ROCKVILLE, Md. (WJZ) — There’s a break in the case of a woman killed inside the Maryland yoga store where she worked. In a bizarre twist, an alleged victim has become the suspect.

 Kelly McPherson has the shocking details.

Two witnesses also helped police make the arrest. They heard the two women arguing from the shop next door.

Brittany Norwood has been painted as a victim for a week, but now police say she beat up herself to cover up a murder.

Officers arrived to a bloody murder scene at Lululemon Athletica, an upscale yoga store in Bethesda, last Saturday.

Jayna Murray, 30, had been beaten and stabbed to death. She was also tied up.

Norwood, 27,  was also there tied up and claimed that she and her co-worker had been raped by two masked men.

In fact, police say Norwood had beaten Murray to death, moved her car and created the scene.

“Our analysis of forensic evidence was not supporting Ms. Norwood’s story,” said Chief Thomas Manger, Montgomery County Police.

Police found only two sets of footprints–one from the suspect and one made by a pair of men’s shoes Lululemon keeps in the store for customers to use while trying on clothes.

Those men’s shoes were found at the scene.

The murder has rocked the busy downtown area and its yoga community linked to Lululemon.  The company had promised more than $150,000 for information leading to an arrest.

“You have to take victims, especially victims of sexual assault, you have to take their story as truthful.  You have to work on that assumption in the beginning,” Manger said.

During a vigil for Murray on Friday night, there was a somber sense of calm.

Even people who didn’t know Murray were out, coming together as a community and feeling a sense of relief that someone has been arrested.

“It’s definitely a good sense of closure.  I feel comforted that Montgomery County Police have done an amazing job.  It’s only been a week,” said Emily Wexler, former Lululemon employee.

“It’s just shame,” said Adriana Cesar. “It makes it even more horrific.”

It’s not clear what the problem was that started the fight between them.  Police say Norwood has not been cooperative since her arrest.

Comments (52)
  1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    Told you all it was an inside job. The whole thing stunk from the begining.

  2. Owings Mills New Town says:

    Good God! What a turn of events! Ok, time for the same White people who posted that the “assailants” must be Black, please get on here and say something…

    1. Diane King says:

      oops, looks like you spoke to soon Owings Mills because whoever said that was right.

      1. Owings Mills New Town says:

        Yeah, Diana. I am wrong. I’m not too much of a man to admit that I was wrong. But, she is unusual in being a female Black or White. Women of any race don’t do things like this very often. Everyone was expecting Black men–not a Black woman. But this goes to show that anyone can commit violent crimes. Let’s not forget Anrea Yates, the White woman who drowned all five of her children in a bathtub ten years agao. But, again, White people, I was wrong on this one. The “crickets” have stopped churping.

    2. pigeon says:

      Crickets should not have been “chirping” to begin with. Shame!

    3. Pappy Anderson says:

      the assailant was black, what are you squawking about??

  3. bilal abdul says:


  4. Owings Mills New Town says:

    “Churp, Churp, Churp, Churp, Churp Churp, Churp Churp…” I only hear those same crickts too, bilal abdul.

    1. Jungle Bunny says:

      hey moron, unless your color blind, by the looks of the suspect’s mugshot, she is BLACK, you dumb d%^k! Only crickets are in your crib, kid!

      1. Owings Mills New Town says:

        Jungle Bunny:
        You are so happy the alledged purpetrator is Black and said nothing of the victim. No words of confort. F–K you too White Trash!

  5. Kirk says:

    Theres no way that two masked men JUST HAPPEN to be at that location at the same time the co-worker came bk to unlock the door,whatever….

  6. dgd says:

    hey scotts county are these your people

    1. Owings Mills New Town says:

      No, she is your people: worthless trash! I’ll bet you can do the same thing, rob and kill. At least we Blacks aren’t destroying the planet like your race and Asians are doing: Hint, Hint: Chernobyl and the Japanese Nuclear Powered plant! The entire human race is being driven to extinction by the technologies and economic expansion policies and greed of White’s and Asians. No Black people and no one in African is detroying the whole Planet! Japan is doomed and no Black person did it! Blame Whites for global destruction. This is just one murder by one Black chick. It’s not life destroying for all of us.

      1. pigeon says:

        OMNT, you need to rescind another statement. In case you did not know, Japanese, Chinese, or other people of oriental decent are NOT classified as “white”.
        Your statement of “This is just one murder by one Black chick. It’s not life destroying for all of us.” is disgusting. That individual’s actions many not have destroyed all of us but it did destroy a human being and her family! Each one of us individually, not matter ethnics, makes “all of us”, you included.

