HARFORD COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — Suspicious phone calls forced students out of class in Harford County Monday.

The students of Bel Air Middle School and Bel Air High School were evacuated and were sitting on the stands of the football stadium when their school was searched.

Fallston Middle and High, Patterson Mill Middle & High and Southampton Middle also received the same call. All schools were immediately evacuated as a precaution. Students were eventually allowed to return to class.

Nothing dangerous was found.

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  1. Terry F says:

    What type of suspicious call and why weren’t the students sent home?

    1. ELW says:

      My son, a student at BAHS, sent me a text that said it was a bomb threat. They are now going back into the school.

    2. sr says:

      Students were evacuated from bahs around 11:20 a.m. Bomb threats according to Harford Co. Sheriffs office. Schools included BAMS,BAHS, Fallston hs, southampton middle, HdG (possibly checking elem), PMMS and PMHS. My friend has a police scanner. The schools did the right thing. Too bad the weather is so cold. Kids had no coats. Big thank you to law enforcement.

      1. sr says:

        Correction, not Havre d Grace. Sorry

  2. Chris Mingioni says:

    I was one of the students sitting on the bleachers. We were all freezing out there and I feel like there were ways to keep us warm that the school wasn’t doing. And I want to go home! And eat!

  3. Stupid Kids says:

    Some idiot probably had a test he didn’t study for!

  4. pauly d says:

    oh yeah cabs are here

  5. big ben says:

    why does this happen

  6. chris says:

    im so hungry im so hungry i need some food for my belly

  7. KEM says:

    Well, hopefully that idiot who pranked the school with bomb threats will be brought to justice.

  8. Mom at Work says:

    It was also at Southhampton Middle School. As far as being cold, school has to take precautions.. be cold or possibly be blown up…

  9. Shannon Duggan says:


  10. Heather Hannan says:

    I was one of the many students sitting on the bleachers in the stadium of Bel Air High School. Yes it was crazy cold but the law enforcement and school officials did the best they could for the situation. It was a very scary situation because we started out in class and then were informed not to be dismissed. The alarm went off at 11 and we headed outside then we were moved to an area farther away from the school. After being cold standing there the entire student body and faculty and staff were moved over to the bleachers. We then were moved on to the bleachers sitting as closely as possible so everyone had room to sit. Then the waiting began and we waited there freezing but the teachers did a pretty good job keeping us under control. Finally we got to go back in at like 12:20. It was crazy but it was handled as best as it could have been.

  11. ???? says:

    My friend goes to Bel Air HS and when I heard about it I was really worried. Are they going to finish the rest of the school day?

  12. chody slims says:

    those bleachers were defintly cold

  13. Alison says:

    I twas freezing. I was so confused on what was going on. I had to keep informing my parents. Even my sisters school was evacuated.

  14. Jess M says:

    It was freezing sitting out there for over an hour! Im still cold. They should have told us what was going on so we wernt all sitting worried. We all knew it wasnt a drill because they wouldnt do a drill during lunches.

    1. lala says:

      No one trusts us with information because there are so many stupid people in the school. If everyone would stop acting like idiots they would tell us these things. Did you notice how immature people were acting? Every time an administrator got near the school people would yell and carry on like children. Really, people were worried and we all got a little cold, but I would rather be safe than sorry. If they had told us what was going on, there is no telling what some of these kids would do.

  15. TE says:

    I don’t understand why they was cold, they walk around with very little clothes on anyway, probably didn’t even wear a coat to school today…….just another reason for a person to complain…..I am with “Mom at work”, be cold or take the chance of blowing up.

    1. kid says:

      we WERE cold because they didn’t allow us time to get coats or anything like that… seriously it took 7 mins for me to get out of school but i can’t take 30 seconds to get my coat? and yeah so what were in high school we complain deal with it

  16. Lea says:

    um bel air was not the only school to be evacuated. 4 havre de grace schools where evacuated Have de Grace high, Havre de Grace Middle, Havre De Grace elementryand Medowvale elementry. Aberdeen high school was also evacuated they told all the kids dont worry it is just a drill at the Havre de grace schools I have no clue about aberdeen.. But kind of tired of bel air getting all the attention when it wasn’t just that school….. Just saying lol

  17. Student says:

    I was in gym at the time, so they weren’t going to give me time to change out of my gym uniform. Luckily for the students in gym, there was a team room outside that was heated and we were allowed to wait there. Also, no one wears a jacket in class, the school is heated…

    But thanks for the stereotyping. gg bro

  18. Bel Air Mom says:

    Complain because you’re evacuated, yet cry if you really are bombed, shot or hurt in some other way. Nobody is ever happy. Take it as a joke but come the day when it does happen for real……… “Don’t go home crying to mommy or daddy”. Ignorant! I for one am so glad my daughter took it serious!

    1. ??? says:

      Don’t you have anything better to do then complain about kids?

      1. Bel Air Mom says:

        I really wasn’t complaining. I was simply stating the facts.

    2. trololololol says:

      LOLOL people who cant properly use the word ignorant. her daughter is probably very special.

  19. jw says:

    The Patterson Mill Schools were locked down, not evacuated.

  20. J. Collins says:

    Patterson Mill did NOT evacuate, we had no search or the school. Just to clear that up.

  21. Lauren says:

    lull. trolling on wjz.

  22. Kara shrader says:

    Hi heather

  23. derp says:



  24. BH says:

    It’s sad to see how many people are joking around with this. GROW UP

  25. R. Lynn says:

    Just hope law enforcement can figure this out…..what a terrible thing to happen in the middle of a school day. We are very fortunate that there were no bombs. Many lives would have been lost. Has anyone considered that this could be a practice run for something more sinister? Our country is no longer safe…..there had to be a “group” of some type involved in this – way too many calls were made for this to be one person. We all need to take our security more seriously.

  26. Mel says:

    I can see where Administration would not tell elementary and middle school-ers what is going on but I do believe that high school-ers would be able to handle the situation. Just because a few students are ignorant and immature, doesn’t mean that all students should be labeled the same. My son had to text me to find out what was going on. I also think HCPS need to revise their phone alert system. Receiving alerts two, three, four hours post evacuation is not cool.

  27. Mary Jane says:

    It’s hard to light my doobie with all these folks around me in the bleachers.

  28. Denali says:

    Chris Mingioni is gay

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