By Pat Warren

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ)—Maryland taxpayers are watching to see if they’ll be paying more for gasoline and alcohol.

Tax increases are still a possibility, but as political reporter Pat Warren explains, some lawmakers want to make them harder to get.

Tax makers versus taxpayers. It’s easy to lose sight that it’s all for the greater good.Some say they’ve had enough.

“Maryland right now is the fourth highest taxed state in the union. I think they’re pushing for No. 1,” said Gary Brooks, Barley and Hops Microbrewery.

The House of Delegates has worked on the budget with no tax increases, but there are no guarantees.

 “A gas tax increase or an alcohol tax increase or a snack tax increase or a utility tax increase–all of those are still on the table in the General Assembly today,” said E.J. Pipkin.

 State Senator Pipkin proposes taking some of the pressure off taxpayers to pay and putting it on the tax makers to make by replacing the simple majority needed for passage with a super majority– 3/5ths of both the House and Senate– to get any new tax passed on to you.

“I would hope that kills all of them,” Pipkin said.

House Speaker Michael Busch sees little likelihood of a gas tax increase this year, but alcohol is still on call.

“The alcohol beverage tax has been debated back and forth,” Busch said. “We can balance the budget without it, but it’s getting a lot of scrutiny.”

“If they had to get a 3/5ths majority it would be very difficult to pass them, that’s the way it should be,” Pipkin said.

You know what else will be difficult? Pipkin getting his bill passed. This is the second year he’s introduced it.

The General Assembly has to close a $ 1.2 billion budget deficit.

The bill is a constitutional amendment that would require voter approval.

Comments (8)
  1. Herman Glimsher says:



  2. Marylander Rights says:

    We Need To Start Protesting, Not Sitting Around Complaining
    Our leaders don’t give a hoot about our welfare and so forth. If they did, there be fair taxes, finding ways to lower water and energy rates, help the poor who strugglging to keep their home and put food on the table, imporve education, creating new jobs, and not giving away our money to illegal immigrants that have no right to our benifits and pay for their education. The leaders claim they need money, yet give it away to non-native nor non-american people who live here and throughout America. But no one putting their foot down, only sitting back and complaining. Well words are words, action is action. You can put those words to use, and write your local and country leaders and hope for change, or do nothing and find yourself homeless and jobless? Then their is protesting in front of your leaders place of work. Being present is more effective than not being there.

  3. overtaxed says:

    For the greater good…What a crock! Can Pat Warren smile that plastic smile any bigger while supporting the thieves in Annapolis???

  4. Wheres common sense when you need it says:

    Well once the tax rate exceeds my income, then I won’t have to get up so early because I won’t be able to afford to work. I’m think I will be forced into early retirement in one or two more years. Thanks Maryland Lawmakers, oh and once you have lost everything, you have nothing to lose. Don’t take my word for it, read history starting around 1776.

  5. Martin O'Tax-ey says:

    Hey…O’Malley held to his promise of no Tax Increases for 60 days..what more do you want from a guy who appointed HIS WIFE to a $100,000+ 10-year Judgeship?

  6. Marylander Rights says:

    This is bull! Our leaders spend more time stealing from us, than trying to help our economy. Many of us are suffering now to make ends meat, and keep our homes. Buy our leaders seem don’t care, they are so greedy. Raising taxes is not the solute, its wise spending. Giving away moneyt to illegal immagrents and wasting money of repairs not needed and so forth is what is wrong here. If this keeps up, many be without power and be homeless we our leaders keep doing this. We need to take a stand, and protest. One does have to go out and raise signs, but write emails and call their leaders. That simple. Take a stand, or suffer for not trying.

  7. conner says:

    LAst time I checked the government was supposed to view my money as just that. MY MONEY. I work for it, and the government can’t give to anyone else without first taking from me. I’m sick of it. Instead of asking in the general assembly “how much money should we let people keep” how about you go with “it isn’t our money, whats the minimum we can take?”

    The key to balancing the budget is stop all the crazy spending. All this talk about YET ANOTHER tax increase under the O’Mally watch….no wonder the affluent, the working middle class, and businesses are leaving this state in droves.

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