BALTIMORE (AP) — Baltimore officials have suspended the supervisor of 13 city workers facing gambling charges after officials say they were found drinking and shooting dice at a transportation department shop during work hours.

Officials say they broke up a regular “payday” gambling game last week after a tipster alerted the city’s inspector general.

Supervisor Frank Amonica, who was not present, was suspended without pay Monday, but a department spokeswoman declined to give a reason. Police say Amonica was released without being charged.

The workers, part of the unit that sets up for festivals and fairs, were charged with misdemeanor gambling offenses and suspended without pay. One worker is charged with assaulting an investigator. The group includes six men with criminal convictions, but officials say background checks weren’t required for the low-ranking jobs.

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Comments (7)
  1. truthinlove says:

    People are so laxed now, good, give that job to someone who has a family and cares, he was paid too much anyway.

  2. johnsonj3 says:

    Our taxs dollars at work.

  3. Roddo says:

    Might as well go after all of the employees that take that extra 30 minutes a day for lunch. That really adds up HUH? And what about the workers that call in sick just because they had a hangover from the previous night! How about the Mayor stop using our money (tax payers) to pay snitches and get out of her warm office and check on her city personally!!!

  4. BE says:

    First- He does have a family and he does care about his job. He has been with the city for 30+ years. He has a love for this city and his job that IF you knew him, you would see. It is unfortunate that he is being the scapegoat for a deeper problem with the city. He was not at the actual scene of this mess and honestly the individuals charged are all grown men and as much as it is a supervisor’s job to supervise their employees, you can’t be over someone’s shoulder every minute of every day. Also the media keeps mentioning the criminal backgrounds of the men that were charged….everyone of them except Frank Amonica have a criminal record. Honestly what did you think a group of men all of which have criminal records would do when put together? Is is so crazy to think that these men would resort to criminal activities the second their boss’ back is turned? Of course they would….I’ve lost complete respect for this city…they are trying to ruin the career of man who has devoted his life to his job instead saying, “wow we are to blame for putting 13 criminals together in the same work environment.” I hope the city punishes the offender and backs off their attacks on the true image of the wrong person at the wrong time and that is Frank Amonica.

  5. Liz says:

    Frank has a family??? Yeah, to bad he’s been cheating on his wife for years….

  6. Delaney says:

    Frank, does have a family and we love hiim very much. Perhaps someone who has known him for more than 55 years is more qualified to speak in his behalf. That would be me. You can not be convicted of a crime if you were not there, Perhaps EEOC would be more qualified to review this case based on harrassment, hositile work environment or discrimination.
    Frank was an alter boy, voted most vaulable player for baseball team 15 years in a row. Has never been convicted of a crime, is a caring loving individual.
    The only crime here is suspending him for something that he clearly did not do.

  7. Lynda Satterfield says:

    speaking as a family member of frank amonica. he is a loving family man. everyone makes mistakes. why dont we actually track down actual criminals. and as for LIZ saying hes been cheating on his wife for year… why dont your mind your damn business! my unclei is a good man. dont speak about people if you do not know what the hell is actually going on!!!!!!!!!!!

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