Suspect In Violent Attacks Gets 20-Year Sentence

BALTIMORE (AP) — A man suspected of a series of violent attacks in a wealthy North Baltimore neighborhood after receiving a suspended sentence from a previous armed robbery conviction there has entered a guilty plea for two attacks.

The Baltimore Sun reports that a judge sentenced John Couplin, 21, to 20 years in prison on Thursday.

Couplin originally served about a year of a 10-year sentence for a 2008 robbery at knifepoint of a woman in Guilford. In January 2010, authorities say he returned, terrorizing three women and forcing a college student in his vehicle’s trunk while using the student’s bank card to withdraw money.

Guilford residents were outraged to learn that the nearly nine-year sentence that remained from his 2008 crime had been suspended.

A judge in January reinstated that sentence.

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  • Baltimorebob

    Well lets hope he gets whats he deserve on the inside I say leave him in the cell four 20years never let him out until he does his full sentce

  • pigeon

    Okay, straight up. The judge reinstated the earlier sentence (so that means 9 more years). In a plea agreement (still hate those damn words when used together) he’s given 20 years. Now – are they to run concurrent or does the 20 years include the 9 years? If that’s the case he is only getting 11 years for 2 additional violent crimes. Where is the justice in that – there is none! Now if the 20 years is in addition to the 9 then perhaps there is just a bit of justice there, but not much considering what the victims had to endure. This could put him back out on the streets in possible 5 years if he gets “time off” for being a good prisoner, which does not make him a good person or a good citizen. Either way he will be young enough to pick up where he stopped (or was stopped).

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