ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — The Federal Bureau of Prisons’ retiring director was charged with drunken driving in February after Anne Arundel County police say an officer spotted him driving erratically near his Annapolis home.

According to a police report, Harley Lappin, 55, who announced last week that he would retire in May, was pulled over Feb. 26 after an officer saw him nearly swerve into two vehicles.

The report states Lappin’s eyes were bloodshot, his speech was slurred, his breath smelled of alcohol and he could not walk a straight line or keep his balance on one foot in sobriety tests. He faces driving under the influence and related charges.

A bureau spokeswoman says Lappin decided to retire before the incident, but he informed his supervisors immediately and apologized to staff Tuesday.

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Comments (3)
  1. Ken says:

    Do you seriously think that this man will be found guilty? Only the common working man would be for this type of offense. The judicial system is not fair or equal. You read about it all the time. He must be doing faily well to retire at 55. Hey Anne Arundel county at least give him a large fine before you sentence him to PBJ with unsupervised probation.

  2. Mona Rust says:

    Of course he will be found guilty and this will change his life like everyone elses. He is a law enforcement officer and is eligible to retire. In fact, you have to retire from the BOP at age 57. He, unlike so many other, apologized for his actions which is more than most do. As I have told many others, we can not know what is going on in his life personally and professionally. I has an opportunity to know him and work for him. This is a sad day for him and those of us that care for his family and him.

  3. IC2 says:

    Harley Lappin has been a great leader and although this is an embarrassment to him and the agency, he has led the agency through some tough times and achieved positive results.

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