Teen Arrested For Beating Grandmother With Hammer

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — New details are emerging about a stunning act of violence. A 14-year-old boy is accused of trying to kill his grandmother with a hammer.

Mike Hellgren has the investigation.

Hassanhii Garrett, 14, sits in jail. He’s charged as an adult for trying to kill his 66-year-old grandmother Shirley Garrett inside their home in Waverly—using a hammer.

Charging documents paint a gruesome scene: “Blood spatter was observed on the fan, as well as the floor and walls…and furniture in the room. Blood was also observed in the hallway between the bedroom and bathroom where the victim was found.”

Their next-door neighbor says the sounds woke her up.

“It was just like a loud thump, like something fell,” said the neighbor.

The teen told police he was upset about the way his grandmother was treating him and decided to attack her in her sleep.

He told police his grandma got up and attempted to run away and fell face first into a mirror. Garrett then threw the hammer onto the floor and began to strike the victim approximately four times with a closed fist. He then waited a few minutes and called 911.

Garrett greeted the paramedics at the front door, and he told them that his grandmother was just upstairs.

She’s now fighting for her life, and he’s being held on no bond.

“Due to the severity of the injuries and overall circumstances of the case, he’s being charged as an adult,” said Det. Kevin Brown, Baltimore City Police.

Friends and family have been dropping by the house all day and say they’ve been advised to keep quiet.

The 14-year-old boy had never been in trouble with the law before and got good grades; it’s unclear what made him snap.

“They were always quiet.  No arguments, no fights,” said the neighbor. “You never know what happens to make a person do something like that, you know.”

At last check the grandmother was in critical condition.

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  • QT


    • JQP

      QT, please consider all of the possibilities before you make such snap judgements…maybe she wasn’t so nice, maybe she was cruel, maybe she hurt him. You just don’t know. Not that it’s ever ok to uses violence, it is not. But, if you are saying that she probably raised him, then you have to ask where his parents are, and how must a little boy feel when abandoned. They say God is in the details, and if all you see is the surface of the situation, then you miss God.

      • Joanne Hevener Wimmer

        Whatever the case is donesnt excuse his actions, he must have planed it or why would he have waited for her to go to bed, He must have had some problems but that doesnt make it okay to revert to such violence he deservrs to be charged as an adult but will give him some credit for getting her help

    • Dotti

      you dont know what happend between them just because she raised him dont mean she was traten him right

  • stacy

    at least he was good enough to call 911 to have a chance to save his grandma

    • CraziestI'veHeardYet

      Hey Stacy maybe you can adopt this kid!! DUMMY!!

      • j

        Stacy isn’t a dummy. Him calling at least shows he had SOME regret which is more than can be said for a lot of kids committing these crimes. My prayers with his grandmom and can only pray he can turn his life around and not continue to be a statistic. It is possible.

  • Sick of stupid

    The lack of respect and utter disregard for authority is something that kids are learning from their parents. Most parents give up, decide it’s easier to just let the kids do what they want rather then make them behave and discipline them. In fact, the state, while trying to protect children from abuse, has made it nearly impossible for an old fashion spanking to take place. I have to say that one of the things that kept me in line as a child and young adult was knowing that if I did something I knew was wrong I was going to pay the price and it was not going to be pleasant. Now a days, kids fear nothing. That, my friends, is an issue!

    • brs

      That is about as accurate of a statement as I have read.

    • angb

      well, that would be great except my kids have called social services on me 8 times just for raising my voice at them and yelled abuse

    • Robin

      You are 100% correct!! I am so glad you made this comment.

      • Pierre Gibbons


    • evelyn

      sick of stupid……that is all and good about knowing you would be puniched, but what about just plain old it being a bad thing to do….what about t he victem so called?? When I was a kid the worst thing we could do was to say a bad word….and it was very clean compared to todays lanquage….something like ‘hell’ or damn….was really bad. and we were not all little angels either….we just knew it was wrong..and to het someone like an adult, in the family or otherwise was just un thinkable….and that went for our teachers also….we really had repect for adults…….Children today are just almost evil…they need the real GOD in theirs lives.

