BALTIMORE (WJZ) — “Shrek” is coming to town.

Weijia Jiang takes us behind-the-scenes of the latest Broadway show to hit Baltimore.

When the star of the show is a green ogre and larger than life, you can imagine how long it takes for him to get ready. It takes nearly two hours, every time.

Once Eric Peterson sits down for a makeover, he doesn’t get back up for quite awhile.

“It takes an hour and a half to do this makeup. We do it six times a week,” said Peterson.

The make-up process takes 90 minutes because the artists aren’t just doing the basics; they’re bringing a famous ogre to life.

Peterson plays the title role in “Shrek The Musical.”

“He’s green and big and grumpy and has a Scottish accent,” said Peterson.

Just like in the movies, there’s plenty of adult humor, but kids tend to make up most of the audience.

“There I am. You can see their faces go ‘Oh!’ They’re like in shock and they gasp because they see it for real. It’s like the ultimate 3D,” said Peterson.

“It actually creates the face of Shrek, so you feel like you’re working with Shrek when the show begins,” said Jorie Malan, make-up artist.

Of course, the show features Princess Fiona, too.

Peterson’s real-life love and their daughter help him get through the grueling process to get ready.

“She was born on the road in our opening city three days after we opened,” said Peterson.

She’s eight months now.

By now, the prosthetic face pieces and 40-pound body suit are comfortable to Peterson, who promises fun for everyone.

“Hi, I’m Shrek from ‘Shrek The Musical.’ Come see us. We’re at the Hippodrome until next Sunday,” said Peterson.

The last day is Sunday, April 3. Tickets are on sale right now.

The show also stars a University of Maryland grad as “Donkey,” Shrek’s sidekick.


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