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ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Maryland officials are considering major toll hikes as a way to fund transportation. 

The Maryland Transportation Authority is already planning to increase tolls in 2012, 2014 and 2016. Tolls could jump 27 percent in the first round of hikes. 

But a Department of Legislative Services report suggests that the authority also look into new ways to raise money. It needs the funds to maintain aging roads and pay the rising costs of debt service. 

One suggestion is to make more tolls all electronic, like those on the new Intercounty Connector. The move would ease traffic and allow the agency to raise rates more often. 

The state could also give discounts to drivers with E-ZPass transponders issued in Maryland, while charging the full rate to those with out-of-state E-ZPass accounts. 

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Comments (116)
  1. Liberty or Death says:

    A fee is sooooooooooo a tax Bob, er, ah, I mean Martin!

    1. O'Malley SUCKS! says:

      HAHAHAHAHA!!!! That was awesome! LMAO! I’d love to see someone shove that in his lying face! xD

    2. buffett33 says:

      let’s take care of illlegals, send them to school, etc. While I pay tuition and school loans and pay taxes and fees, too much.

  2. ghop03 says:

    add a fee raise that tax give illegals instate tuition guess i need to move to del.

      1. Fred Upwithitall says:

        You can go too, ass!!!

  3. KottaMan says:

    I can’t wait for the economy to improve just enough so we can sell our house and get the hell out of Maryland. After being a life-long resident here, I can’t take this tax-and-spend anymore. In addition to being unfriendly to business, this state is becoming very resident-unfriendly as well. Good riddance.

    1. MDequalsTaxes says:

      i am right with you!

    2. Blueberry says:

      I love Maryland! Good bye!

    3. independent says:

      Completely agree, KOtta. Some people take offense but it’s getting impossible to stay here. Last year I paid 40+% of my income in SSI, Income taxes, and property tax. There are many more taxes and fees paid that weren’t included in that 40% calculation.

      We’re approaching United Kingdom levels of taxation but with none of the benefits!

      1. Zac says:

        Then move somewhere else. I promise no one will shed a tear! Have a nice day and tell me how the taxes are everywhere else. . .oh I’m sure you will be complaining about them to!

      2. overtaxed says:

        I can tell you what taxes are like in 46 other states, they are LOWER, as we are the 4th highest taxed state, and the only solution Annapolis has is to raise them. Next year they will have the same story, not enough revenue.

        Do you live under a rock, or is your head is in your rear end?

    4. mike says:

      agreed MD sucks. all they do here is tax more adn waste more, the government is solely responsible for everything so that is why it must tax everything and keep raisning those taxes.

  4. Shore Man says:

    I hope more whiners like you leave Maryland. Maybe the traffic would be better and there wouldn’t be so much negativity. I always hear this complaining but never any solutions. If all of you formed your own states, there’d be anarchy and no transportation, hospitals or habitable environment.

    1. MDequalsTaxes says:

      How about less taxes, the welfare state of maryland elects the same idiots every year who raise taxes in exchange for the welfare vote. if it wasnt for the rest of the country subsidizing us with over paid gov’t jobs we would be the next mississippi. get a clue you liberal elite idiot.

    2. Dave says:

      Get a clue…..EVERY other state has transportation, hospitals, and habitable environment….but they DON’T continually raise taxes all the time! Let’s give the ILLEGALS instate tuition, but tax the heck out of everyone else!!! Darn liberals!

      1. fred says:

        Somebody has talk radio playing 24 hours a day I see.

      2. AT says:

        Be quiet, “Rush Limbaugh.” Go back to your AM radio, keep your hateful comments there.

      3. overtaxed says:

        If you do not agree with Democratic idealogy you are “hateful”. AT, there was no hate in what Dave posted. It is high time we start paying close attention to the shady dealings in Annapolis, which is more to what Dave posted.

        But too many people in Maryland are blind liberal sheeples and will vote Democrat because WJZ and the Sun told them to.

    3. Go ahead and stay says:

      Be carful what you wish for. You just might get it. As more and more (working) tax weary individuals leave Maryland, taxes will only go higher to make up for their leaving. Who do you think will pay them? The illegals?

    4. Happy in VA says:

      I live right across in VA dummy and taxes and cost of living are unbelievably lower than MD so get your story straight. And before you give another dumb reply I lived in MD for 28 years and left because I had enough and will never ever come back. You can have that communist place.

