EDGEWOOD, Md. (WJZ)—A Baltimore City police officer is out on bail Thursday night. He is accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl who was living with him in Harford County.

Andrea Fujii has more on the charges and what the officer is saying about the accusations.

The detective says any kissing and touching was not for sexual gratification, but simply a comforting peck on the cheek for a teen he was trying to help.

Detective Kevin Rowland worked to get the most violent offenders off Baltimore City streets. Now he faces up to 30 years behind bars for sexually assaulting his 17-year-old goddaughter. Charging documents reveal he took her into his home in Harford County after her mother had problems with drug abuse.

His accuser says he kissed her often and with an open mouth, touched her buttocks and hugged her until it became awkward.

“I wouldn’t really kiss him back because I was creeped out, like, ‘Get off of me!’” she told police.

The detective’s close friend, Angela Jarvis, tells WJZ he’s holding up well.

He’s been released on bail.

“I’ve helped and prayed with this family regarding this child,” Jarvis said. “We have two victims here. We have a victim who tried to reach out to this child and we have a victim who is a sickly child.”

According to the charging document, the accuser was in a psychiatric facility in Newark, Del. and made the allegations after being treated with seizures.

She said the inappropriate behavior began about two months after she moved in.

The police investigation wrote: “I asked Rowland if he had an erection while hugging her and rubbing her back to which he replied ‘yes.’”

Rowland told police he never kissed his goddaughter with open mouth, but when asked about his arousal, he said “To be honest with you, I’m a man.”

“We became aware of this incident a couple weeks ago,” said Anthony Guglielmi, Baltimore Police spokesman. “We immediately moved to suspend the officer.”

The suspension is without pay. The detective lives with his wife and two boys where the alleged sexual abuse took place.

Those close to him are confident that he will be cleared.

“I don’t believe these charges whatsoever,” Jarvis said.

Baltimore City police will conduct an internal investigation and say they’re working closely with authorities in Harford County.

The detective’s next court appearance in scheduled for April 18.

Comments (25)
  1. jman says:

    Dude was looking for a little poon-tang. Notice I said little cause he is a little man in many ways.

  2. Herman Glimsher says:


  3. Damion Stewart says:

    one victem, one pervert

  4. George Mouring says:

    The mear fact that he admitted to be aroused, tells me, there’s a good chance this man is innocent of any abuse. Inappropiate behavior, is a fine line. Showing a God Daughter effection, is not a crime.

    1. Jo says:

      Are you kidding me! The fact that he was aroused and admitted to getting an erection when touching her is sick, that just proves he’s sexually attracted to her. I would beat my husbands ass if he got an erection while hugging our daughter, sorry that’s not normal!

      1. baltimorelady617 says:

        I agree

  5. Tracey Reitterer says:

    Disgusting perverted pig!

  6. Tracey Reitterer says:

    Let’s continue to pacify the criminals in this country. It seems to be working fine so far. (NOT!)

  7. Smash Crasher says:

    Gotta love that asinine typical comment: “There are two victims here.”

  8. sillyman michaels says:

    he’s a police officer..come on he would never do anything wrong yea right
    they seem to think their above the law…if they removed their genitiilia on these
    kinds of cases they would not think about doing their disgusting acts anymore

  9. jman says:

    It appears he violated a sacred trust between an underage girl his own goddaughter. He knew perfectly well what he was doing & pushed the limit.

  10. Yes, I hate them! says:

    IMO, police officers are guilty until proven innocent. I only wish the courts would put me on the jury. Lock the bum up!

    1. gjm says:

      Lock him up, ABSOLUTELY!!!!! You’re comment about police though, IGNORANT. because he is a police officer I would support stronger penalty if found guilty but all police aren’t responsible for the actions of the idiots that commit a crime.

      1. truthteller says:

        dont worry OFFICER GJM<they will get the girl to recant her story before the trial, so im sure he will be back on the beat with you soon. in the meantime; he may need a hug from you, but watch out for that eriction!!!!!

  11. cilla says:

    i think the fact that he became aroused from so called “consoling” this little girl should have been more than warning enough to back off. And if the household contains his wife and children, why not ask the wife to console her since ur getting stimulated from it?? As adults, we need to be proactive. Once attraction had become evident on his part, especially during condolences, he should have backed off. And any condolence given should have been strictly verbal. SMH…..

  12. demo65 says:

    the fact that he is a police officer doesn’t matter you dummies! why do you all expect them to be better than the any other a-hole just because of how he earns his money, duh!. he’s an a-hole and to a certain extent, all officers have that characteristic. his crime was not a crime of sex, it was crime of power, just like rape, incest, etc. these are crimes of power. so it is fitting that a cop would engage in this type of behavior that takes advantage of a situation for his own gratification. as a man, he is an a-hole and as a cop, he is a cop! .

    1. ann swartz says:

      a police officer IS different. They are legally able to hold firearms (not every state resident is. I live in NYC and no one outside of security personell is allowed to carry a firearm regardless of the second amendment.) and are entrusted with the minors of the community.

  13. pigeon says:

    How much bail – is he confined to house arrest and if not why not – is he wearing an ankle bracelet and if not why not? Why, in the name of all that is good, did he not talk to someone about this and get out of the situation that would only prove to have a negative outcome not only for him but also his family? Such a mistrust on the part of someone given the duty to protect a child in need, not only as a police officer but also a Godfather. I pray for him, his family and the child involved and her family. If nothing else this incident should readily turn her mother’s lifestyle around.

  14. James Robinson says:

    I known this officer since 2001. People shouldnt be so quick to judge him without knowing the whole story. Kevin keep your head up !!!. the truth will come out. My prays go out to you and your family.

  15. chy says:

    you might know him but you don’t know what he’s thinking most perverts pertend to be good family men .don’t worry the police will get off. and he will do it again because he has people who trust him so don’t be so quick to judge

  16. heaven says:

    The funny part about all of this is weather he did it or not his picture is posted all over the news, but did they do the same for the white officer accused of abusing the 15 year old? Thats is crazy to me ..Keeping everyone in prayer

    1. Khalia09 says:

      I’ve known Kevin for over 20 years. I actually meant the young lady at my family’s house on Thanksgiving. Kevin is a great guy and I trust these accusations aren’t true!! Kevin I will keep you and your family in my prayers!!

  17. siskate59 says:

    I have known Kevin all my life and he is a good man. His God daughter has many problems, and he has tried to help her. The statements that Kevin was to have said are not true. The truth will come out. Innocent until proven guilty. He will not be proven guilty. Trust and believe. God Bless.

  18. Rjg10 says:

    I’ve known kevin for a long time and know the problems he was having with this girl. He’s a great guy. The state police have an uncanny way of twisting stories around. If this was avg Joe citizen ppl wouldn’t be bashing him until the trial was over. All u cop haters out there are prob the ones have either been locked up or a close family member. So stfu until the truth comes out.

  19. Infam0us1 says:

    I’m glad I found this disgusting article fabricated to gain a fan base. The reporter who wrote this should burn along with the lying female. So you tell me if this is right behavior for that girl to be boasting on Facebook about this. This man has done nothing absolutely nothing of this Nature. I know this for fact. that female is a habitual lier. as other supporter of Kevin said THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT!

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