FREDERICK, Md. (WJZ) — They’re crawling, they’re everywhere and they really stink.

Suzanne Collins has a story about a woman who turned her stink bug frustration into an enterprise.

Scientists are racing to eradicate the invasive stink bug species on crops, but chemicals are not recommended for homes.  Homeowners are told to vacuum them up or just cope.  But that wasn’t enough for Laurie Vaudreuil, who is a stay-at-home mom with an electrical engineering degree.

“And it was surrounded by stink bugs.  There were probably 300 stink bugs on it at any given time and we tried beating the door and they would divebomb you as you came out and everything,” she said.  “I got to the bus stop and they were in my shirt and I thought, `This is war.'”

Vaudreuil has been mixing solutions with vinegar and essential oils for house cleaning instead of buying commercial brands, thinking it is better for one of her children, who is autistic.  She decided to cook something up to fight stink bugs.

“I went home and I poured a whole bunch of vegetable oil and vinegar in a pot and cooked it with garlic because I heard garlic oil was supposed to help and I squirted that on the door and they seemed to say, `Oooh, lunch!'” she said.

But that failed, and she kept trying.  Suddenly, one solution worked and it repels the stink bug.  She says they don’t return to the sprayed area for a week or more.

Her husband is supporting her endeavor to run tests in their kitchen.

“It’s not something that sounds like it should work but you could clearly see the results.  When she did the original on a lark, spraying the door, I was dumbfounded,” said Greg Vaudreuil.

Right now, a series of friends have agreed to test the repellant, but she says it’s meant to be used in the fall around doorways and windows to keep the stink bugs from seeking shelter.

She has contacted a patent attorney about her formula.  She doesn’t know if she can get a patent or if she’ll ever many any money, but if she does, she hopes to help her Catholic parish build a new church.

The slogan on the bottle says, “Bringing Sanity To A World Overrun By Stink Bugs.”

Comments (38)
  1. mr. picky says:

    I read articles on WJZ all the time and there are always mistakes. I am not the best speller/writer/editor by any means. If you are a writer or editor for a living… things should be perfect. “She doesn’t know if she can get a patent or if she’ll ever MANY any money, …? Come on WJZ. Step your game up, there is no excuse.

  2. JM says:

    I agree. Articles on here always have mistakes on them.

  3. Bez says:

    I live in Westminster and have had these in my house all winter/spring. I flush about 50 a week. I just don’t know where they come in because they are in certain areas of the house. Last summer my tan siding looked like cookie dough. These are horrible…I hope someone finds a solution to this problem and fast!!!

  4. Ralph Seher says:

    Have you tried watching the little scroll on TV? they do the scroll and sure enough, someone either never proof reads the sentences/words, or they have to GET it on the screen really fast, and they actually misspell places/ words/ names/ etc. oh and obviously no spell check

  5. Michael Black says:

    Gee, that’s great, helping your neighbor for a price. Typical selfish greedy American. What a surprise, you consider yourself a Christian (American style)! Then once your scheme materializes for profit, if it does, you want to build a building for your church. SURPRISE, the people are the church. People need help (especiallly children) with food (Can’t eat concrete or wood), hygeine products, and medical needs, among other needs as in homeless children and families. Oh, and you only help catholics. Sounds bias and divisionary. God helps all people without bias. We are to give our excesses (living a simple life) to the poor and those in need. Please e-mail your comment. Thanks!

    1. jmesceda says:

      Personally, I’d rather buy an all-natural product from a local resident who plans to use the proceeds to help a church rather than give my money to a chemical company for a product filled with toxins produced solely for profit and benefits no one. And while you’re correct in that many children, adults and families are in need, a church cannot help them without a building to house supplies, make/store food, give shelter, etc. And I know that my church and most churches help ALL in need, regardless of denominatin or religious affiliation. The only person who sounds biased here is the one spouting ignorant phrases like “American style christianity”…

    2. spcae oddity says:

      Michael Black’s comments are systemic of his living in Socialist Maryland. Criticizing a person who exercises ingenuity who wants to protect her idea, and GASP, make a profit from that idea. That is what America was built on.

