Coppin State Student Found Murdered In Remington

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—A Coppin State University student was found dead inside the rowhome where she grew up.

Derek Valcourt has the latest on a heartbroken neighborhood and the search for a killer.

The victim apparently knew her killer, but police remain tight-lipped about the investigation.

Jhoma Blackwell, 18, was stabbed multiple times inside her family home in the 2600-block of Huntingdon Avenue. Neighbors say it was the young woman’s father who discovered his daughter’s  body inside the house and called police.

The victim’s 2-year-old niece was apparently also inside when it happened.

“There was arguing in the house, but we didn’t know what was going on,” said Christina Cook, neighbor. “And my son’s girlfriend overheard some arguing when she was walking to the store and she thought it was just the mother and the father because people are always real loud. They thought that’s what it was and didn’t think nothing of it. But someone seen someone coming out of the house and was willing to work with police to investigate that.”

Just two doors down, investigators have reportedly checked a neighbor’s security cameras, which may have captured the killer leaving the crime scene.

But people still won’t release many details on the case.

“Preliminarily, we believe that this was not a random act of violence,” said Detective Jeremy Silbert, Baltimore City Police.

Neighbors say Blackwell was a straight-A student and family members tell WJZ she was studying nursing at Coppin State University.

“I hope whoever did this, they do find this person,” Cook said.

It’s a tough blow to the Remington community, which is planning a neighborhood walk Wednesday night, as they remember Blackwell.

“She’s never bothered anybody,” Cook said. “She’s like a very sweet girl, and she’s gonna be missed very, very much.”

Blackwell was a freshman at Coppin State. She graduated from high school last year.

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  • Doug

    By the looks of the neighborhood,
    how could any death be deemed suspicious?
    When murder and a hail of gun fire are common place,
    at what point does anything become suspicious.
    They would be more suspicious if they heard birds chirping and
    people joining hands and singing Coombuya

    • Tim

      Keep ignorant and pointless comments to yourself idiot. A family lost a sweet girl who was loved by many and you think it’s appropriate to make jokes?! This is real life and alife was lost today so shut up and try not to sound like more of an ass. Just because you live in an area where it’s all smiles and giggles doesn’t make it okay to belittle the passing of a sweet soul with speculation. Honestly what makes you any better than the people that live there? It could have been you and I really wish it was you instead of her. R. I. P

    • no rights

      Hey Doug, You know what if you look in the mirror you will see where the biggest ASS in Baltimore is!

    • Mi Letz

      I lost a good, dear friend in this neighborhood 6 years ago, it’s NOT about the neighborhood….it’s about the arrogance of the killer. God Bless this grieving family, and save them from the fools of this world.

    • Sherquan


      That comment was insensitive and assanine. This really could have been someone close to you. If you think crime has a particular geological location, I suggest you check the stats and police blotters one more time. I thank God you are not a representative of the majority here in Maryland.

    • Kennyangel1

      What does the neighborhood have to do with anything? People get killed in the counties & other neighborhoods as well. How ignorant of u.

    • Paul Eric Kilmon

      Unnecessary and pointless commentary from someone I suspect clueless and prejudice at heart. Your idiocy speaks to why the world is in bad shape. I live in Roland Park and hike through the city often, typically walking through Remington a few times each month. Yes, Remington has its challenges, but so do other neighborhoods. Murder and a hail of gunfire are not commonplace. The birds sing and thrive everyday, and I join hands with my sister neighborhood singing their praises. All neighborhoods have their fair share of undesirables – some people are just clever about covering up their misfortune (even in Roland Park and Guilford).

      Remington is growing by leaps and bounds. Come walk with me and I’ll show you beauty.

      As for this death it could have happened anywhere, and unfortunately it took place in Remington. So instead of being insensitive, clueless, dark and ignorant – why not show a bit of kindness? Why not offer condolences? Why not speak of hope?

      I don’t expect much from you because as I’ve said earlier, it’s people like you that are bringing the world down.

      RIP – Jhoma Blackwell

    • Nora Rich

      I live in the Remington / Charles village area, and most of it is pretty quiet



    • Trena T

      Doug, my friend murder and crime are everywhere as well as birds. The thought to indicate that suspicion should not be an idea or basically can not occur or would be out of the norm is unfair to the people of their community. Every community that may have or appears to be one of trouble does not always indicate that trouble is the only thing that is common. Many neighborhoods despite the activity have very close bonds and relationships just as other communities. As it appears the person speaking to the news must have cared enough to speak up. Where i can personally say living in a more suburban community, of which you imply are different. Here and in your community as well many would not do the same. People merely turn their backs and heads while pretending that it didn’t happen. Basically saying, ” Not in my neighborhood…” So be mindful of the accusations and stones you throw crime hits all and all neighborhoods.

