BALTIMORE (AP) — Maryland’s Public Service Commission has ordered more study of reliability standards for state utilities.

Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski and Public Service Commission Chairman Douglas Nazarian moved to form a group to further study the regulations after attorneys for the commission and utility officials raised questions at a hearing Thursday.

The chairman says the standards should not only measure reliability system-wide, but include customer measures where possible. The standards should also differentiate between normal operating and major event conditions such as storms, and include penalties for failing to meet the standards.

Mikulski also testified at the hearing, calling for tougher standards, saying frequent power outages for Pepco customers have a profound effect on the state’s residents and the economy.

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Comments (6)
  1. Doug says:

    How about a cap on our population in the fair state of Maryland ??
    Or just burn more coal for your little darlings to breath ?
    Thought so.

  2. whatnow says:

    I would take some power outages to have smaller bills. I bet she really wants to replace PEPCO with BGE. PEPCO’s rates are half of BGE’s. Apparently every politician in this state must get a BGE kickback! Utilities are a necessity not a luxury. These company’s executives (and political buddies) should not be getting rich off the back of the average working Marylander. When I have to pay a $425 BGE bill, there is less money for groceries, entertainment, clothing etc. No wonder we can’t get the economy stimulated.

    1. Gregory Randolph says:

      I agree totally, BGE(Baltimore’s Gangsters of Energy) are making payments and perks to The PSC and our elected officials to look the otherway and never oppose them.



  4. bob jones says:

    Mikulski is old and needs to retire..

  5. GET RID OF HER says:

    IF she won’t retire, make sure you VOTE HER OUT!!!!
    She is not effective nor does she care about anything but how to line her own pocket.

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