BALTIMORE (WJZ ) — Hundreds of Maryland National Guardsmen are on their way to the Middle East. They’ll be gone from their families for one year.

Andrea Fujii was there for the emotional goodbyes.

Whether it’s a first or third deployment, saying goodbye is never easy.

“Not happy to leave obviously, for certain reasons,” said Sgt. Jefferey Voorhees, Salisbury.

There are 440 Maryland National Guardsmen deploying from the 1st Battalion 175th Infantry Regiment heading to the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt.

The troops will be at observation towers enforcing the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt as part of the Camp David accords.

Specialist Jasmine Lee is leaving her children for the first time.

“I talk to them and try to get them to understand Mommy has to go away and do Army work,” said Lee.

“I’m going to miss her very much,” said Dezirae Lee, Severn.

Commanders say this deployment’s been a year in the making and has nothing to do with protests in the region or Wednesday’s bombing in Jerusalem.

Most of the soldiers say they don’t expect combat.

“Anything’s possible, let’s put it that way,” said Voorhees.

There were many bittersweet goodbyes.

“It makes me feel proud,” said Maddie Roth, Overlea

Everyone is already looking forward to reuniting next year.

The battalion’s most recent deployment was to Iraq in 2008.

Comments (19)
  1. pigeon says:

    My prayers go with them. God Bless. Thank you for all you do! And thank you to their families and loved ones.

  2. truthteller says:

    go USA police the world while people here are loseing their homes liveing on the street loseing their jobs .

    1. Tyler Bowman says:

      I happen to have a buddy who deployed with that unit today, if you dont like it here, you can simply leave.

    2. tim says:

      I know several people deploying with this unit. Spouses and loved ones are saying “goodbye” to their loved ones, so have a little respect for them. Atleast have a little compassion for the children they left behind. You have the right to your opinion and mainly because brave men and women like these defend your freedom.
      One more thing just to let you know, elementary school education is still free in the USA, so remember when you add “ing” to a word, drop the “e”.

  3. LNF22 says:

    these men are giving up their home lives, families and their jobs to make sure we stay safe, including you! You should appreciate all of the sacrafices they make. I hope every onel of these great men return home safely next year, and until then please keep them in your hearts!

  4. truthteller says:

    LNF22 is the USA under some kind of threat from EGYPT? if not ,leave our troops home. use the money here at home.

    1. Tyler Bowman says:

      Thats the problem with American’s these days, its all about themselves, money money money, this is a great video reconizing the service and sacrifices that our local guardsmen go through, stop be so ungrateful

  5. PAUL E. MICELLI says:


  6. pinky says:

    Me being out there with my other half today it was extremely difficult. The families are just hopiin and prayer they dont get diverted to Libya. Definitely Keep them in your prayers.

  7. Zey Tavia says:

    Being over in the Middle East is rarely easy, and I realize the soldiers are only doing what they’ve been instructed to do. Try to be safe.

  8. ILNGWIFE says:

    God bless these troops. Have a safe mission and im thinking of them and their familys. My husband is currently deployed in Egypt, so i know how these familys are feeling right now. Stay strong and keep a strong support group. Prayers and thoughts are with you all today. Thank you for you service!

  9. Herb Simpson says:

    My son is one of the soldiers being deployed. I am very proud of him and those he is serving with. Our prayers go up for him, those he is serving with and their families. Truth be told, if weren’t for their service we wouldn’t enjoy the freedoms we do.

  10. Allen Isner says:

    AMEN HERB!!!

  11. Cheryl L. Voorhees says:

    My son is also one of the soldiers being deployed. I completely agree with Herb. My prayers go up to Jeff, all the brave men and women he is serving with and the families. I can’t wait to be back in Dundalk when they all come back next year.

  12. Have a little compassion says:

    Truthteller, please those people in japan have it far worse than any American has it here. there are so many resources out there for people that American don’t even bother to use or are to lazy to use and her you are talking about people who absolutely have nothing anymore and are at risk for infection cancer and don’t even have clean water to drink. Yes the US does need to do something about jobs and health care and the homeless but please those men woman and child are desperate for our and anyone help. And these soldiers leave behind family and friends to help others and we all should be doing that. In japan they have a lot of respect for there neighbors you don’t hear them robbing and killing one another for food they are working together and that what America needs to do more of. I hope all you the soldiers return safe and sound i i wish them the best of everything over there and have sympathy and compassion for there family and there bravery of these men and woman who willingly serve our country!

  13. proudtoserve says:

    I currently serve in the MD Army National Guard. My husband is in the unit that just deployed. And although we may not agree with some of the things people say about service members, we will defend (to the death) your right to say it. Am I happy my husband is being deployed to Egypt? No. Am I looking forward to being deployed to the Middle East myself? No. However, we both made a choice to fight and defend, and by God that’s exactly what we will do and are VERY proud to do! God Bless the Troops and their families!

  14. 11BGrunt says:

    Ok guys, lets take it easy on “TRUTHTELLER.” He or she is obviously someone who doesn’t understand economics, world policy, etc etc. For some strange reason there is more homeless and unemployment than ever and it’s obviously the fault of our service men and women (never the polititians). It has nothing to do with people not wanting to take just any job, or not wanting to pay attention in school and get good grades because its just not cool! It doesn’t even have anything to do with people buying $800.000 houses when they only make $70,000 a year (just because you get a loan doesn’t mean YOU CAN AFFORD IT!).

    Yes, some people need legitimate help but there are so many sucking the system dry that many people begin to NOT CARE! Grow up TRUTHTELLER and if you care so much about the homeless and jobless, hire a bum to clean your house and giive him a salary to include room and board!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats a start! If your not directly part of the solution you are part of the problem my friend! You figure if every cluless liberal did that we would have a good chunk of that problem taken care of.

    Now back to the important stuff!!! BE SAFE AND GOD SPEED 1/175TH!!!

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