ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Maryland employers would be limited in using a job applicant’s credit report or credit history as a basis to deny employment, under legislation approved by the House of Delegates.

The House voted 91-46 on Saturday to pass the bill. A similar bill has been approved by the Senate.

The legislation requires that an employer have a bona fide reason that is substantially job-related to request information in a credit report.

For example, an employer could ask for credit information for a managerial job or one that involves access to personal information.

Credit information also could be sought for a job that involves a fiduciary responsibility to the employer. That includes the authority to issue payments, collect debts, transfer money or enter into contracts.

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  1. Worker Bee says:

    Excellent news. I tried applying online for a job at Petsmart and they wanted my social security number to run checks. First off, I don’t give that number out unless hired. Second, my credit is clean but it’s certainly none of their damned business to dig into it for a low-level retail job. Besides that, who knows who is digging into that info? Why should I open myself up to an identity theft situation just for putting out job apps? It’s about time someone stopped some of these privacy abuses. Thanks to those in the House who passed this, and I’ll be looking into who didn’t, to get the vote out against them in the next election.

    1. outsourcedaain says:

      It’s not a person chcking your credit i’s a system called axciom they scan your report. When it comes to your social secuity number they need to make sure your you can be hired in the US and to make sure ou have no felonys why waste time on interview if you can’t be hired.

    2. MDTXNY says:

      TO AVOID IDENTITY THEFT YOU CAN CALL ALL 3 OF THE REPORTING AGENCYS AND GET FRAUD ALERT IT”S FREE OR LOG ONTO CREDITKEEPER.COM …….HERE ARE THE NUMBERS •Equifax 1-800-685-1111 – you can get a free report if you have been denied credit in the last 60 days. Make sure that you order only the credit report. Mail within 48 hours.
      •TransUnion 1-800-916-8800 – receive within 6 to 8 business days.
      •Experian 1-888-397-3742 – receive within 8 to 10 business days.

  2. KottaMan says:

    Amen on this action! I defy anyone involved in hiring people to prove to me, or anyone for that matter, that an applicant is “unqualified” and not dependable merely based on credit. Lots of folks, especially these days, may have a blem or wart on their credit history and are needlessly turned down because of it.

  3. Scott's County says:

    Yes! This Utra-Liberal run state did something right at last! This credit check garbage is just more big brother oppression and discrimination that’s getting out of hand in our country that has turned rapidly turned toward totalitarianism worse than Communist China. Thank God the Dems had some sense at last!

  4. outsourcedagain says:

    When is this going to go into effect and if i applied for a job and was denied due to credit 3 months ago can when can i reapply.

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