Mark Viviano Interviews Brady Anderson At Spring Training

Former Oriole Brady Anderson talks about training players the same way he trained when he was a player.

  • Bernard Mc Kernan

    Tell that cocaine steroid Cowboy to stay home. He is a disgrace & he should give the money back to Angelos & the fans.

  • Mary

    Bernard, shut up. Brady is a good guy….he was one of my favorite. You are always posting negative comments on every news story listed on this site. Don’t you have anything better to do?

    • moleman

      This guy hit more home runs in one year than he did all the rest of his career combined. After the scandal broke in baseball about steroids he most likely stopped.
      His numbers after that were abysmal he couldn’t hit the f….k ground if he fainted .
      A bum, nice guy ? but a cheater. Take your head out of your hero worshiping ass Mary.

  • Garrett

    Nice talk there Moleman. That’s no way to talk to anyone, much less a lady. Can you actually PROVE that Brady took steroids? Until you or someone else can prove it, that is slander. I do know he admitted to taking a lot of creatin that year and let’s face it, baseball was practically encouraging steroids in those days.

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