      • Sick of stupid

        The only evil children today are the ones whose parents are too busy to drag them away from the tv and spend a little time with them. I have a house full of kids ranging from 9 to 21 and not a one of them would dare talk to me in a manor that was disrespectful to their mother or raise a hand to me. Nor would they ever do anything outside the house that would be disrespectful to us as a family. It is not because I beat them or hit them, it is because they have been raised with values and the fear of god. They know that there are consequenses for every action and that they will face the consequenses if they do something wrong. Trust me when I say that I am not delussional and I know that they are not perfect, but also trust me when I say, I know every move they make and all of their friends. Lazy parenting breeds evil children!

    • Brooks

      Sick of stupid:

      Please run for public office. Maryland needs more people like you; who have sense and intelligence, but most importantly, have the strength to do what is difficult in the short-term in order to raise good citizens and preserve our long-term.

      Our new generation of parents have a sizable subculture characterized by laziness and exaggerated independence. Generally speaking, they feel that they shouldn’t be tied down by their children. Today’s younger parents often feel that it is normal to play an inactive role in their childrens’ progression and they are taking a more incidental role in the upbringing of our future. I wish I knew more people who had the sensibilities you espouse. In the interest of full disclosure, I’m closer, in age, to your children and I do not yet have children of my own, but these principles are common sense and I admire people like you, who do the right thing.

      • Sick of stupid

        Thanks for your comment…I think that you too will make a very good parent one day….you seem to get it!

    • Sasha

      The problem is most ppl don’t know ‘old fashion spanking’ – it’s being beat with a brush or fly swatter or tree branch until you cry uncle or the parent is spent. Like my good old mom, she is fortunate none of us beat her with a hammer, because it wasn’t because we were bad kids, it was bec she was a bad parent and we are fortunate that we didn’t ruin our lives in spite of the fact that we were raised to deal with our frustration with violence on the weaker – that boy was most likely raised to use violence and he saw his shot to end it.

    • Mil

      So very very True. PARENTAL AUTHORITY has been taken away to whip A$$e$. I believe in good old fashion beaten the A$$ too. But the parents get blamed because they can’t beat the A$$e$. Clearly defined Not Abuse. Unfortunately this is where we are today and everyone’s paying for it. Society wants us to control our children but giving them time out just aint working.

  • Eva

    Personally, I would beat him with a hammer and then send him to jail. If he was competent enough to call 911, then he very well knew exactly what he was doing. What is wrong with our children today? He must be punished!

  • Tatum Moss

    My question is where are the boy’s parents? Seems to me that this elder did her job in raising whichever parent (his mother or his father) that gave birth to this young man. Why are senior citizens (having worked hard all of their lives) now tasked with raising their Grandchildren? There is a natural order to things, but its being disrupted(sadly) by parents who are hooked on drugs, or just not responsible enough to raise their own kids. So they pass them off on Granny ( who is probably living on a fixed income as it is). In this case, this young man has some serious issues that have gone undetected. Trust me they didn’t start with this one incident. This is the pot at a full boil, but its been on the stove a long time. I’m reluctant to deal out justice to a 14 year old. That’s not my place. I’ll leave that to the courts, but I know that at his age, if his Grandmother survives, he will someday hit the streets again. My hope is that the justice system will meet his mental health needs( while his is incarcerated)–and he doesn’t return to society with more unresolved issues then he has right now. He did a horrible thing, but God forgives everyone. I pray for his soul and that of his Grandmother.

    • Sick of stupid

      Tatum Moss – God does forgive everyone but I gotta tell you this kids does need to pay.

      Steve S – I agree with you 100%

      People – I am not saying lynch this kid by any means but lets all open our eyes and realize that it is time that society stops allowing things like this to happen. Parents need to be held accountable to raise their kids with values. What in the world ever happened to parents being proud to say that their children were good kids that went to church (or whereever) and behaved and had values.

      • Petunia Fields

        “Parents need to be held accountable to raise their kids with values”

        Right on, with or without church. The most imporant thing is to spend time with your kids. Force them to spend time with you if neccessary. Make it interesting if possible. Take a deep breath and remember that you too was once a stupid little kid.

