WASHINGTON (AP) — The Smithsonian’s National Zoo is asking the public to help name its newest anteater, which was born in December.

The zoo announced this week that the public can vote online until March 28 and choose from five different names chosen by zoo keepers.

After the voting, zoo keepers will allow the mother anteater, Maripi, to choose from the top three names. On April 6, signs with the three names will be paired with an object in the anteater yard. When Maripi is released into the yard, whichever name she goes to first will become her pup’s name.

Each name has a connection to anteaters or to their native homes in Central and South America.

The names are: Pablo, Termito, Demetrio, Fausto and Valerio.

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Comments (4)
  1. shawn braxton says:

    can we name it blanket

  2. me says:

    how about ‘de’zoo

  3. Joyce Poore says:

    from lajoy …..How ’bout dedant?

    1. Joyce Poore says:

      please remove my name

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