BALTIMORE (WJZ) — My main concern is how much snow we will get Sunday morning.

Considering it will be starting at the coldest time (late night), I would not be surprised to see 1-3 inches of snow in the late Saturday night through midmorning Sunday time period. Much of this will be on unpaved surfaces, but I could also see the roads getting slippery and slushy for a little while.

Snow that falls from late morning on Sunday will probably not accumulate on roads (just wet) and not vary much more on other surfaces either. For now I think the best thing to do is to allow for a coating to an inch of snow late Saturday night and another coating to an inch Sunday morning, so we end up with a total of a coating to an inch or two. I have also pulled the high for Sunday down to 37. No changes to the other days.

Dry weather is going to prevail Friday, although it will be on the cooler side of normal for late in March.  Sunshine will tend to mix with some high, thin clouds from time to time, and large pool of cold air remains firmly entrenched over eastern Canada… Therefore, there’ll be a northerly flow of air Friday, Friday night and much of Saturday.


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