ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller says the chances of a measure aimed at preventing discrimination against transgender residents passing in the Senate are “next to none.”

Miller talked briefly with reporters on Tuesday about the bill passed by the House of Delegates over the weekend.

Miller, D-Calvert, says the Senate already has spent a significant amount of time working on social issues this session, which adjourns April 11. He says the Senate needs to focus on the budget and legislation that has a chance of passing with the remaining time.

The measure, which is now languishing in the Senate Rules Committee, would apply to people who believe they have been discriminated against because of gender identity when looking for employment or housing.

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  1. Doug says:

    Trans gender?
    Sounds like they can’t decide.
    When we all stand there,buck naked,it usually says a lot.
    Or a little
    By the way,at 52,I now shave my legs.
    It’s just that from where I stand,I was looking like the Gieco Caveman .
    I was afraid of being picked up and returned to the primate section at the zoo

  2. Sophia Jean Hawes says:

    @Doug: Transgender meaning “across gender” signifies that a person can’t identify with a birth-assigned gender. There are a range of aspects that play into gender identity, from a biological gender fluidity that doesn’t center on the gender spectrum corresponding to the assigned gender to a more severe condition in which the brain is literally wired to be that of the other gender from birth.

    All brains start out female at birth. When enough testosterone washes through the brain at once, it clears out neural connections in sections of the brain that are larger in grown women than men, and lays neural pathways in parts of the brain destined to mature in men. The change is irreversible and time-sensitive.

    Most of the time, only genetic boys produce enough testosterone to make this happen, but occasionally a genetic girls adrenal glands produce enough testosterone to turn her mentally into a boy. And for some genetic boys, various conditions can occur, like undescended testes, that result in the testosterone wash never happening.

    The problem is not that they can’t decide who they are, but that two decisions were made: one by nature and another by a doctor at birth.

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