Co-Worker Held Without Bail For Yoga Shop Murder

BETHESDA, Md. (WJZ)—There’s stunning new information in last week’s murder at a yoga store in Bethesda. A woman who originally claimed she was also attacked is now facing murder charges.

Adam May has more on how her story unraveled.

Brittany Norwood killed her co-worker and tried to blame it on an imaginary rapist, according to police.

Last week the 27-year-old woman claimed she was tied up and attacked by two masked man inside Lululemon—an upscale yoga store in Bethesda.

Norwood said her coworker– 30-year-old Jayna Murray– was also raped and beaten to death.

But police say her story didn’t add up.

“It was a dispute between the two women. We have witnesses in the Apple store next door that heard two women arguing,” said Chief Thomas Manger.

After Murray was beat to death, police believe her co-worker took a men’s shoe from inside the store and made fake tracks. She then moved Murray’s car three blocks away, returned to the store, cut herself and tied herself up to stage an assault.

“After finding physical and forensic evidence inside the deceased victim’s car, Ms. Norwood became a suspect in the case,” Chief Manger said.

When police questioned Norwood, she originally told investigators “the masked men” made her move the car. But police say she couldn’t explain why she walked back into the store instead of running for help.

Murray is being held with bail. The store plans on reopening Sunday.

  • fran

    she is mentally disturb.however the media will call her a murderer.only mentall ill folks, which are white carriy that label.Now ur point is ?

    • reillymcreilly

      Actually its a murdering sub human, who should be put to death along with about 500 randomly rounded up sub human simian beasts as part of a collective punishment effort to show these animals who’s boss.

    • GH

      you’re an idiot..The girl should fry.!..Shes a murderer.!

    • Shannon

      She is a murderer I don’t care what color she is

    • mike

      she is black and killed a white person, if the other way around it would be considered a hate crime not just a murder.

  • JW

    Uh….she IS a murderer. What the heck does this have to do with skin color? Jeffrey Dahmer- a white man- was mentally disturbed too! It doesn’t make him any less of a savage murderer. What exactly is YOUR point, Fran? Because all I see is ignorance…and downright bigotry. P.S. Learn how to spell before trying to make a point.

  • andy botwin

    most serial killers are white, because they have good work ethics, if somethings worth doing you do it well

    • kat

      wow! truth spoken here……

  • andy botwin

    shes got that stare of knowing your butt is in big trouble

  • lulu

    Can’t trust anyone can you?

  • chuckbob

    Hey…It’s OK to play the race card especially when you are looking for a fight. The more it it thrown into the mix, the quicker it will start to be ignored by everyone. Keep playing it everyone so the deck can be shuffled again. MLK says good work dummies, thanks for slowly undoing all that I worked for.

  • JW

    Fran, Bernard F McKernan, Andy Botwin, and Isaac7…you have got to some of the DUMBEST most ignorant people walking among us today. You should all meet up for ab lovely picnic to discuss your ideas– in the middle of 895. Idiots…all of you.

  • Owings Mills New Town

    Bernard F Mc Kernan:

    Your are a laughable pig. It’s amazing how you would give your own race credit for being more intelligent killers. But, hey, I think you’re right. You are better killers. Let me see there was a little thing committed by the so-called civilized Germans in the 1940’s that involved very ingenious ways to kill fellow human beings on a large industrialized scale. It involved very ingenious technologies including gas chambers and crematoriums that could kill thousands at one time and very neatly dispose of millions of unsightly dead bodies all in one effecient opperation “Hey. look, Mah! No more wasted bullets and awlful blood stains on my dapper uniform!” Just put a few thousand people in here, pure in some chemicals (Zyklon B), and presto! No mess!” Oh, yeah, Bernard, thank you for clearing up something non-Whites have known for centuries: Your race are the most cunning and well calulated pre-mediated murderers on Earth! You are gentically pre-programed to kill. And in very ingenius ways. You are superior at that–I’ll give you full credit. Much of humanity has suffered under your murderous ways. Has anyone seen a Native American lately?

