BALTIMORE (WJZ)—The U.S. government confirms radiation –in very small amounts — is making its way to the United States.

Derek Valcourt explains what’s being done about it.

Call it miniscule amounts of radiation, so small the state and the federal government are urging everyone not to worry.

It’s a long trip from the site of the Fukushima disaster in Japan to here in the United States, but some radiation has already made it.

Now federal officials say a radioactive form of iodine called iodine 131 has been detected in rainwater in neighboring Pennsylvania and further north in Massachusetts.

The EPA says those rainwater radiation levels are “about 25 times below the level that would be of concern … even for the most vulnerable infants and pregnant women.”

Maryland state health officials say tests of rainwater in Maryland have detected no radiation.

Sensors in Charlottesville, Va. have also detected radioactivity at minute levels.

“They’re very very minute levels.  Just traces of radiation,” said Grant Goodell, UVA environmental science professor.

Last week the federal government moved more electronic air monitoring stations to the West Coast in an effort to reassure people in California that there is no serious threat of radiation from Japan.

“It’s much less still than a regular plane flight, particularly if you go to the clinic and have an X-ray,” said Professor Kai Vetter, department of nuclear engineering. “That’s much higher levels you will be exposed to there.”

Plastic filters tell scientists exactly what is floating in the air. Scientists are monitoring the readings around the clock. So far the small radiation levels detected there are all considered perfectly safe.

“There’s no reason to be afraid right now because the harmful levels are not — based on the experts — they’re not heading in our direction,” said Dr. Regina Benjamin, U.S. Surgeon General.

State health officials say they’re keeping a close eye on radiation levels and say Marylanders don’t need to change their food or water consumption whatsoever.

Comments (19)
  1. Doug says:

    When I hear No reason for concern,
    I get a lump in my throat.
    Probably just a small tumor

  2. Greg says:

    Love Doug’s comment – the ring of truth.
    Remember – “the government is always here to help.”
    Heard that one before

  3. Layla says:

    I’m with you Doug, if there was no concern why would
    they be monitoring in the first place

    They never tell people what’s really going on until
    it’s too late or dangerous

    Would love to see the reports

  4. Herman Glimsher says:


  5. Don says:

    Its like an x-ray?

    The difference is we are not taking an x-ray for 24 hours a day.

  6. Scott's County says:

    Children all over the world are doomed. Just call them the new Generation X. As in X-ray. Actually, Gama ray. 🙂

  7. Paul Duvall says:

    Drink the radioactive Kool-Aid folks!

  8. Nosmo King says:

    Japan radiation? Are you serious? If you believe that media garbage you’re an idiot!!!

  9. Carol Zimmerman says:

    Kinda sounds like —“well lets check our area and if there is any radiation detected Blame it on Japan instead of what possible might be wrong right under our noses

  10. Scott's County says:

    People who don’t understand science on here listen up: The entire Earth’s atmosphere is constantly in motion and what’s put up into the air eventually finds itself in another part of the world. Ever hear of the jetstream you idiots? The radiation concentration is of course diuted by time it gets here, but it gets here.

    1. Alfred Hopkins says:

      Just like global warming, right? Another liberal lie…sad part is when something REALLY goes down on this planet it’ll be another “cry wolf” to a lot of people and not taken seriously.Environmental goofballs will say now we have to do away with nuclear energy. Pretty soon will be rubbing sticks together and riding bicycles. If that’s what you want, live like that in some other country. Get out!!!!

      1. Pierre says:

        I’m with you Alfred. I mean, Al Gore warned us of the “rising sea levels” and then buys a home RIGHT NEXT TO THE OCEAN! That should tell you something about Liberal Lies.

  11. vitaliy says:

    Good point Scott… The Radiation will spread, but wont be as concentrated as in Japan

  12. Dianna Herron Snyder says:

    Has anybody thought of the radiation found in Pennsylvania and Mass may not be from Japan but from our own plants right here on the East Coast? How do we know where the radiation is coming from?

    1. Derek says:

      And Virginia, too … Hard to believe this state doesn’t have the same amounts as VA and PA- what, did it come here from VA, decide MD was a friend and would skip it for PA?

      1. Susan says:

        I had the same thought actually

  13. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    Oh, but absolutely, I believe everything my government tells me. They are so credible.

  14. Scott's County says:

    Alfred Hopkins up there is a Fascist. A real hard core Republican. He’s here to start the fourth Reich.

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