DELMAR, Md. (AP) — The Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a woman who stabbed another woman over a text message to the suspect’s boyfriend.

It happened Friday about 5 p.m. on Walnut Street in Delmar. Deputies say the victim was walking on a street when she was confronted by the suspect, who accused her of texting the suspect’s boyfriend. An altercation ensued, and the suspect got a knife from her car and stabbed the victim in the arm.

The victim was taken to Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Salisbury.

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Comments (5)
  1. fran says:

    some young women are just so needy.young women does not even know who they are, only through relationships and pain.people hurt people.Slave mentality ownership. no one belongs to no one. Own yourself.own your responibilties, grow up and accep your behavior,weak women raise weak women.

    1. joe schmoe says:

      I guess that was almost english

      1. gene says:

        i concur

  2. gene says:

    wow ok first….fran your grammer sucks. Second, slave mentality? really?
    Get off your high horse and accept the fact that its just one moron not the entire world. Women have issues but ownership isnt one at the top of the list.

  3. CHRISTINE says:

    @ gene: Your spelling sucks. Try: GRAMMAR

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