    3. pigeon says:

      Jealous due to the fact you don’t/didn’t have the where-with-all to come up with a possible solution! Just ’cause you aren’t a Christian doesn’t mean you have to come down on one who, in her mind, is doing something right and for the good of others. And just what have you given lately to help ANYONE in need (outside of your family if you are fortunate enough to have one)?

    4. Bullfrog says:

      Well said Michael, I also always heard to run like he$% the other way when someone professes their christianity, and I always do!

      1. space oddity says:

        What did she say other than giving money to a church? No preaching was in the article.

    5. hugh says:

      she’s entitled to do what ever she wants with the money – just as you are entitle to support the charities that you wish.

    6. Tormollan says:

      We were promised a $200.00 gift card from comcast six months ago and have not received the card as yet. People do not get pulled in to comcasts gift card offer they have no intendtion of ever passing the cards out to their customers. Comcasts gift card offer is a rip off.

  6. T says:

    Umm – no patent required – soapy water kills stinkbugs! There I told everyone what kills them and I didn’t make a dime!

    1. Bez says:

      Tried that and no luck. Is there a brand of soap/dishwasher cleaner used and mix ratio?

      1. darlene dorsey says:

        i used liquid dish soap but cannot remember which one last year in the fall…..I sprayed it whenver Isaw them…..killed them right away……but the live ones keep coming back…it really isn’t a repellent just soaks them to death I guess….probablyl anything would do the same thing……

    2. ken says:

      i have used the car wash in a sprayer works great.

    3. KD says:

      was just going to write the same thing!!! Soapy water or what’s left in my Clorox container after my wipes are gone will do the trick!

  7. Bud says:

    If you think the scroll is bad… try checking out the closed captioning. Even on shows that were prerecorded there are words that were never spoken and/or words spelled phonetically. Gives new meaning to English as a second language!

  8. Kelly says:

    I put the Mr. Clean (with the febreeze smell included) in a bottle and mixed it with water. It kills some on contact but some take a little longer. It does usually knock them off the wall so you can scoop them up and do what ever you do with them.

  9. MishaRiffer says:

    Hmmm… Read the entire article and not sure what to think – did they mention what to use or did I overlook it in there somewhere??

    I suppose she’s not interested in sharing at this point in hopes of obtaining a patent and making a profit, but if that’s the case, why is his newsworthy? Save it until it’s on the shelves and we can actually buy it – otherwise it’s just adds to our frustration!

  10. KEN says:


  11. Sue says:

    Have been killin’ these little monsters all summer and winter! Have tried it all…and finally used Raid Flying Insect Spray…within seconds they are dead and instead of seein’ 20 to 30 a night…I might only see 1 or 2 and lots of dead ones laying under my light. The true test will come soon when the weather warms and the cycle starts again…UGGGGGHHHH!

  12. Michael says:

    You could always try cooking up a solution of equal parts Bleach and Ammonia in your kitchen. That will surely do the trick.

    Kidding, don’t mix the two.

  13. Thomas G. Meyer says:

    Let the lady mke a buck. THAT is the american way!

    I use the PC air spray to kill them. Upside down and hit them with the liquid. Instatnly dead. Sweep up and discard. that’ll be $5.00, please. 🙂

  14. delores says:

    uh get some wasp spray which does the job. I keep it handy all the time. it really works. I used this even before they came out with the story about releasing wasps to kill them but i found that the spray worked just as good.

  15. darryl says:

    dish soap and water works best used it last year no prob never came back

  16. petfriend says:

    I think a lot of people missed the point that this is not just to kill them it is a repellant that lasts a week or so at a time to keep them from clinging to your doors and windows and therefore getting into your home. It is also not made up of poisonous chemicals such as bug spray. Much better to spray around a house full of kids and pets…or just adults who want to stay healthy in the long run. Good for her for using her ingenuity to find a solution that ius safe for her autistic son and possibly make a living from it, not to mention doing some charity work as well.

