BALTIMORE (AP) — Maryland officials will join Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sibelius to celebrate the one-year anniversary of federal health care reform.

Gov. Martin O’Malley, Sen. Barbara Mikulski and Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler will attend a roundtable discussion Thursday in Baltimore on how the law is affecting women and families.

Gansler is hosting the event at his office. He will lead the officials on a tour of the state’s Consumer Protection Hot Line Call Center, which helps state residents with health care problems.

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  1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    Health care in this country should not be for profit. Extend Medicare to all, it works & you use the doctors you want. Don’t be mislead by the big insurance companies who have death panels of their own when they turn you down for a procedure. I have never been turned down on medicare. You either have OBama heath care or the other guys Republican Tea party version of I don’t care!

    1. DB of Joppa says:

      Health care is a service, and like every other service industry in this country, if you can’t make a dollar doing it, soon no one will be doing it! Cruel fact it may be, but that’s the way it is.

      I prefer the “you pay your way & I’ll pay mine” philosophy as opposed to this Obamacare fiasco.

      Obamacare supporters, answer me this….if this law is SO GOOD, & SO Necessary for the greater good, why, WHY has Obama himself granted so many waivers?

      1. sorry for society says:

        Honestly, I’m not sure who is right. However…I run a 5 doc Family Practice Center that struggles to meet payroll, and pay our expenses. Our physicians do not “take home” a salary that the general population would think. Family practice is struggling in this country….and if there are no primary care docs left…no one will be receiving quality care anyway. Insurance companies are raising the rates every year. 28% over last for the product we purchase for our staff. High deductable plans are all that employers and employees can afford. Low income families who are on medical assistance receive the care they need. The wealthy can afford to pay for the care they need. But the working class always refrain from seeking medical care when they know that they will be paying out of pocket. $4000 family yearly deductable is common. Do we choose to go to the doctor for a nagging headache and pay out of pocket, (that we tell ourselves may just be stress, but in fact could be a symptom of something much more serious)….or do we buy groceries for the week? The hard working people have to choose groceries. I see it everyday. I myself DO it everyday. Can either side tell me how you fix that?

    2. overtaxed says:

      Facts about Obamacare:

      “The insurance companies are on board with reform” Obama summer of 09, onset of the reform bill.

      “You can read it once it has passed” Pelosi

      The insurance companies are the only ones who will benefit from Obamacare.

      If it is so good, why did all the politicians turn tail and run from it last fall before elections? The only ones who didn’t voted against it.

      Shady deals, forcing votes in Congress while letting Dems in tight races vote against it.

      And the sheeple liberals fell for the posture, once again. O’Malley at the forefront.

  2. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    Insurance companies love this new bill because it brings them over 35 million new customers. Before that people were showing up on the hospital , getting treatment at very high emergency room costs & medicaid (you) were paying for it. At least now there is some controlled costs by way of insurance. OBama wanted a single payer plan like Medicare but couldn’t get the votes so this is what he had to settle for. All of you out there that have your premiums paid for by your companies or partial & don’t have to dig in your pockets for that $700 to $1k a month family payment of course don’t want “Socialized” type medicine. I have Medicare, have had it for over ten years & have used it where I want with the doctors I want & have never been turned down. We are in the U.S.A. the only country in the world modern day that does not provide for its citizens. Health care is a right & not a privilege. …Insurance for profit is wrong & why should you have to go bankrupt to have good health care?…Private insurance has there own death panels when they say no & they say no a lot.

    1. DB of Joppa says:

      Just checked the Bill of Rights Bernard & I didn’t see a single reference to “healthcare”, nice stretch though.

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