    • Jon

      I know, right. Seriously, don’t mind the crack house across the street or the thugs slangin dope on the corner. What makes this death suspicious over all the other daily homicides in the area?

      Yo Cuz, da block is hawt…dawg!!!

      • money

        such a prick! i guess you have the perfect life and have never seen anything bad happen to your family they didnt deserve? sometimes people just have to make fun of somebody to make them feel like they still have a sac i guess

    • carl

      Dong is presently on the porn site spanking his monkey because he doesn’t have a lgirlfriend and doesn’t have a social life.What a dumb comment !!!

  • kell

    My heart go’s out to the family n friends of this young lady.its extra hard to come to terms with knowing that she was takeing away by some looser, n for doug the hillbilly jerk birds chirp everywhere u freak…wait until something tragic happens within your family if you have one u sorry ass crow

  • shannon seabrease

    My heart goes out 2 her family at this difficult time.. Y would some one do this to such a young sweet person with her 2 year old daughter right there 2 watch it happen??? My thoughts n prayers are with her family even tho I didn’t know them. Hope they get the person who done this 2 her..

  • sillyman michaels

    lots of cool hearted people in our society

  • Scott's County

    This is ugly America, folks. The land of cultural meaness and disrespect. We are going down. God bless this young woman and her family.

    • ARNOLD


    • GAMMEE07

      Althought its nice you are commeniting decently about this tragedy, I wish you would make up your mind. Just two days ago you were commenting on how the city is moving to Glen Burnie and caused the shooting at Marley Station and being so negative. BIPOLAR at its best!!!

  • Mary

    Doug you must be a miserable ass. I hope I never read another ignorant comment like that again. My prayers to the family and hope that the person who is responsible is caught and put away.

  • whatnow

    I feel terrible that a child going to college and trying to make something of herself had her precious life taken away. I feel so badly for her family. I believe in free speech but there are times when it is the prudent thing to keep your thoughts to yourself. As saddened as I am by Doug’s unfeeling racial comments, I am also disheartened by Kell’s comment. Real hillbilly’s are great people with a lot of heart not the ignorant people you imply.

  • Bernard Mc Kernan

    In somewhat of Doug’s defense, that area & bordering Charles Village are very troublesome. Within the last three years there have ben a number of murders. It is not a safe place although it appears so from the outside. Young kids from the university attract malcontents & these young liberal do gooder types get snookered.
    There was an Asian girls strangled in her apt by some low life that worked as a waiter nearby. A young man stabbed to death speaking with his Mom on a cell phone walking near his home. Yet another murdered in her apt right at the corner of St. Paul & 33rd st two years ago. That murder is still unsolved as far as I know. Doug may have been a bit hard but the truth is that most of you people are in denial & still think there is more good in the world than evil. Baltimore disagrees & proves it everyday. There are more murders here per capita than in the city of N.Y. & one reason is N.Y. bans guns. Caught with an unregistered gun & you get three years. No if’s & or but’s. Ask Placxio Burress the former NFL player.

    • sven

      Bernard, the crimes you are referring to did not occur in Remington. I have yet to see any hoodlum in the city ask their potential victims what their political affiliation is, so keep your political views to yourself. R.I.P. jhana

    • carl

      Bernard Mc Kernam you are dumber than Doug! Bernard, you are a slow thinking man because I am a young liberal and I tired of stupid white Republican males who think they know everything about Baltimore City life but they don’t.Bernard,you are clueless because what you are talking about doesn’t make any since.It is not the young kids from the university who attract crime,crime can happen anyplace to anyone,The only comment I agree with you is there is more good than evil in this world but please keep your other dumb opinions to yourself and do some fact checking,Bernard!

  • Lillie A. Bowie

    I’m not surprised with what has happened. This world is so full of “it’s all about me” attitude. If people instilled in their children love, integriity, respect and most of all God, things like this wouldn’t happen. You can say I’m crazy or a religious fanatic, but I know what works and what has guided my life. It’s so unfortunate this has happened to a young lady who probably would have had a promising and fulfilled life. For another person to take this from her is unthinkable and they need to pay. Either an eye for an eye or my guilt eat them alive. To the family I send my heart felt sympathy and with god all things are possible.