  5. Ronald G Miner Jr says:

    Last year owe Malley stole these funds from the transportation fund to balance the budget. Now he wants us to pay for them again. The solution is really easy..stop voting for Democrats…

    1. TaxAndSpendForVotes says:

      exactly, the democrat part is the Tax Party.

    2. Not a boomer says:

      I’d rather not vote for the Religious Fundamentalist Corporate Benefit Party, which still goes by the name Republicans. Guess I’ll have to vote Democrat…

      1. overtaxed says:

        The Democrats are hurting working people with higher taxes and higher regulation, so I fail to agree with your slightly clever analogy. The “Party of the People” really isn’t for the people.

        I suspect your head will remain firmly planted in your rear end and you will continue to vote for the Culture of Corruption, and we will see taxes, fees and regulations pile up higher and higher. That is the Maryland way

  6. Teajay says:

    Gov can I change my status to illegal alien so I can get the non citizen tax break? Was I born in this country and join the Navy so that others could move here and live not only with freedom but for free?

  7. mike says:

    I didn’t vote for him what about you?

  8. gschon says:

    That’s why it’s called “The Free State”

  9. Sam says:

    After you pass through the “Free State” you can drive to Fort Myers Fl without paying a toll. Tax and spend……..pure Democrat.

  10. Michael J Vogt says:

    One way to Beat the toll system from Baltimore to Philly or Jersey:
    $2 at the Tunnel then take 95 to 695 to RT 1 north. Take RT 322 to 95 North once in Pennsylvania. Once on 95 to get to jersey you can take 322 over to the Commodore Barry Bridge. 95 north takes you straight to philly.

    1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

      Michael, Problem with that route is it will take you two weeks & very bad roads especially at night. I’ve done it.

    2. trixxi says:

      Shoot, by the time you drive all the way around, you’d spend more than what it would cost in tolls on gas (not to mention the 2 extra hours)!!!

  11. Michael J Vogt says:

    From jersey or philly to baltimore:

    Jersey – Take 295 south and cross over the Delaware Memorial Bridge and pay the $3. Now take Rt 13 east to Rt 40 South. Then hop on 695 either west to get back onto 95 south the rest of the way…one problem is the traffic during rush hour it gets crowded.

    Jersey to Baltimore – Take 295 south to rt 322 west. Follow Rt 322 until you can get on Rt 1 south in pennsylvania. This will take you all the way down to rt 695 in maryland and only a short 1/2 mile distance to Rt 95 south. Nice scenic route through the hillu country. If you go this way in the fall stop by the conowigo dam observation area and you will get some good shots of Bald Eagles.

  12. Herman Glimsher says:




  13. Marty_OMalley_TaxMan says:

    I am going to tax you until you scream you, morons!

  14. Jim says:

    Another way to “kill” business. All toll costs for truckers will be passed onto the businesses who will pass it along to the customers.

  15. Debbie says:

    Gee what are they going to do to cover their out of control spending when they run out of things to tax?
    Amazing how it was wrong when Erlich did it but ok when they do it. What hypocrites who change their tune after they are elected.

    1. jim says:

      Yhey will never run out they will just keep upping all of them when they want money. The key word here is want not need!!!!! They need!!! to cut the budget not keep adding to it.

  16. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    All of these “Thousands cuts” in a tax here & there will take there toll, (no pun intended) & in & of themselves will raise millions but fall far, far short of making up the budget of 1.5. Billion. Does anybody realize how much a billion dollars is??? The ill will & bad simmering feelings in this state against legislators elected by the people who based their trust to lead the way is abysmal. There is no stimulus to toss into the kitty this year to balance the budget or raid other funds such as transportation. Less government spending & cuts everywhere is needed & we want it now. STOP SPENDING GOVERNOR.

    1. jim says:


  17. Are You Really Surprised? says:

    What do expect from a socialist state dominated by inner city Baltimore and the D.C. suburbs?

  18. Adrian says:

    I didn’t vote for O’Mally….. Thank you all who did…. Change is on its way..

    1. Cheryl Sherpinski says:

      maybe do like AR did and have him run for President against OBAMA in 2012; it will get him out of MD!!!

  19. bob says:

    We are both retiring in th next five years and are already planning our exit from this tax hole. The only people left will be the poor and the illegals and none of them pay taxes. Good luck!

