By Jessica Kartalija

BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — A house fire in Baltimore County destroyed a home and killed dozens of animals inside.

Jessica Kartalija reports the owner was on a mission to save the animals from being euthanized.

“There were many animals inside and a lot of them are deceased.  We have Animal Control on the way down,” said Baltimore County Fire Department Battalion Chief James Devers.

Firefighters tried to save dozens of dogs and cats, carrying kennels out of the home basement.  Thirteen cats and nine dogs died in this fire.  Four are now with foster families.

The homeowner says she was at her son’s lacrosse game when the fire started.  She runs a website called Maryland Animal Sanctuary and Rescue.

“She would go and rescue them from places about t0 euthanize them and bring them here until she could find a better home for them,” said a neighbor.  “We were heartbroken.  We are down owners, too.”

The neighbor says everyone on the street was concerned about the animals.

The home is a total loss.  Investigators say it was an electrical fire that started accidentally.

MAS Rescue is a volunteer organization.  Animals are cared for at their homes before being adopted.

Fortunately, no family members or firefighters were injured in the blaze.

Comments (16)
  1. pigeon says:

    Rainbow bridge is going to be a busy place.
    My heart goes out to the lady and her family – total loss of their home – just can’t imagine that feeling. Thank you for what you have done to save defensless animals. God bless and be with you and yours.
    In what part of Balto. Co. did this occur?
    What is a “down owner”?

    1. babimomma says:

      it happened on carson ave in dundalk across from eastpoint mall

  2. petfriend says:

    pigeon…this was last week in Dundalk

    1. Zac says:

      The truck in the picture is truck 18 which is west view.

      1. Jeff says:

        Zac you are incorrect the Truck is 15 Eastview Truck 13 is Westview and Truck 18 is Randlestown

      2. babimomma says:

        zac pay closer attn the truck u see is truck 15, truck 7 & 2 other trucks were there as well. & im not sure why the new is considering this east view when in fact it is really eastshire it is in between berkshire & eastfield & if you ask anyone that lives in the neighborhood that is what we all know it as not no damn eastview.

      3. Jeff says:

        Again another post with incorrect information 7 has no truck it is a Engine 2 was not their they are also an Engine located in Pikesvilleand Station 15 is the Eastview station

      4. Jeff says:

        As for Eastshire dose’nt exist Eastfield is located miles away from that area Merritt Blvd Wise ave area That area is considered Berkshire

  3. susan says:

    You are right pigeon, Rainbow bridge is going to be busy. Those animals will remember what you were trying to do for them. My heart also goes out to the family. Luckily no human lives were taken. My prayers go out to you and your family.

  4. CATHY says:

    I feel for the lady that tried to save those creatures from being killed,noe they went to heaven any way,I am sure they know that the owner was trying to save is so sad.luckly no human lives were lost with them,I hope she had insurance so she can rebulid and com=ntinue what she was trying to do

  5. Ann Coleman says:

    Thirteen cats and nine dogs died in this fire. In what say is this “dozens”?

  6. AT says:

    13 cats + 9 dogs = 22 animals. This is not “dozens.” WJZ, you suck at math – and reporting.

  7. Amber says:

    Please change the title of this. It wasn’t just a HOUSE that burnt down. It was also an ANIMAL RESCUE.

  8. Tina T. says:

    Sounds like it was written by a second grader that can’t add or spell.

  9. amy ellen says:

    to Tina T. what the hey does it matter about spelling……. you are so extremely insensitive and i hope my sppellingg now gives you a reason to commplain about such pettty stuff …. my heart goes out to the rescue lady who did the right thing and i pray she shall continue to care for these animals still !!!

  10. Rescue Ranger says:

    You’re right Amy Ellen! We shouldn’t focus on the dumb stuff such as the spelling and semantics of the media. The bottom line is that a family has lost their home, lives were lost, and a woman who has done nothing but give of herself must start all over again! I was on a transport that was going to deliver to her at least 3 more dogs saved from a NC pound on Saturday afternoon, but because this tragedy happened on Friday that had to be cancelled.

    We need to give our support or at least be compassionate for the loss! Check out to see what you can do to help.

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