Mikulski Seeks Stronger Power Reliability Regulations

BALTIMORE (AP) — Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski is calling for stronger state power reliability standards.

Mikulski says she will appear before Maryland’s Public Service Commission Thursday to urge swift adoption of regulations to put stronger standards into place. The Baltimore Democrat says frequent power outages for Pepco customers are a serious safety issue that must be addressed immediately.

Mikulski says she has also sent a letter to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission asking it to address reliability concerns during its April audit of Pepco. The senator says she has asked the chair of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources to investigate the feasibility of adopting federal standards for local power transmission.

A report released earlier this month by independent consultants was critical of a Pepco plan to reduce outages.

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  • dl burris

    I think Mikulski ought butt-out. She should consintrate on trying to stop all the killings in Baltimore City..don

  • RavenLude

    she needs to retire. im sick of looking at her and listening to her squalk. just shut up and leave. and hopefully her position can be filled by someone other then the typical Maryland Democrat elite

  • Mike

    Why is it that every time government gets involved……our utility bills increase. Is it those mean evil public utilities or is the costs they have to pass on to comply with these ridiculous government regulations. Mikulski…why don’t you butt out and retire. Or are you going to pull a Louis Goldstein and wait until after the dementia settles in.

  • vitaliy

    If you live in the BGE area don’t complain…. Pepco is expensive and not reliable… BGE is reliable and the price is not that much higher then other energy companies around the U.S.

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