  20. Dave says:

    Hey Deb: Right on girly girl….They (DEMS) are doing it right now with Lybia….They keep talking about several nations on-board for this war, I mean Kinetic Action, BUT Bush had 30 countries, yes 30 countries on board going into Irqua and he had used chem weapons against the Iranian, Kuhwat and his own people to the tune of over 500,000 DEAD.
    This is what happens when the elite elect an EMPTY SUIT and then cannot admit they F/Up. Chris Matthews on Small Balls still has a tingle going up and down his leg for O’Bambi.

  21. jason says:

    Why not take some more money away from us it’s not like the roads are getting any better from all this money. Makes you wonder where all this money is really going??

    1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

      The monies collected are in large part being spent for illegals & funding their social programs. Also pet pork projects that big lobbyists contribute to campaign funds. The “Government of the people by the people” is a slogan in name only buddy. Big $$$ connections get’s the job done & all of us little doggies follow suit.

  22. Anna Marie says:

    What are they doing with the money that they bring in, such as the Lottery, the tolls which are way over priced, the sales tax that we spend every day, plus the state taxes that comes out of our pay? There are tons of other taxes also. Look at your phone bill and your electric bill with the taxes. Now they want to raise taxes on alcohol and snacks. Half or more of everyone’s income will be going for taxes.

  23. outkasts says:

    Did you forget about the alcohol tax that just passed?

  24. Doug says:

    Enough to start a Revolution.
    It’s already too high as it is.
    They take every dollar we give them and urinate it away,
    Willy Nilly .
    Start shrinking the damn government,
    and stop sticking it to the little guy !!

  25. Bill says:

    I find it ironic that the state continues to work on the same stretches of highway every year? They take down the barriers for a few months and then reset them? 95 White Marsh? They have done something to that portion for 20 years that I know off. The HOV lane that is going to be the magic bullet to alleviate traffic? This road project waste, will catch traffic at a high density section of 95 and deposit it back onto a high density section by the tunnel? Northern Virginia has the same problem and has for years. The wasted money there has not solved the traffic woes at all. We spend more BS moneys for what? Jobs, ride by on any given day and count how many workers are on these refurbish projects? I also wonder how many have their work permits in order? This state is a disgrace to the Constitution and every citizen in it. This starts in Maryland flows thru DC and stops at the WhiteHouse.

  26. Ron Sr. says:

    We pay the taxes to fix our roads then use the money for other things and to balance the budget. Isnt that stealing? I say pass the laws so they cant spend the money but only for our roads etc. Now to fix the problem. Marylanders are already carrying the load to pay for our roads, let out-of-staters who use our roads pay more. Raise the fee’s for all out-of-state vehicles who go thru our tolls. Call it “Across the boarder Tax” and add an tax on truckers with heavy loads going thru or in our state with regular tax or out-of-state tax when empty.

  27. Perry says:

    Only people that thisis going to affect, just like the alcohol tax is the lower income and middle class people. Democrats say there for the people, however when are the people going to wake up and realize that the democrats are only urinating on the peoples backs and tell the people its only raining? All of these new taxes, isn’t that why we got the casinos? To avoid stuff like this?

  28. Uncle Paul says:

    I think a majority of Marylanders would be okay with increasing tolls and taxes if these revenues actually went towards road improvements. Has anyone been on York Road in Baltimore City? I feel like an astronaut driving on the moon with all of the bumps and divots on that road! On a side note, it’s hard to believe that laws governing gay marriage, texting while driving, and anchor-baby tuition could really be a priority in this state. I’m starting to think they just pick issues out of a hat in Annapolis!

  29. Passing Up The Tolls says:

    What a bunch of idiots we have in Annapolis!!! Why not just tell out-of-state travelers that we don’t want t6hem here? That’s the signal you are sending by raising the tolls for out-of-state EZ-Pass transponders. Watch tourism go way down in Baltimore!!! The tolls get raised, what next? We will still be riding on potholes & broken patches. Get the slots up and running. We voted them in — stop listening to the whining Bible-thumpers that don’t want them in their neighborhoods. Slots are the way to generate revenue. Not taxing and tolling us to death!!!

  30. trixxi says:

    I moved out of MD in 2005 a vowed to never move back. York county, PA is where I live now and couldn’t be happier!! Still close enough to visit friends and/or work if necessary.

    1. Zac says:

      THen stop commenting on maryland. No one cares what you think anyway. Stay in PA!

      1. Happy in VA says:

        And you stay in communist MD you liberal pile of excrement. I lived there for 28 years and finally gave up and moved to VA. So much easier to put money away in a state with a smart conservative government that doesn’t tax you to death every time they need cash.

