BALTIMORE (WJZ)—The countdown is on. The Baltimore Orioles are ready to open their 20th season at Camden Yards on Monday.

Mary Bubala reports that with a new season comes a new look.

Inside Oriole Park at Camden Yards, the finishing touches are being put on and everything is being spiffed up.

“We’ve been working for six weeks down here and we are almost ready for Monday. Hopefully we will be ready for Monday and get the ball rolling down here,” said Scott Martin, Orioles construction worker.

For fans, as soon as you enter the gates you will notice the changes from ground level all the way to club level.

Drink rail and bistro seating has been installed down the left and right field lines on the club level. More than 100 fans at a time will be able to sit, watch and sip.

Many sitting in their regular seats will find they are new and wider.

“We have increased the size of the club level and upper deck by 3 inches per seat, which will bring it up to industry standards for fans,” said Greg Bader, Orioles director of communications.

Concessions have also been upgraded to the tune of $11 million, redesigning and enhancing food and beverage stands at the ballpark–the first effort of this magnitude since Camden Yards opened in 1992.

The latest Oriole merchandise is in and going on the racks. Call it a spring tune-up for fans of the boys of summer!

Sightlines for fans on both the upper and club levels have also been improved with less intrusive railings.

The seating changes did reduce the capacity at Camden Yards by 2,300 less seats.

Comments (7)
  1. barnyard says:

    People are getting fatter so therefore make the seats wider. Make the fat food fatter & the booze & drinks more expensive. Ahhh, that’s the American way….Make sure your wallet is also fatter & your health insurance fatter too.

  2. Deborah Hileman says:

    I was at this beautiful stadium 20 years ago for a preseason game. We played the Los Angeles Dodgers. And the crowd warmly welcomed home Eddie Murrary. Do I remember who one…Nope…But I remember watching this stadium being built, and then being able to watch a game there. Those were the days.

  3. Nick Pirce says:

    New food options for Oriole Park at Camden Yards

  4. GAMMEE07 says:

    The only changes that are needed is to lower the prices of tickets, food and drinks. I rather go to a bar and get good food, cheap drink prices and just watch it on TV.

  5. Bill Adams says:

    Meanwhile Obama has signed no hearings or releases for Guantanamo Detainees and we are bombing libyia. While this Illegal Alien Runs Rampent as Imposter in cheif.

    1. O's fan says:

      What the hell does that have to do with this story.Spout your politics in the appropriate forum a$$hole.

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