    • V

      Owings Mills, very well written. I agree with everything you wrote. To bad it will fall on deaf ears.

  • truthteller

    is there a shortage of cows?why does a gallon of milk cost more than a gallon of gas?should we start drilling for milk?

    • Danah

      Drilling for milk. :P

  • truthteller

    what about all the drug dealers on PENNINGTON AVENUE?

  • cricket

    Someone was killed and tried to cover it up–what difference does it make if they were black or white that commited the murder—some-one is dead!!!!why do people have to bring the race into the fact?

    • Cassandra222

      EXACTLY!!! What difference does it make… Two families will be grieving a loss.

  • ravenmaniac881

    Owings Mills New town…..if you have to brag about it it ain’t happening. Having an affair with a blow up doll that is white does not count as an extramarrital affair. Face it….the truth hurts………..blacks kill blacks, blacks kill whites. Blacks kill anyone and anything they can… them it’s status.

  • Owings Mills New Town


    I know it feels good to live in denial, but the affair with the pretty married blonde was real. It started at work and she did two other black dudes that she bragged about. She was good! Anyway, I guess the Green River killer never happened, right? White serial killer who admitted to over fifty murders. I guess Columbine never happened either? Let me remember… Two spoiled rich white high school kids who shot twelve students and teachers to death. Remember that? Oh, yeah, whites don’t kill? One thing your race is really good at is denial. Denial for your history of mass miser and your denying your women desire us Mandingo studs. Dream on buddy in your fantasy world of constant denial.

  • whatnow

    Neither race has a monopoly on murderers or idiots.

  • Billiam

    It’s interesting that the comments that get everyone fired up are basically the same comments from the same people on here who, in reality, have nothing to bring to the table in regards to helping or trying to solve the problems. It doesn’t matter if she was black/white, purple/orange or green/yellow – this person took the life of another person for no reason – that’s right – no reason. So, please stop trying to play the race card – if it was the other way around the comments would be just as hateful and just as ridiculous. To all of you who want to call each other names, for whatever reason, go do that somewhere else.

  • Peanut Butter Packer

    shim sham mo fo, what it be tyrone, take a chill pill chilly will.

    • Billiam

      thanks for helping me make my point.

  • Whitey O.

    Norwood GOT CAUGHT STEALING, became enraged and chimped , with the usual results. Same thing happened in Connecticut recently. Omar Thornton was videotaped stealing large quantities of merchandise before being fired. After his arrest for multiple murders he was crying ray-sissums. Other lame excuses for savagery include – slavery, poverty, Nazi Germany, Rodney King. Looking at blacks celebrate the O.J. verdict reveals their hate for whitey. They hate Asians and Latinos even worse. Point the racist finger right back at yourselves

    • Diane King

      Whitey O. — Although I would choose slightly less inflammatory language, I totally agree with you.

  • vjh

    so, she’s also being charged with a hate crime, right??

  • vjh

    @ Rae: “race has NOTHING to do with probability of committing crimes”

    excuse me? It doesn’t?

  • Yogi Berra

    Race matters very much. People deserve to know the reality of black violence so that they can avoid it.

  • glynda

    In the article it states tied up and attacked opposed to false imprisonment and assaulted.

  • Truth

    Ni66az gonna NIg.

  • JF

    Wow. Murder is murder. That simple. It doesn’t matter what color/race/creed/sex the killer or what color/race/creed/sex the victim. Why must the “race card” be constantly pulled, whether it be by a white person, or a black person? We aren’t so different. White people just get a sunburn faster.

  • Karen

    wow what weird comments its murder Its was greed how do you start all this hate toward entire races and each other.SAD ver sad.

  • Rorschach

    Negros rape 37,00 Whites every year per DOJ Statistics. Whites rape Zero. 37,000 is a big number, about the number of people killed in Auto accidents, or nearly the number killed in the entire Vietnam war. This represents a predation of 100 a day.

    No Peace, No Mercy.

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