    2. JQP says:

      I feel ya, Trixxi, I lived in 3 other states and in none of them was I ever so overburdened and hounded by the government. And I’m not JUST talking about taxes, I’m talking about law enforcement in DROVES on the highways and backroads creating traffic jams and giving the general feeling of constantly Having to look over your shoulder, checking to make sure you’re going no more than 5 miles over the speed limit… you know, I left in 93 and had to come back in 2003 and nothing had changed… it was still oppressive and obscenely expensive to live here. Because we fall into that middle-class bracket, we can’t afford to just up and move out. We are…. trapped in Maryland.

  31. HERE WE GO AGAIN says:

    I agree with Ronald G Miner Jr Check the records and see how many times over the last two decades the MDTAs budget was raided to help balance the looters in Annapolis thievery. I know for a fact 70,000,000 was reapproiprated [looted]

    Would it not be a great story if channel 13 could access this information and publish it . [ DOUBT IT]

    The money we pay every day is supposed to help pay for the upkeep and expansion of future toll roads instead we had to float about 1.6 billion in bonds for the present expansion of I-95

    Again and again they raid the Treasury and other agencys that make money and give us what and IOU. How long can this high treason go on before they are held accountable for there actions

    1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

      Here we go again: In California they finally passed a law that allows all monies that are earmarked for transportation must go for transportation. No raiding allowed. True they have a high gas tax in Ca but their roads are second to none & they are toll free!!!…Yes, TOLL FREE like they were originally supposed to be when the interstate system under President Dwight Eisenhower signed legislation. Your portion of the Federal gas tax was to pay for construction & maintenance. Guess what? Crooked politicians got involved. We need to march & insist on a rollback of government spending.

  32. DealWithIt says:

    I like how you people are always negative commenting about “Illegals”! I know a lot of so called “Illegals”, and believe me, they are a lot better class of people!!!!!

    1. ha ha says:

      that says a lot about you.

    2. Kill illegals says:

      You and your illegal boy toys can all kiss my ass. Suckling on the teet of us tax paying legals. Worthless piles of garbage.

  33. Deano says:

    I already find the longer more environmentally unfriendly routes around the tolls already. Isn’t that what they intended? They don’t really want us to use those roads, right? I figure they prefer we pollute more and pay less in tolls. I understand taxes (fees/tolls) are a fact of life, but MD tolls have gone from acceptable to ludicrous, and now they are about to jump to insane. Here’s the best part, there’s nothing you can do about it.

    1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

      You want to talk about a Lubricous toll? How about a $4 each way or $8 r/t on the I-95 through Delaware. Those toll takers should wear a mask. They don’t need a sales tax in Del. because they are robbing everyone who comes through whether you use 95 or rte 40 or 13.

      1. Zac says:

        How about $8 just to get into New York. It could be worse! $2 isn’t that bad. I pay it just like everyone else.

      2. ha ha says:

        ZAC: mooooooooooo

  34. Fee=Tax says:

    Didn’t O Malley run on the fact that he wouldnt raise taxes or FEES?????????? At least I can say I didn’t vote him in, don’t know anyone that did!

  35. Marylander Rights says:

    Tax The Illegals, Not The American People

  36. Tired of Same Ole Same Ole says:

    This Governor and Annapolis remain out of control – more than ever.
    Not one elected official with the guts to do the difficult things or make the critical decisions –

    I’m outta here – as soon as I can sell the place to somebody who doesnt care
    Even with radiation on the way….Nothing will change anytime soon

  37. bob Jones says:

    I think we should raise the gas tax 50cents to a $1.00 a gallon and make people reg and inspect there cars each year at state run sites, cost is $300 a year for this. This would create jobs and raise millions of dollars for the road.


    Its coming..

    1. Mike S. says:

      So Bob you must love riding that bike everywhere you go. That is what I’d be riding if the state likes your ideas. Then Bikes would become a luxury aand would be taxed too!!!

    2. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

      Bob, You’re not only a fool but an a…..hole to boot.

    3. ha ha says:

      Do the two of you not recognize sarcasm when you see it? Aren’t you supposed to be smart?

