says:

      low mentality PIGEON.

  17. chris says:

    Poor white trash, thats all i have to say

  18. unbeleivabale says:

    she should be charged with grand thefts. We dont know how many other tickets she has stolen, she just got caught this time. This is not her first theft. Its unreal what people will do for the o mighty dollar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. pemil26 says:

    We had similar issues in Iowa…we now have to sign our name on the back of the lottery ticket just to check if it is a winner.

  20. RhoRho39 says:

    I agree with pwmil26, there are signature lines on scratchoff as well as regular tickets, i would just sign the back that way if you are unsure of your win status, you can’t get scamed!

  21. Cathy says:

    That’s wild to steal like that. I wonder how many costermers had to complain in order to get the PD attention?

  22. Gene Walsh says:

    I think that its terrible what she did….by the way I agrre with Nicke -Marie Model
    and think its great that she is trying to get out of the ghetto

  23. rick59 says:

    dundalk women are hot!! sucks I moved to pa!!!!!!!!!

  24. rick59 says:

    JO JO dancer can’t put a sentence together for sh-t! probably can’t put her legs together either!!

    1. janet says:

      Ha Ha… you are too funny Rick59.. she needs to go back to the pole and dance… and shut her face while doing so….

  25. rick59 says:

    I’m blind ! damn it! no wonder I’ve never won

  26. rick59 says:

    thats why i said dundalk women are hot!

  27. rick59 says:

    eric! shut up !I ride your ole lady and I don’t complain! but then again I’m blind!
    wish I lost my sense of smell though!

  28. andy botwin says:

    smurf knows how to put a sentence together

  29. rick59 says:

    babs,is that an abbreviation for bl-w another blind man soon!!!! hope so!!!!!

    1. susan says:

      question Rick59 , if you are blind…how are you reading these blogs?

      1. onewhoknows says:

        Software for the visually impared will read the print to you.

      2. kinghenry says:

        You’re all a bunch of hillbilly inbreds that also have sex with yer momma’s & the goats.down there off Dundalk square.

  30. Lisa says:

    i can’t believe she owns a business prob making more money than most of us and then steals from people that makes her business ok.. lock her up shut her business down !!

  31. ha says:

    I always see people in store just scratching the code on the bottom and handing it back to the clerk to check it for them. I just shake my head I mean come on make it easy why don’t ya? No damn way I am going to scratch just that code and give it to someone else to check for me. I am not a trash picker but while at a ATM Machine one day I looked down in nearby trashcan while waiting on the ATM Machine to give me my money and as big as day a $15.00 winner sits on top of the trashcan. People throw away the money left and right. Also was this 10,000 winning ticket one of the counted as ” number of 10,0000 winning tickets in that game”. IE: Bingo has for example ten 10,000 winning tickets – minus the ones the lottery use in there scheme check. Does that mean the lottery is scamming people by taking the winners out to check on clerks.

  32. jazzy says:

    Now this is how you do business in Baltimore! LOL…JK…Send her greedy arse to jail. That ticket could have been someone’s blessing to help them out of a tough spot. What gives you the right to take that away? Pure American Greed. We just never have enough…smh

  33. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    Interestingly enough we have a calamity of epic proportions happen in Japan & there are no signs of looting anywhere or civil disobedience. Yet, here in the USA at the drop of a hat such as Katrina, all the brothers” & porch monkeys are running dowwn the st. with T.V. ‘s Fridges, furniture booze & jewelry .

  34. jazzy says:

    Racial comments are not neccessary and when you stoop that low your intelligence drops right along with it. Espcially when its an obvious attempt for attention being that the ignorant comment had nothing to do with a WHITE WOMAN STEALING from people that trusted her. Get a life.

    1. Bernard F Mc Kernan says:

      Jazzy, She may be white but she’s got a black heart & trailer trash mind. Do you see the connection? Shut your pie hole & do something good with your mouth besides cussing & eating. Oh, I have a life & thankfully it’s not connected with your dumb ass.

  35. susan says:

    Eric, I applaud you.

  36. truthteller says:

    why does a gallon of milk cost more than a gallon of gas? is there a shortage of cows? should we be drilling for milk?

  37. andy botwin says:

    no eric is from mt.washington area, goes to gay bars etc drives a prius, cries at episodes noaha’s arc on the logo channel

  38. bob rndc driver says:

    Dont tell me every body out in the world has not got over on somebody at one time or another,,,,even if you went to a store and the clerk forgot to scan something ,, yes even you most honiest people would not go back and tell them, yea right,, or you get alittle more in a check or some extra cash back from a retailer, i dont care what you say your not going back. i work for rndc and i like both owners ,, they are good people , the goverment rips people off every day.and you are worry about a lottory ticket, you all need to get a life and worry if your going to have money when you turn 62 or if you can fill your car or can you put food on your table and a roof over your head, she messed up and i know both of them when its all done you will be eatting your words,,,, worry about your self and leave them alone,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    1. Bob rndc driver says:

      She’s a fat POS that would suck a donkey dic.

    2. rosedellinger says:

      well said

  39. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    No trash in trailer,
    The problem for you renters is that you have no real connection to the community. Your life is a mumbe jumble mess of “Want it & want it now”. You don’t have to be a home owner to be clean & take care of your personal life & effects. Try caring for the space you occupy wether its yours or rented. Can you grasp that or do I need to beat the s,,,,t out of you like your Daddy id for you to get it?

  40. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    You don’t have to own a home to have good cleanliness habits about you. Renters account for most of the problems in our community & it’s because they have poor or no good morals & accountability about them. They all want the benefits of a homeownership community but like the shortcuts & don’t want the responsibility. In short, they’re bums & Gypsies.

  41. Pbinkp says:

    Going to hell in a handbasket!

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