      2. Bill Cosby says:

        Hey dumbd**k, thats because blacks dont have intelligence to invent anything of technological value or economic expansion! “this just one murder by one black chick” lmao yeah add that one to the hundreds, oh wait i mean thousands of others that destroyed the lifes of millions, your a f&&king moron!

      3. Devrenee says:

        Bill cosby, you need to do your fact finding because the the traffic light was invented by a Black person, the carbon filment in a light bulb invented by a black person, the first open heart surgery a black person… Lets not lose sight of the fact that race is irrelevant, a young woman lost her life and another life is lost. Unnecessary violence is still stupid, regardless of the ethnicity of the culprit…. Geez people its 2011 and our President is Black…

      4. Hoax Buster says:

        Traffic Signal
        Invented by Garrett A. Morgan in 1923? No!
        The first known traffic signal appeared in London in 1868 near the Houses of Parliament. Designed by JP Knight, it featured two semaphore arms and two gas lamps. The earliest electric traffic lights include Lester Wire’s two-color version set up in Salt Lake City circa 1912, James Hoge’s system (US patent #1,251,666) installed in Cleveland by the American Traffic Signal Company in 1914, and William Potts’ 4-way red-yellow-green lights introduced in Detroit beginning in 1920. New York City traffic towers began flashing three-color signals also in 1920.

        Garrett Morgan’s cross-shaped, crank-operated semaphore was not among the first half-hundred patented traffic signals, nor was it “automatic” as is sometimes claimed, nor did it play any part in the evolution of the modern traffic light.

      5. Hoax Buster says:

        Filament for Light Bulb
        Lewis Latimer invented the carbon filament in 1881 or 1882? No!
        English chemist/physicist Joseph Swan experimented with a carbon-filament incandescent light all the way back in 1860, and by 1878 had developed a better design which he patented in Britain. On the other side of the Atlantic, Thomas Edison developed a successful carbon-filament bulb, receiving a patent for it (#223898) in January 1880, before Lewis Latimer did any work in electric lighting. From 1880 onward, countless patents were issued for innovations in filament design and manufacture (Edison had over 50 of them). Neither of Latimer’s two filament-related patents in 1881 and 1882 were among the most important innovations, nor did they make the light bulb last longer, nor is there reason to believe they were adopted outside Hiram Maxim’s company where Latimer worked at the time. (He was not hired by Edison’s company until 1884, primarily as a draftsman and an expert witness in patent litigations).

      6. Hoax Buster says:

        Dr. Daniel Hale Williams in 1893? No!
        Dr. Williams repaired a wound not in the heart muscle itself, but in the sac surrounding it, the pericardium. This operation was not the first of its type: Henry Dalton of St. Louis performed a nearly identical operation two years earlier, with the patient fully recovering. Decades before that, the Spaniard Francisco Romero carried out the first successful pericardial surgery of any type, incising the pericardium to drain fluid compressing the heart.

        Surgery on the actual human heart muscle, and not just the pericardium, was first successfully accomplished by Ludwig Rehn of Germany when he repaired a wounded right ventricle in 1896. More than 50 years later came surgery on the open heart, pioneered by John Lewis, C. Walton Lillehei (often called the “father of open heart surgery”) and John Gibbon (who invented the heart-lung machine).

      7. Devrenee says:

        I am not going to argue with you over who invented what because that would take away from the original point of this conversation. you are ignorant if you think that “because blacks dont have intelligence to invent anything of technological value or economic expansion” because that is not true and is a very racist statement…. and all of the people you say “invented” those things, developed an idea first,that didn’t work, and eventually worked together with blacks to make them functional….MESSAGE….

      8. Just saying says:

        maybe they can invent something to keep pants up,… ???

  7. U says:

    The women was black.

    1. Billiam says:

      I finally realized how much a four word sentence can say so much. Thanks for making the point.

  8. Ouch says:

    I guess with the name Brittany you automatically think she’s white, but looking at Police records Brittany Erin Norwood is Black, 5’3″ 130 lbs ……….


    1. Owings Mills New Town says:

      Hey, Ouch. Yeah, you Churped at last! Good for you! But, yeah, my Black Racist butt did think she was White. I make the same racists assumptions as you do whenn I saw she had a Barby Doll White gilr name. But, everyone was expecting Black Men–not a Black woman. Oh, well, guess I was wrong. Keep on churping. I’m proud of you, but at first, all you White’s were cowards and none of you would have said a thing if she were a Black girl. Oh, well.

