Ravens Safety Haruki Nakamura joined The Norris & Davis Show to talk about his fundraising event for The Red Cross/Japan Earthquakes & Tsunami at Ripken Stadium in Aberdeen April 2nd.

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  1. Ken Stratemeyer says:

    Can someone explain exactly how the autograph donation will work? Can you mix and match the players for your donation or do you get autographs from a particular player for your $50 or $100 donation?

  2. Bob Gizinski says:

    I dont know. Am also confused as to how this is going to work. It seems because of the BIG anticipated turnout that you will only get either Ed Reed or Joe Flacco autograph and then four others for the 5/$100. Not both

  3. #1ravenfan says:

    What players are showing up for autographs. As of now all I see is like 3 or 4 players ??

  4. josh says:

    my understanding is it will be split into Joe Flacco’s side and Ed Reeds side you make a $50 donation and you can get autographs from everyone on Reed or Flaccos side i belive

  5. #1ravenfan says:

    WHO IS EVERYONE ??? or is it only Flacco and Reed ??

  6. Faith says:

    Well, considering as stated “Haruki Nakamura joined The Norris & Davis Show to talk about his fundraising” I would say he IS going to be there also. Reading helps.

  7. gotobedchick says:


  8. carl says:

    How do you get tickets ahead of time, does anyone know of a phone number for the event Thanks, carl

  9. Laura says:

    I would like to bring to attention the events that unfolded today at Ripken Stadium. Let me set the scene. My Mom was watching WJZ and they reported that there would be an autograph session from 12 – 3 pm Saturday, April 02, 2011 with the Ravens players to help aid in the disasters that have occurred recently in Japan. My Mom contacted me to tell me she wanted to take my 3 year old daughter. We decided to make it a family affair.

    We told my daughter, JoAnna, and she was so excited that she was going to meet Flacco Joe (that is what she calls him). This never happened!

    My husband, my daughter, and my Mom’s boyfriend were in line at 11:15 this morning. Apparently, the line started forming long before then. At this time there was one line to purchase tickets to get autographs. They got up to the area where you had to purchase your ticket around 12:30 pm. The original options at the beginning of the event were:
    1. $50 for Ed Reed and three other players (3rd base side of stadium)
    2. $50 for Joe Flacco or Ray Rice and three other players (1st base side of stadium)
    3. OR $150 for all players autographs

    At 12:30 when my husband and team got to the ticket booth the $150 option was not in play, because Ray Rice had already left the building. So, instead, my husband paid $100 and my mom’s boyfriend paid $100 to get the remaining players autographs. This never happened!

    Once they purchased their tickets they split up because there were two lines depending on which side you were getting the autographs from. As my husband and daughter waited in their line to get the autographs on the Ed Reed side 1:30 rolled around and Ed Reed left at that time. As a result, everyone was combined into one autograph session and one line to get the autographs. My husband and team arrived at the table to obtain their autographs only to find two players sitting there: Chris Carr and Haruki Nakamura.

    With how the payment plan was presented when purchasing tickets, I would think there would be a reimbursement of some kind if not a full reimbursement because you were paying for the big name players that were in attendance. We did not receive any of those autographs and we are very agitated with the outcome. Not to mention the numerous people that were in line behind my husband, which he estimates to be at least 500.

    Now, how do you explain to a 3 year old that you are not able to deliver on your promise that we told her she was going to meet Joe Flacco? I am sure there were many parents that had to have this heart breaking discussion with their children as well.

    Now back to the money issue, when my husband asked about some kind of refund the answer that was given to him by the Red Cross and Ironbirds staff was, “There will be no refund, you gave a donation.” I am not against giving donations, but that is not how it was presented to everyone. Yes, we all knew the money was going to help the people in Japan, but we did not make a donation for that. We paid for autographs and we did not get ANY of the big names (Joe Flacco, Ray Rice, Ed Reed)! This was poor planning and a fraud! The advertising was extremely misleading and I am sure that we are not the only people irritated with this.

    I have reviewed the advertisements from the Ravens website
    along with the advertisement from the Ironbirds website
    announcing this event. You will notice the two advertisements contradict themselves. The one from the Ravens site reads: “…autograph two items for a $50 donation and five items for $100” while the advertisement from the Ironbirds site reads:
    “While on one side of the Club Level, you can get one signature from each of the athletes on that side, for a total of four. You can have all four players sign one item, or bring four items and get a different player’s signature on each item.
    If you purchase two $50 tickets, you can gain entry to both sides of the Club Level and get one signature from each of the eight Ravens that will be present.
    Players will not sign more than one item each time you pass through their side of the Club Level. To get more than one signature from an athlete, you must purchase an additional ticket and return to the end of the line.”

    It was not one price per side, it was one price per the main stream player (Ed Reed, Joe Flacco, Ray Rice). Also, one ad says $50 to sign multiple items and the other is very clear that it was $50 per autograph. If you wanted more you would have to pay each time.

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