TRIANGLE, Va. (WJZ) — Hundreds of protesters rallied outside a Virginia military base concerned about the treatment of Maryland soldier Bradley Manning.

Adam May reports the  23-year-old military analyst faces a slew of charges relating to the largest document leak in American history.

Manning is accused of handing over classified information to Julian Assange who published the information on the website Wikileaks.

Manning is being held in solitary confinement. Each night, he’s stripped naked and then forced to wear a suicide proof smock to bed.

P.J. Crowley, the former spokesman for the state department, called Manning’s treatment ridiculous, counterproductive and stupid.

His comment led to his resignation and a response from the president:

“I have actually asked the Pentagon whether or not the procedures that have been taken in terms of his confinement are appropriate and are meeting our basic standards. They assured me that they are,” President Barack Obama said.

Maryland Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger, who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, told WJZ the Wikileaks case is a threat to national security.

“I feel anyone involved in this– whether one person or a conspiracy– they need to be investigated, and if the evidence is there, they need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent,” Ruppersberger said.

But the protesters call Manning a hero for exposing war crimes, including one video that shows the shooting of unarmed Iraqis.

About 35 protesters were arrested for blocking traffic.

Comments (52)
  1. Herman Glimsher says:


    1. Leon says:

      The information as I understand it was more embarassing to the govt than detrimental. One source said that Wikileaks cleared the data with the govt but never received a reply. Saw this once, never again. The main issue is the American justice system for wich our service men and women fought and died: YOU’RE INNOCENT UNTIL FOUND QUILTY. That rull is in this thing called the Constitution – which we sometimes foret these days. Put him on trial. If convicted, the courts will decide his fate.

      1. Morrigan says:

        He’s military and thus not subject to civilian justice.

      2. Tom w. says:

        He’s being held until his trial and he’s on suicide watch. Once convicted for treason, regardless of the contents of the emails, he’ll do hard labor. You on the other hand have been found innocent of knowing how to spell.

      3. frank says:

        Leon — You are an idiot. UCMJ rules apply, not ‘the courts’.

      4. Mac11 says:

        Not when your in the Military. Anyone who has served knows what I mean. He has comitted treason. That is a very serious offense in the Military. You who have never served have no reason to open your mouth. Serve once then you will know what this is about.

    2. Kurt says:

      He definitely should be hanged if found guilty!!

  2. Doug says:

    Why would you want anyone who is giving away classified military information, freed ????
    WHY ??
    If he indeed did said crime,
    I feel he should be executed for treasonous acts against this country.
    Free him ??
    Take him out back and shoot him.

  3. Clifford says:

    Why would the US government try to silence Bradley Manning and Wikileaks unless it is trying to hide things from its citizens? The truth is the US government is run by the super rich for their benefit, not ours. The big working class majority has everything to gain from Wikileaks efforts.

    1. FedUpWithItTooGrrrr! says:

      But those that werent endowed with healthy genes at birth dont realize that fact!

    2. Jim says:

      It’s not about “silencing” anyone. He is being prosecuted because he violated the trust and legal responsibility. Listen – there are some things that we as average Joe citizens don’t get to know. The notion that all US citizens (and the rest of the world ) should know every private detail and communication that the government conducts is absurd. If you are placed in a position of confidence and trusted with confidential information you are obligated to protect that information – like it or not. Anything else is a dereliction of duty..

    3. Tom W. says:

      So it’s OK to out Valerie Plame as a CIA agent? You lefties were all upset about it back then, now you’re saying the Gov. can’t have secrets. So which is it ?

      1. Dudley Serious says:

        If you really think those issues are the same you must be in favor of hanging Cheney right next to him. Or do you just believe in kicking the little guy?

  4. Jeanie says:

    So you are all good with report a criminal activity makes you a criminal? This wasn’t classified info, it was a cover-up. Killing civilians for sport is a war crime, reporting this and knowing you may be giving your life to tell the truth makes you a HERO!

    1. FedUpWithItTooGrrrr! says:

      Thats right and in some cases could proven or imply treason at higher levels. All of the keyboard warriors cant see past city llimits.

  5. john russell says:

    Sad part is this guy cannot talk with MEDIA to give his side of the story….so far everything we say is speculation and we nothing real or substance to go on….HE could be wrong and so can the US Government….??

  6. Baltimorebob says:

    He should be shot he is a dam peace of sh….