    4. Rush says:

      You’re a liberal pile of sh!t

  38. Smash Crasher says:

    As illustrated by what is happening to other DEMOCRATIC controlled TAX and SPEND states is that smart people are moving out to other more tax friendly states. New York, Illinois and other states have lost congressional seats. Pretty soon all that will be left in MD are the terrified, snot-rag, lying hypocritical liberals that continue to re-elect these clowns election after election after election. Pretty soon you Democratic lemmings will be paying 50% of your gross to support the welfare state in Baltimore and pensions for the state workers while you hope to have enough money to eat cat food when you retire. Bunch of Democratic fools!

  39. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    What Md government does best is tax & spend. Eventually this is going to bite the hell out of the citizens & the numbskull politicians who implement these wasteful levies. People are hot & getting hotter & its all because the gov cannot get their priorities straight. Crushing gas, toll & sales with alcohol taxes are not the answer. Less spending & gov. cuts are

  40. Baltimorebob says:


    1. jim says:

      I could not have said it better!!!!!!!

      1. ha ha says:

        I’m, I hope that you could have because, franly, I barely understood that gibberish.

      2. ha ha says:

        p.s. that was a joke.. just so those who miss the beauty of sarcasm don’t get confused.

  41. george says:

    need t o audit the state of maryland and the people who run it, we pay tolls and no accounting where the money goes, maybe they are so smart they are stupid, i would take common sense over brains.
    &2.50 a car and a million cars a day over the bay bridge thats 250 million a day, thats just one bridge, how many does maryland have. plenty

  42. debbie says:

    need t o audit the state of maryland and the people who run it, we pay tolls and no accounting where the money goes, maybe they are so smart they are stupid, i would take common sense over brains.
    &2.50 a car and a million cars a day over the bay bridge thats 250 million a day, thats just one bridge, how many does maryland have. plenty

  43. Mr Mr says:

    Get rid of the polatications and we could balance the budget from thier pay and pensions.

  44. Jamie Phelps says:

    Wow, I cannot wait to get out of this state. I can barely afford to drive to school and nowadays, let alone go visit my sister in Delaware. Hell, I’m even thinking of moving out of the country for a couple years. It’s getting insane.

    1. Jamie Phelps says:

      drive to school and work*

  45. Jerry says:

    Can we get OweMally out of office for being an idiot for spending money the state don’t have and making bussiness leave the the with all the hikes??????????

  46. MD IS KILLIN ME! says:

    Lets look at all the wasted projects over the past 15 years some that come to mind off the top of my head are the HOV lanes, the expansion of RT. 43, they even had the nerve to put trees and flowers along the entire stretch what a waste its a road not a garden, and the intercounty connector, how much money would that have saved, 3 projects alone? I say we make prisoners start taking care of the roads and pay them 25cents a day.

  47. Bill Adams says:

    Its a violation of US constitutional law to convert a Service to a fee and charge a tax.

    We should just take our trash down to the MD state capitol since they cut back trash day to one day a week and when the come out have it out.

  48. Bill says:

    The state receives tens of millions of dollars for road improvement from the federal government every year.Also all the taxes on gasoline are to go towards road repairs. Instead all of the money is put into the general fund and spent on other items and it’s the citizens fault when there is no money to pay for road improvements. Let’s start holding our elected officials accountable for their spending habits

  49. Derek says:

    This state is overpopulated. More and more people are flocking here and we are becoming the next New Jersey. Has anyone traveled in North Jersey on the Turnpike and paid the tolls? They are upwards of $5 just to reach certain exits.

    1. Owings Mills says:

      The PA Turnpike will rape you too.

      1. Lennox says:

        So will Mike Tyson.

  50. pigeon says:

    I still want to know where all the money they were to get from the lottery went. And still no one is being held responsible to account for tthe money being brought in by the lottery. Hello people wake up and demand an answer. In all the years MD has had a lottery I have yet to see one financial report showing where all that money has gone; have you?

  51. Quinn says:

    All I can say is one day sooner or later the people will stop being pushed around and being forced to pay higher taxes and high gas prices. I feel like we live in a state and country run by many tyrants and one day it won’t be the middle east revolting against there government and tyrant leaders it will be our own countrymen revolting against our own government. I guess we have not learned from our past at all. Many wars in our country past has been about taxes and being represented by figures who weren’t for the American people.

