Is it me or is anyone else getting sick of the hypocrisy in professional and major college sports?  This week while Barry Bonds is on trial for lying about his alleged steroid use an HBO special aired featuring four Auburn football players who claim they were paid from their days as high school players through college.  My problem is not with athletes using performance enhancing drugs or players getting paid, it’s all the lying that goes with it. And I’m not talking about the players lying I’m talking about the owners, congressmen, NCAA officials, et al.  Let’s all take the Pinocchio test…you all failed…YOU ALL KNEW

Does anyone believe that the owners, trainers, managers and baseball Commissioner were really clueless regarding the use of PEDs during the home run derby between Sosa and McGwire?  Bonds? Clemens? C’mon you all knew but nobody cared because it breathed life into a game that was struggling. Now with hearings and grand juries everyone is experiencing memory loss.

Now, there are all kinds of penalties for guys like Reggie Bush and Cam Newton for allegedly accepting cash.  What about the boosters? The university presidents? Why do they walk in these cases?  If we are to believe the Auburn players regarding cash in  back packs the next obvious question is…who gave it to you?   It’s not going to happen but my point is simply stop the lying and hypocrisy, everyone knows it goes on and no one really seems to care as long as it keeps generating cash for the colleges they play for. Moreover stop choosing who you prosecute, either launch a real probe to clean it up or admit it’s simply part of the game.  Stop selecting people who you don’t like for whatever reason be it Barry Bonds or Jerry Tarkanian years ago.

You run major universities and own professional sports franchises, you’re all powerful people why can’t you muster the balls to tell the truth and fix this mess?


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