      1. Willie man hanging says:

        Hey Owings, Get your black tookas bent!…Now go shine my shoes Brillo pad head.

  9. lulu says:

    Messed up! A co-worker! And I thought it was bad the Burger King lady got killed opening the store alone!

    1. mudslide says:

      Hey people. Take a good look at this woman. If she isnt on some kind of serious drug, then she should see her doctor because something is definitely wrong. Just another case of drug abuse. What difference does her ethnic background make? Thats not the problem in this case. ITS DRUGS PEOPLE.

  10. Devrenee says:

    OMG sTFU… seriuosly, you are judging… so STFU.. you werent there and neither was I…. the damngirl could have be completely sober for all you know so STFU!!!

  11. Dale C. Keels says:

    The Bible says that a child shall lead the way. If we all don’t wake up and get on board within our own houses, there won’t be many children transformed to lead. We can only pray that we are always mindful of what is to come.

  12. pigeon says:

    Thew woman is black, the woman is hispanic, the woman is oriental, the woman is caucasian. Who cares was the woman is, the woman killed another human being! Is this world/country ever going to get over the race thing?

    1. pigeon says:

      Correction – it should read THE woman……… Sorry for being human and making an error!

    2. ARNOLD says:


  13. Diane King says:

    Poor Jayna. Obviously there were problems between the two co-workers if it had reached the point of arguing loud enough to be heard next door and Brittany apparently had no conflict resolution skills other than to resort to violence. So very sad for Jayna and her family.

  14. Ron S. says:

    The ugly black girl killed the pretty white girl. Jealousy? Hate crime? She should be put to death swiftly.

    1. ARNOLD says:


    2. pigeon says:

      That’s stupid!
      Hey Bill Cosby – don’t ever underestimate the intelligence of a black person. Shame you have the same name of a very intelligent black person – you couldn’t stand in his shadow! And you have a heck of a lot less intelligence then he actually has in his little toe.

    3. Billiam says:

      Ron – without going into some rant to avoid soundling like you – this was a very sad and violent crime acted out by someone who truly has no respect for human life. It won’t be tried as a hate crime – that’s senseless. They were having an argument, which two people can have no matter what the race. So don’t play the race card whether you or anyone else is black, white, purple or pink. As for the death penalty – the State of MD will never even come close to getting the death penalty for this person. The State isn’t that smart.

  15. Ken says:

    Sounds like a crime of passion to me

  16. John says:

    Really , Race , Ugly, crazy on drugs. We were not there. We can pray for the victim and her family and do the sane for the suspect and her family and all the people this will and has effected. We will never get beyond race or gender in this country. Hate is hate people. I’m just glad the police were able to solve this.

  17. Lisa says:

    The bottom line here is that a life was taken and a woman tried to stage the scene to make it look like someone else did it. She should be prosecuted to the highest level possible.

    1. pigeon says:

      Hey Lisa – considering all the self damage she did to herself, do you think she watched the movie “Liar, Liar”? She surely had to have a lot of hate to kill some and then beat the heck out of herself. I’m just trying to picture her leaning over a commode and hitting herself over the head with a toilet seat! Do you think she did that to help with her insanity defense?

  18. CATHY says:

    It is just a shame that a co-worker did just never know whio you work with

    1. pigeon says:

      It’s a shame ANYONE did it.
      Appears the whole country is going “postal”.

  19. annoyed says:

    wow iI thout we were all mature enough not to b racist..stop being so jealous of us ewautiful intelligent african american people. mature a little geez find God!!!

    1. Duh says:

      did u also mean ‘I thought’? Find a teacher!

  20. annoyed says:

    im sorry i meant beautiful

  21. just the facts says:

    she should get an additional 20 years on whatever sentence she receives just for being so dam ugly. and impersonating a gorilla.

  22. facethefacts says:

    I really cannot believe the ignorance and gall of the posters who replyed to this article. Because guess whatmmm regardless of the assumed ‘murderers skin color” a woman lost her life and a family is grieving the loss of a loved one. The facts are this murder had zero to do with a persons skin tone and everything thing to do with whats inside their head/heart. White people kill for ex. (Columbine High School, OK City Bombings, Aimish School shooting in PA) Black people kill (DC snipers, this lady…etc) Asian people kill ( VA tech shootings) Middle Eastern people kill( 9/11 attacks). I say all this to point out that noone was born predetermined by a pigment or lack thereof in their skin to be killers…each one of us has a choice to make.

  23. rediculous says:

    you all are idiots. give it a rest! it’s a sad and senseless death regardless of who did it for what reason. enough already!

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