BEL AIR, Md. (WJZ)  — Three juveniles involved in placing bomb threat calls to five area Harford County Public Schools on Monday have been arrested and charged for their involvement in the hoax. 

A search of all involved schools— Bel Air Middle School, Bel Air High School, Fallston High School, Southampton Middle School and Patterson Mill High School— on Monday determined that there were no suspicious devices.

The juveniles involved are all female students of Bel Air High School, ages 14-15, who reside in the Bel Air/ Forest Hill areas.

They have been charged with five counts of disturbing school operations, which is a misdemeanor. They were also charged with five counts of making a statement/rumor as to a destructive device. This is a felony, which if charged and found guilty as an adult could face penalties of up to $10,000 in fines and 10 years imprisonment. 

The girls were charged and arrested before noon on Thursday and have been released back to the care and custody of their parents.

Comments (26)
  1. this guy says:

    looks like this bomb threat blew up in their faces. hahaha

  2. AT says:

    Stupid kids…oh well, they’ll pay now. Hopefully they’ll get the entire fine, and all ten years. Serves those delinquents right…probably the parent’s fault…

    1. Ray says:

      They’re not delinquits they are just kids who were trying to play a prank. Your probably some old man with nothing better to do then cry over the internet about something that doesnt even effect you.

      1. Fred says:

        It affected me, and several schools. There’s prank, and then there is blatant disregard for the law. The law is not impartial to kids, if it were, those kids at C. Milton wouldn’t have gotten 5 years for the pipe bomb accident. If you commit a felony, you deserve to face the charges, no matter your age. “Ignorance of the law is not an excuse” is what any judge would say.

  3. petfriend says:

    Don’t neccesarily disagree with bomb threats being a felony, escpecially in this day and age when so often these types of threats are carried out by juveniles…However have to say I think it’s a darn shame that these kids have destroyed their lives over what they considered a dumb prank. Quite a disparity that setting a dog on fire or stoning a puppy to death in Baltimore is still likely only going to get kids the same age charged with a misdemeanor offense.

    1. AT says:

      It needs to be a felony, because it’s a hoax and it can create panic and chaos. Doesn’t matter who does it. Kids also murder people, should that not be a felony too?

      1. petfriend says:

        Ok hope this doens’t post twice, not sure where the first one went so reposting. I’m not disagreeing with it being a felony. I can think it’s a shame they destroyed their lives for a prank and yet still think they should face punishment. I am stating that I am disturbed by the disparity of kids who have already actually deliberately and violently hurt an animal or person often only being charged a misdemeanor, while those who make a vague threat are charged with a felony. It is not that I think these guys should not be charged with a felony, but that I think those who commit acts of violence should be charged with a felony as well.

  4. Anonomys says:

    Really bel air people need to grow up

    1. My Two Cents says:

      Stupidity and immaturity are not indigenous to Bel Air. Samples can be found all over and are usually indicated by use of improperly spelled words, lack of proper capitalization, and petty comments.

    2. anonymous says:

      not all people from bel air need to grow up.

    3. gary longhorn says:

      that doesnt mean ALL of bel air is bad ya now cmw had a problem 2 years ago!!!!

  5. George Mouring says:

    Who are these kids, and where are there heads? To do such a thing in todays world ? A bomb threat ? Good God. I hope the judge teaches them a lesson they’ll never forget!

  6. Raymond says:

    They’re from Bel Air, chances are their parents are afluent. Since they’re young and female, they elony charge will be Nolle Prossed and they’ll each receive P.B.J. for the misdemeanor with a fine plus court costs. Back to the parents being afluent, the fines will be paid and the girls will walk freely.

    So yeah, the only lesson they will learn is that they were able to make a bomb threat, get caught, and then get away with it unscathed.

    1. Amy says:

      Ok Really we are not In Bel Air CA we are in Bel Air Hazard County Maryland! Not sure where you are from but not everyone in Bel Air is afluent. You might want to get your facts straight before you post. I grew up there went to school at Bel Air and my 3 children now go to school there! People take this stuff very lightly. If they were my children they would have begged to stay in jail and do time then come home.The problem is most of the parents have to work and the children should be able to take care of themselves and no right from wrong. Like I said i have 3 children all boys ranging from 9 to 14 they call me for everything until I get home or pay the consequences. Real question where was atleast one of the parents and why where they all home and at the same place? They should also be charged truency with a expulsuion and made to repeat the grade! With community service all summer especially friday nights and weekends with a required babysitter while the parents are at work!

      1. Valerie says:

        I love this comment.

    2. A Bel Air parent says:

      I know these girls personally. The parents are not wealthy and will have issues paying any fine. Hopefully a lesson will be learned from all this. Sure a punishment should be enforced…community service and such.I do believe they are on house arrest as of now and exspelled from school.Children should have consequences for bad behavior. Parents need tough love in order to produce children that become productive adults.

  7. delores perry says:

    teach them a lesson not to do it no more it was not funny now they have to pay for it

  8. Richard says:

    Just because they are from Bel Air does not mean they are afluent.

    That said, I hope they are seriously punished because my kids go to the schools that were affected.

    They wont get jail time because of their age but giving them a lawn mower every day during the summer and having them cut the grass at each of those schools will set them straight. Cut the grass or face being locked up.

  9. Mike says:

    Wow richard you sure do like your grass mowed… your wife doesnt trim the hedges?

  10. Kara shrader says:

    This just makes our school look bad just because people do stupid things it affects the entire school

  11. Doug says:

    You girls suffer from low I.Q.
    Hence,should be strapped down and forcibly castrated.
    We can’t afford to have your type breeding

    1. Anonymous says:

      This wins on so many levels.

    2. Dawn Lauer says:

      Wow Doug, talk about low I.Q.??? What planet are you from? These are young misguiided girls who made a huge mistake and they will be paying for it for a long time. I do believe they should be punished, but by community service and good old fashioned hard work. They have a rough road ahead of them and I hope all three of them see this as a lesson and try to get their lives back on track. I wish they were not expelled from all HA Co Schools, because I think the best thing for all of them would be to get back to school and concentrate on their education and staying out of trouble. Why not let them back and monitor them closely?

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