ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Gov. Martin O’Malley is promoting school breakfast programs.

O’Malley will host breakfast with school superintendents, principals and food service providers Wednesday at the State House in Annapolis.

It’s part of the governor’s Partnership to End Childhood Hunger.

O’Malley says he wants to end childhood hunger in the state by 2015.

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Comments (17)
  1. babs says:

    A good idea but where does parental irresponsibility stop? Next thing you know we will be feeding them dinner and putting them to sleep too because the parents don’t want to. Come on people. Our budget is in the red. The jobs of police and firefighters have been cut, fire stations are closing and retirees are having their pay cut and we want to feed kids because their parents can’t or won’t???? That is what is wrong with our world today. No one wants to take responsibility for themselves. The parents had these kids.. They should learn to take care of them.

    1. babs says:

      Sorry. that first line should read “Where do we stop picking up the pieces due to parental irresponsibility”

    2. sandi says:

      Obviously, you’ve not had a hungry child because there is no money to feed them. Sometimes, it’s the only meal of the day for these kids. Stats prove that children who don’t eat well, don’t learn well. Breakfast promotes brain power. Yes, the parents had these kids; but many of them had jobs and could take care of them at the time. Spend a day with the teachers (and the kids) in a school and then make those comments. Yes, there are parents who have kids and can’t afford them but the kids didn’t ask for that nor did they ask to be hungry. A good education begets lower poverty rates…………

  2. Todd Wise says:

    Why dont someone make me breakfest !

    1. Ken says:

      Go to the back door of the Statehouse by 6:00am and you can have breakfast with Jose and Maria before going to Casa de Maryland to find work for the day.

  3. A Parent says:

    I’d like to know if Babs has kids ?

  4. Herman Glimsher says:


  5. Debbie says:

    Most of the kids who are eligible for free breakfast have parents who recieve government checks already and food stamps. What do they do with that money (as if we didn’t know) if not feeding their kids. Deduct the cost of the breakfasts from their checks . They can afford cell phones, hair extensions and jewelry but we have to feed their kids.

    1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

      Debbie is right. They all have prepaid cell phones courtesy of the government, New Balance sneakers, gold teeth, hair extensions etc, etc. That Independence card goes a long way for Momma. Even get’s her boyfriend of the month some fortified malt liquor & lotto. there is a big Black, (no pun intended) market selling these cards for cash.

    2. Not going to take it says:

      From working in grocery stores as a part time cashier, I have very rarely seen anyone come through my line with anything decent to eat. They mostly use these funds for parties or get togethers, chips and dips for a Friday night poker game, etc. The only time I have ever seen anyone with any kind of assistance use these funds for what they are supposed to is WIC. The WIC checks have on them what they are allowed to purchase. Although, I have seen people come through with WIC, get 4 gallons of milk and ask the person behind them if they wanted any milk. These people receiving assistance need to be held accountable for what they buy and what they do with it. In ENGLISH of course. This system is in desperate need of some kind of overhaul.

  6. Ken says:

    More democratic give aways with tax payer dollars and the moron voters keep re-electing them.

  7. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    At the current rate they are taxing Marylanders, I think I’ll start showing up at the school for a nice O’Malley breakfast. Probably get a Turd sandwich.

  8. Michael says:

    I think the governor should pay for it out of his own pocket since he thinks it is such a good idea.

  9. sandi says:

    Wow – what planet are most you from – Planet Cynical? Perhaps Planet Greed or Planet Selfish not to mention Planets Racist and Bigot

    BTW – I’m a WHITE MOTHER AND GRANDMOTHER OF 8-always paid my own way

    Go work in a soup kitchen – you won’t find just illiterate black or hispanic folks there. You will find white, well-educated folks as well……

    1. Willwilburwanda says:

      Sandi, We speak the truth, True there are all colors who scam the system but you are the one living on a planet of La La if you don’t know that there is a greater preponderance of Blacks gaming these programs than any other race. One reason why you don’t see many blacks in your soup kitchen except for the freebie is because they have an aversion to hard work. They would rather know where they just have to show up & get it FREE all the while talking on their cell phones & smiling with their gold teeth. The Hispanics or New Americans know O’Malley is soft & scam the system. I am a grandfather of nine, white, & have lived on this earth for over seventy years in major cities in this country & it’s always been the Blacks & it runs in the bloodline, so chew on that granny gum flapper.

    2. Not going to take it says:

      Where can we see you sandi? You seem to know so much about it. I was a sinlge mother as well who worked up to 4 jobs at one time (1 full and 3 part-time) and I NEVER received any kind of assistance, so keep your holier then though comments to yourself. I’m white too by the way and well-educated. So your point is…?

  10. Trying to get by says:

    Government programs benefit all races. The gov needs to do more for the poor and helpless. It is not my fault that I can’t work because I cannot afford daycare. The government, both state and federal, lends some assistance, but I’m not on easy street like most of you.

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