  52. Gino says:

    Get the illegals the hell out of this state and this country..thats bottom line..we need a federal invetigation into the comptrollor’s office to account for where is all the money going from the lotteries, tolls, taxes..etc.. mention the feeds and see how many politicians run forcover..FEDS..ADUIT OUT STATE..PLEASE..stop handing out money and indepence cards to those people who drive to the stores in their Caddis, etc and byt crab meat and other high price items..i have seen this.. Take care of theis country and to hell with other ountries until we can get ourselves out of trouble..does the Goverment want 3mil. people protesting in DC. would it turn out to be another Lybia???

    1. Govt Lies says:

      I bet any money if we actually protested ( good idea, seriously) that the government would put a hault to it if we protested for those reasons, land of the free, home of the brave…. right?

  53. Lindsey says:

    Tolls or gas. That seems to be our only options. Really? How about we try and fix the massive budget shortfalls and outrageous spending. Not just make a patch job with toll and gas increases. It’s like fixing a leaky pipe with duct tape. Sooner or later the duct tape isn’t going to cut it, and the crack is only going to get worse. Before you know it you’re buying a whole new pipe. Before you know it we’re selling our kids to work in Chinese sweat shops to pay off foreign debt.

  54. Kimberly Schlee Stephens says:

    When is the cost of living going to ever stop progressing for a while.. let some people get a head instead of always behind!!!!! We are taxed & over-charged for soooooo darn much. Is it really all necessary???? Can companies & government have compassion & help those behind get ahead to feel viable people of society???? Is there no room for having a heart???? If taxes increase, fees increase, new taxes/fees, etc. implemented, HOW can we survive???? The minimum wage barely supports anything not to mention unemployment.

    COME ON SHOW SOME COMPASSION in getting our homeless off the streets, etc. It will only get worse if we don’t help & care to improve our state homeless rate, etc.

  55. Laura says:

    This is crazy everything is about money, money, money!! This is why they call maryland a blind state

  56. I voted for Ehrlich says:

    Remeber the ad. A fee is a tax. So true. Also true, what happened to his drunk underage daughter when she was picked up at the harbor passed out on a bench? Nothing. Nothing at all. Drunken Irish.

    1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

      Voted for Ehrlich:, That was cold & uncalled for. Leave his daughter out of it. Attack him for his politics but not family. Your big Republican behind would have done the same thing.

      1. Chris says:

        His daughter is a drunk underaged cow. Get over it. You libs need to get your own little country for yourselves and quit ruining this one.

  57. Jackie Aurburn says:

    so much for the pos lying governor.. NO New Taxes and his “new americans” won him re-election.. Maybe a few “stuck on stupid” believe in his lying words..

  58. Thomas Klimchuk says:

    You think you got it bad in MD try living in Ontarion where the taxes are 16 per cent

    1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

      At least your healthcare & education programs are state funded out of those taxes of course. Here we’re taxed roughly 50% & receive no healthcare or reduced / free educational opportunities.

      1. ha ha says:

        roughly 50% of what? your earnings? dude, who does your taxes?

  59. hatethetruth says:

    the save the bay foundation is a joke. the bay is still a dumpster.

    what would tax man do? vote dem.

  60. Nayda Guerra says:

    I am working on developing a blog like Md. Considering Major Toll Hikes CBS Baltimore. I still have a a long way to go, and definitely don’t yet have the visitors you seem to get. if you can, please give me some suggestions on http://fpscheatin.altervista.org/forum/index.php?s=85c8eb7e90e18c1096024b9523d35a90&showuser=19807 as I know it wants a tune up. Nice site, sincerely, Nayda Guerra

  61. Mark says:

    I drive 1020 miles on 95 south to my other house in
    Florida and the ‘ONLY’ toll I pay is the Harbor tunnel not one toll south of maryland !! Why??

  62. Dave says:

    Lier O’Malley does it again…He will say he “balanced” the budget, BUT by doing what!!!! Not spending less that is for sure. What about the 50 cents a gallon they get from gas…where does that go???? Most of you do not know that the government in this coiuntry makes more off a gallon of gas than the gas companies make. Yes, 50 cents on every gallon goes to our taqx and spend morons.

  63. Ed says:

    The Canton toll plaza was to be removed after Baltimore City had repaid its 10 percent share of project costs. However, the Maryland Transportation Authority (MdTA), which owns and operates the tunnel, appealed successfully to keep the tolls. It was appealed amid fears of a traffic imbalance: a toll-free I-95 would be overloaded while the somewhat less convenient I-695 (Francis Scott Key Bridge) and I-895 (Harbor Tunnel) – which originally were not financed with Interstate highway funds – would receive less traffic and therefore reduced revenue.



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