  7. sheriff willie says:

    Leave him alone. All he did was show the corruption of our government….All of you stupid sheep out there posting kill him. Where did you get your information from based on fact? You who believe everything your government tells you, the same government that gave you Iraq,Afghanistan, Viet Nam? Please…..!!

    1. FedUpWithItTooGrrrr! says:

      sheriff willie….youve regained at least some of your senses! Good to have back among the saner crowd.

    2. Liberty or Death says:

      You tell ’em sherriff willie. I think the real question here is, if this information was so important, and damaging to the government, how did a Pfc have access to it? If he acted alone maybe it’s his superiors, those who set up such a system, that should be disciplined. Manning brought attention to the fact that the emperor has no clothes. It is for this that he faces torture, with the approval of Obama. Change we can believe in!

  8. Gordon Wilson says:

    he was just i stupid boy i could not even call him a marine
    a tradior yes
    stupid yes
    he needs to be shot and then let bleed to death slowly and on film
    do it on a marine corp base to show the rest of the world how we like tradiors

  9. thatguy says:

    He’s in the Army not the Marines, first off….Remember, innocent until proven guilty… why don’t you go b*** off to “Jarhead” and “Full Metal Jacket” a few more times…

  10. joe says:

    Under the UCMJ
    you are not innocent untill proven guilty. the content of the material is immaterial The classification IS. Classified material is classified even if its published on the front page of the NY times in color and written on the sky by a biplane spouting smoke. Possession and transmission of classified material is punishable under the UCMJ. Under the UCMJ you are NOT allowed to talk to the civilian media regarding your trial. There would be no point if you could as the trial is not public You are tried by 12 of your peers (that is to say Officers of the US military) Your representatives are soldiers just like you. You are tried by the JAG core out of JAG headquarters in IIRC Reston VA. YOU CAN be represented by a Civilian Lawyer IF you can afford one. Except he wont be allowed to talk to the press either.

    1. Tom W. says:

      Bingo. Well said.

  11. Eric says:

    No matter what the information is. He is being accused of handing over classified information. What he may have done is wrong and if found guilty he should face the consequence.

  12. lwfpe2 says:

    I can’t believe all the liberal left way of thinking here! Poor thing, misguided, young person! Give me a break! He took an oath of alliegence to the Constitution of the United States and by doing so he also took an oath to uphold the UCMJ – for those of you in civilian life – Uniform Code of Military Justice. Every soldier, officer, or anyone in the military is subject to this, even doctors, attorneys, etc., He is part of the volunteer military. He knowningly gave over classified and confidential information to an outside source. He has mental problems as stated by his attorney and is reported to be gay which apparently has manifiested itself as mental. Because of this, the military is not taking a chance that he commits suicide. That is why he is stripped and is wearing a suicide free smock. To the liberal left, he admits that he did it and seemed pleased with himself. What you on the left fail to understand, that by doing this he has endangered himself, and every member of the military, past and present and he has betrayed his comrades in arms and the information that he leaked may have, could have, or did cause the injuries, or death of another member of the military in harms way. When you are in the military, you are governed by the UCMJ. If you feel you have been deprived of all of your rights, you do have the right of appeal. Bless Our Troops Everywhere. Even when you get tour of the military, whether you retire with a pension, or just do your hitch, the UCMJ will follow you because it disiplines you for the rest of your life!

  13. T says:

    First of all, the disrespect I’m seeing posted here for our military is disgraceful. All of you should be ashamed of that.

    Second, as Jim states, EVERY country’s government has classified information, not just ours. When you are granted access to work with and have access to that information, you are obligated to protect it. This soldier violated that obligation, and is therefore paying the consequences. Period. It makes no difference what the contents of that information was.

    Third, it’s quite frightening to see how many conspiracy theorists are out there, entering they’re overly dramatic posts. Wow. If you don’t care for how this government is run, there are plenty of others to choose from. Feel free to leave and try one.

    1. urnotfunny says:

      T – Finally somebody with some intelligence!

  14. Owings Mills New Town says:

    To every America hating ultra-liberal and sodomizing gay: if you don’t love your country, then leave it! Socialist Europe or totalitarian Russia will be glad to accept you. God bless our military and all the brave men and women who are patriots and are giving their lives in service of their country.