  • randy

    this is not northeast baltimore, it’s north baltimore. you think the news would know what part of town these incidents occur in

  • Arnel

    Doug…SMH. I guess today you decided that use of ur brain was not absolutely necessary, huh? One thing that all humans have in common is that there is the FIRST breath and then there is the LAST breath. Hopefully, no one will look back on ur life and have such heartless things to say. And, so a young woman is lost and leaves behind a two year old daughter. Later on down the road when the young girl wants the love and comfort of her mother, what would ur analysis be, “She should’ve had a mother who wasn’t senselessly killed”.

  • Lefty Samos Johnson


  • cici

    for those who dont know nothing need to keep their negative comments to their self. i graduated with jhoma and we were close friends. she didnt bother nobody she was a sweet girl didnt cause no harm at all. its shocking for the ones that knew her because we know how she was this didnt have to happen to her

  • Janet Long Boss

    Bernard – St Paul and 33rd is the heart of Chas Village, not Remington or “bordering on Charles Village”. Remington is not without its problems, as most city neighborhoods are too familiar with. I was a longtime resident of Remington, from 1981 to 1994. My years there, in my first house, were some of the most wonderful of my life. I was never a victim of violent crime (my car did get broken into once), nor is Remington the “slums” as Doug seems to think. Real people, of all income levels, call it home. Get out of your suburban apartment once in awhile and maybe you’d learn what real people are like.

  • bernie

    Janet long Boss, I get out of my suburban home quite often thank you & have been coming to the city for years. I suggest you take a good look & the city of Baltimore map & if still confused, look up in Wikipedia to see that Remington is a bordering neighborhood to Johns Hopkins which is part of the Charles Village corridor. If you note, I said crime in that area of Charles village borders up to parts of Remington which is 52% white, 32% black & a mixture of Hispanic & other nationalities. In retrospect, no place in the city of Baltimore is safe as long as family structure is lacking, unemployment, fathers & mothers being responsible for their actions & children.

  • TIA

    If you dont have anything good to say, keep it to yourself. I have known the female that was murdered for 13 years and she was a sweet young lady. She didnt deserve the treatment she received. How can someone be so cruel and just do a devastating thing to her? A life have been lost and all someone noticed was the type of neighborhood she was living in. Where is the compassion? R.I.P baby girl.

  • frank coffee

    What difference does it make what area,or what someone thinks the neighborhood looks like ? A young life was taken,hopefully the police will bring the murderer to justice quickly.

  • Dai'Shawnia

    Im so sad to hear this happened to her. We graduated from the same school, C/O 2010. Jhoma was the nicest person I ever met. Even though I didnt know her that well she always had a smile on her face, and was always kind to me and anyone else she encountered. My prayers go out to her family and may she Rest In Peace.

  • Shandra Wilson

    What her race got to do wit it. She dead. She dead. Now her baby have nobody. Jamail was that baby daddy who is in jail for drugs. I knew her from middle school. SHe was a fine person, but unless you walk in her show don’t talk. Hope you rest in piece Jhoma.

    • Billiam

      ,,,there’s nothing else that can besaid – the comment above says everything anyone ever needed to hear or read.

      • melanne

        I beg to differ…perhaps if I could understand it, that might be true. Is the comment above even English??

  • Billiam

    –sorry– …there’s nothing else that can be said….

    • Billiam

      melanne – or Mel Anne or Melanie – it was meant to be tongue-in-cheek.

      • JaKweesha Jackson

        instead it looks like you have head-in-ass. leave your attempts at humor in the toilet where you found it.

      • Billiam

        JaKweeksha (and I’m sure I spelled that wrong) – thanks for reinforcing my comment.

  • Kay

    Sorry but I don’t see a problem with the neighborhood???????? Tidy clean homes and caring neighbors are now mourning a murdered college student. This is all very tragic.

  • G Sykes

    Well…doug since I work with both the mother and sister of this beautiful young lady..hearing them scream when they got the news..your words hit as hard as a fist to me. If you don’t have anything nice to say KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!! This was a life lost..period. What does where she lived have anything to do with it…do me a favor and dig a big hole and jump in it and then cover yourself up so nobody else has to deal with your ignorant self…thanks DUMMY!!!

  • Bilbo Bagginas

    if this was a white woman, this wouldn’t even have been on the news. oh wait, there are no white women in Baltimore…

  • Emery

    G Sykes, my condolences. May this sweet baby girl rest in peace. No one deserves this fate, not even spineless turds like Doug.

  • Emery

    Why are you people here acting like such fools when a soul has been mercilessly taken from a young woman? Please, get over yourselves. You are sick and pathetic. I hope you feel high and mighty making racist comments.

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