FREDERICK, Md. (WJZ)—Murder is not something that happens often in the city of Frederick, and an unknown killer on the loose is equally uncommon.

But, as Alex DeMetrick reports, that’s exactly what Frederick police are dealing with Thursday evening.

The Burger King on Patrick Street in Frederick has posted a sign remembering Jacinta “Patty” Ayala, 32. The mother of three and restaurant manager was murdered last Friday apparently by a robber who was waiting for her to open for the breakfast shift.

“We received a call just prior to 6 a.m. that a co-worker and a delivery person had found the manager of the Burger King suffering from a gunshot wound in the back office,” said Lt. Clark Pennington, Frederick Police.

On Thursday, police installed two electric signs near the restaurant because the suspect in the killing is unknown. There’s no physical description, no similar early morning robberies. Flyers have also been going out in English and Spanish and police say the appeal is helping.

“We’ve had a quite a few tips,” Pennington said.

Police say there are no surveillance cameras inside the Burger King, but they are checking outside video from other businesses. Investigators in this case say people do want to help.

“We haven’t had a crime of this significance in Frederick in many years,” Pennington said. “It has shocked the community. It’s really hitting a lot of people here, so we’re asking for anyone with information to give us a call.”

Even people who might have been driving by before dawn last Friday are being asked to think back and call police if they remember anything.

Last year there were two homicides.

Comments (4)
  1. susan says:

    I hope they find out who did this and give the family some peace.

  2. Trish says:

    Have you checked all employees, and all ex-employees. Look at the women killed a few weeks ago by a co-worker. I believe it was an inside job or a grudge held against someone who was fired. I hope they find this person and put them away for the rest of their lives. My heart goes out to her family and children.

  3. Bill Adams says:

    I would check the employees but also I noticed that Burger King X gets its money picked up Tuesday morning at 8:30 and anyone who has worked in a grocery store or a restaurant knows that Food joint x always gets its money picked up on the same day every week. Having worked for a incompetent GTATPC manager who was being robbed by 3 employees for 4 years and being fired for going home sick while the employees robbed the store for an additional 3 years after I was fired right in front of Anne arundal County Police parked on the lot. I can say that the FBI and the company was totally incompetent in saying it was Muslims croats and Serbs. Your looking for a Black male who works there and possibly has a criminal record, Felony convictions and handgun warrants and related gang tattoos. He probably knew about the dye pack in the safe too.

  4. Bill Adams says:

    Police Find Connections Between Burger King Armed Robberies

    HAGERSTOWN, MD – When a third Burger King in our area was robbed by an armed man, police in Maryland and West Virginia decided to combine investigations, believing that they could be connected.

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