  15. sheriff willie says:

    Doesn’t anyone find it interesting that this soldier is being held captive in solitary confinement for over three months. The reason? to break & demoralize him. The government has proof of misconduct then let’s get it on & have a trial. No, they will confine & torture, yes, torture slowly until he is a shell of his former self. That is the Government way & it’s wrong. He is entitled to a fair, honest & quick trial & is presumed innocent until proven guilty so please all you red neck zealots who are calling for his head, you probably never served a f……k day in the military. I see you a….holes are the same ones who wear athletic shirts over your fat bellys with Ray Lewis name & sit on the couch drinking beer & thinking how you are gonna get in shape soon.

  16. Gregory Disney says:

    If the US didn’t arrest and kill Daniel Ellsberg for the pentagon papers. Why should prvt. Manning be arrested and killed. Since the Pentagon papers where a lot more damaging then wikileaks to the US war effort. So free him or let him die and let him be a catalyst for liberal political movements. He will surely be a martyr to remember.

    1. sheriff willie says:

      Gregory, Hey a….hole Ellsburg was arrested but never killed so read your history. He was later given a full clean bill & exonerated. His disclosure about the government was later found to be true & that the Lyndon Johnson adminstration was doing things in Viet Nam & lying to the American people. Could the same be happening again? History has a way of repeating itself.

  17. Gregory Disney says:

    Only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government. And paramount among the responsibilities of a free press is the duty to prevent any part of the government from deceiving the people and sending them off to distant lands to die of foreign fevers and foreign shot and shell.
    —Justice Black Supreme Court ruling for New York Times Co Vs. US

  18. Angry Idiots :C says:

    Why is it the most hate filled rediculous comments are posted by people who cant write or spell basic English, thats really…really sad

  19. Ummm says:

    Psst – learn how to use spell checker yourself (ridiculous) before posting. I agree with you, but I’m just saying….

  20. frank says:

    Manning did NOT expose ANY war crimes. And the video shows civilians endangering their own lives by entering a firefight with terrorists and were shot.

    While tragic, and many people express rage, it is not a war crime.

    There is no evidence that the military deliberately targeted civilian news crews. The opposite is true. It is without a doubt that the pilots believed they were targeting armed military targets engaged in hostle acts against thier comrades on the ground. They were called in to protect our ground forces who were under attack. The news crew got too close to the fight and paid with thier lives.

  21. Ekaterina Kaverina says:

    Good guys shouldn’t have anything to hide.
    Even not-quite-bad guys shouldn’t react to truth as to an offense.
    Telling the truth is not treason.
    If it is not true, what is the big deal. Just lies. Good guys shouldn’t care about some random lies either.
    Please let us not be like that.
    United States’ reaction to this is scary, am I in the wrong country?

    1. urnotfunny says:

      If you are questioning whether you are in the wrong country, then leave. That’s why you are on here, you are expressing your opinion, just like everybody else.

  22. Scotty says:

    He’s a traitor to his country and if found guilty he should be shot like a dog.
    End of story

  23. truthteller says:

    what about all the drug dealers on pennington avenue?(SOUTH BALTO>)

  24. jess says:

    I supports our troops and clearly value the safety of our country because this is where I live, but being an American is more than just fighting for a cause; it’s about doing it in a moral and humane way. Sure, war is what it is, but if we are covering our bloody tracks and looking away, then we are no better than a Nazi in a concentration camp.
    Hope this guy gets his chance to be heard for his actions and hope he is still treated with dignity.

  25. derrickman says:

    This is the work of Al Sharpton & Jesse (Who’s your Daddy) Jackson King coon!

  26. brutally frank says:

    dutch don’t be a f-ing imbecile like your republican counterparts. it is MOST LIKELY that manning ONLY uploaded the Crazyhawk 1/8 Blackhawk video where they were slaughtering the Reuters news crew and the innocent civilians near them. manning is being accused of leaking classified state department cables. everyone knows that manning and every other army intel specialist had ZERO ACCESS and NO CONNECTIVITY to the State department networks in the sandbox. In fact, the STATE department networks are NOT EVEN CONNECTED to the DoD networks. Much of the data that was put on wikileaks came from ARCHIVED sources and needed to be accessed from the within CONUS. the DoD needs to come clean and stop using manning as their whipping boy for something they have yet to figure out. they know full well manning was not the culprit (with the exception of the video).. and the guys in the video committed a war crime.

  27. amy ellen says:

    how could this man have access to “confidential government” info., does the government have nothing better to do? and to put it out there online only makes me crack up laughing……. the guy called it as he saw it………. i’m with the truth should be told !

  28. amy ellen says:

    truthteller – i totally agree !

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