Any time the conversation of best linebackers of all time comes up, everyone in town will no doubt point to future hall of famer Ravens LB Ray Lewis.  If we are talking Linebackers though (not middle linebacker), former NY Giants LB Lawrence Taylor has to be on the short list of any conversation.  Taylor was one of  the most feared a pass rushers that ever played this game.  Unfortunately, he’s also been dogged by demons his entire life.  His problems with drugs are well documented, but he’s now been sentenced to six years probation for solicitation of an underage prostitute.  I hope that when I think of LT I will only think of his days on the field, but I think he’s made that virtually impossible.

  1. Craig Fisher says:

    He’s still my favorite player of all time. I dont even think about what he does off the field….it shouldn’t matter, he’s still one of the best players that’s ever played the game, and isn’t that what the hall of fame is about…the way they played the game ? I didnt think you needed to be a boy scout to be in the hall of fame.

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