  17. Terrisimani says:

    All I did was to ignite two bombs in the room they liked this was about a month ago; and I have seen maybe two or three since. I set off the bomb and shut the door.

  18. cait says:

    I know ants wont cross baby powder i wonder if they will , i dont have a huge problem like most of you guys mine is like maybe 5 a week so i just smoosh them when i see them and have yet to smell them hmm. Ants also dont like peppermint they sell a pest product at homedepot that is safe around kids and pets and it is mint scented so maybe the oil she is talking about it mint which is known for other pest. so maybe peppermint oil is another scent they wont like

  19. Bug eliminator says:

    soapy water sprayed on screens is safe for kids too…and repels the bugs. Putting them in a jar of dish soap and water will kill them- open the jar at your own risk after a few are in there though…the smell is enough to torture anyone! Do we really want to keep them around?? They aren’t doing anything good for us, why not kill them?

  20. Margaret Korz says:

    Use Raid MAX Bug Barrier. Using a foam applicator (Home Depot paint department) apply a thin coat on exterior window frames and doors. If concerned, avoid openings kids touch. Weatherstrip openings. Helped a LOT!

  21. Tim says:

    New Dawn in a hose sprayer kills them rapidly-use the strongest setting. BUT it does not/will not repel them from coming the next day. EXCLUSION is the only other natural way – means caulk all screens – yes – they squeeze through the sides, use silicone caulk as you can easily remove it – caulk all holes cracks etc all over. Meanwhile Talstar Pro WORKS – they die dead at your doorstep for quite a long period of time .

  22. They Taste Good! says:

    We have developed a green, environmentally friendly approach to the problem at our home.
    It turns out, that these little creatures are tasty when seasoned with butter garlic, and roasted over an open fire. The pop like popcorn, and are very filling.

    We have saved hundreds of dollars on groceries in the last few months, and have also discovered that our health is improving.
    My Male Pattern Baldness has all but disappeared, and my wife’s sex drive has sky-rocketed.
    These little guys are completely mis-understood. As a gift from God, they are the new “Manna” and will bring everlasting peace and prosperity to us all.

  23. Terra says:

    2-3 tablespoons of lavender oil mixed in with any cheap dishwashing liquid (I get the big Kirkland brand from Costco). Add 3 cups to your garden sprayer- after it’s nearly full with water to keep it from foaming.

    This kills them by clogging their breathing, is safe for kids and pets, makes the area smell good, covers the smell of stinkbugs (which is important to keep others from arriving), and seems to repel them from the area you sprayed for up to a couple of weeks at least (depends on weather- lots of rain will wash it away), and its cheap. I coated the entire outside of our brick house with it & didn’t take that long- thousands were dead within seconds of being sprayed- had to sweep them up in piles and loaded them into the garbage with the snow shovel.

    Additional benefit- if you add 2 cups of Borax to the mix, it also repels ants.

    Like this woman they wrote about, I also have a child with autism who gets very anxious with them around- so this goes out to everyone in hopes that it HELPS you.

    If the solution works for you- show your appreciation by giving a donation to

    Good luck!

  24. Kim says:

    Just try Laundry detergent ANY brand and put into regular sprayer and spray away! It kills them and when they die it doesn’t stink cause the detergent is absorbed into them (Thankfully)… Good Luck I know it surely worked for me.. 😉

  25. Lewis K. Smith says:

    When I find them inside I put them in a jar with some rubbing alcohol. They are dead within 15 seconds.

  26. Argh says:

    okay so this article is about something we cant make and cant buy. Thanks for nothing useful

  27. Buggin says:

    The only 100% guaranteed solution to stink bugs is Mosquito Squad. Their solution can temporarily rid your home of stink bugs, take a look…

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