        The kid in this case might be a lost cause but it didnt happen by accident. And unfortunately the best answer that our society has come up with is to lock him up in a hard core prison environment and teach him to be even colder and more callous than he already his. Stupid people raise stupid kids. I understand that.sometimes thats not always the case but a young mind is like a sponge, it soaks up everything around it and then expels it later.

  • NoGoodToSociety

    This kid was destined for jail.. This didn’t just happen, this Grandmother had to know that she was puting her health in jepordy raising this animal!! That is why I say that the elderly has no business raising someone elses kids!!!!! THEY DON’T NEED THE AGGRAVATION!! Don’t put that kid back on the streets, he’s gonna be a killer next.. Guaranteed..

    • Jon


  • Steve S

    Tragic? In the worst way. It’s true, the youth are running wild in Baltimore. Before you all go off talking about death sentence and life in adult prison, consider that non of you know the whole story, this is what due process is for. To protect a potentially damaged or sick child/citizen from being committed to a lifetime of further damage, abuse, or state sanctioned murder. First by being left in solitary confinement till 18 years old, then dumped into adult prison population to be beaten, raped, and more ( if that hasn’t already happened by then). And to execute a child?! Think before you speak and at least remember we are The United States of America, no matter how far we have slid down the hill of self righteousness topped with total ignorance and loathing for our fellow citizen, we have a standard to uphold, I will never accept a lynching, by public opinion or by an actual mob. Not ever.

  • J

    I just left one of the schools that he attended and one of the teachers was crying. She stated she go to church with the grandmother and know her well. She has taught the same boy the all of you are criticizing. She was saying how sweet and well mannered the boy was and couldnt understand why this happened. You don’t know what was going on in that house or with him period so don’t be quick to judge. If a woman is being abused by her husband and she kills him the majority of you would be screaming to let her go. All of you are hypocrite some of you are very racist and you get on here to be a computer gangster to bully and harass people who state their opinion you are the ass.

    • pigeon

      You say “don’t be quick to judge”. Take your own advice. The only person who brought “race” into the picture was YOU. Therefore, based on your comment one can only presume you too are a hypocrite. One can only also presume you are the north end of a south bound mule since you criticise others’ remarks. I do not consider myself a racist, hypocrite or an ass. When I find or know I’m may be going in that direction I pray and ask for divine guidance to do right. Try it! And keep in mind, those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    • Jon

      And you think I’m an idiot? Pot….kettle…..black.

  • Jon

    He must have known it was inevitable, and just put himself into the system before ‘the man’ could set him up for something else to arrest him for.
    That grandma sure is a trooper though, taking one for the team like that!!



  • sharon smith

    Come on people there has to be a bigger picture here, maybe his parents were deceased. I am not upholding what he did however, there had to be some mental issues that were not addressed properly. We are just looking at the sign of the times.

    • 1uniquemonique

      The child said he didn’t like the treatment from his grandmother. The only mental issue here is this child does not believe he should be discipline. This is what happens when you “spare the rod.”

      • Odalis

        “He did not like the treatment from his grandmother,” can be absolutely anything! I could mean she beating him for no reason, it could mean she was sexually or verbally abusing him. That’s a very broad statement and you’re just making simple assumptions from it.

  • hazel

    u dnt kno this kid so u shldnt be puttin up hurtful comments lik yall doin…………..i kno this fam personally im still n shocked how this all happen………im nt sayin wat he did was rite but the boy is only 14 wat yall shld b doin is praying 4 him and his fam they r all n shocked and hurting so much jus think abt tht

    • Jamie Phelps

      Well for one, you should try to learn how to speak english before you try to stand up for this kid, it doesn’t help him at all. And for two, it doesn’t matter that he was only 14, he knew exactly what he was doing when he did it. He needs to be punished. We don’t need to know the kid to know that when someone does something like that it calls for make punishment, jail time, juvenile hall. Thats the problem with kids these days, they think they can get away with anything.

      But I don’t agree with what all of you are saying but making you’re kids spend time with you. I didn’t spend anytime with my parents, well parent, growing. My sister raised me pretty much becuase my mom kinda dropped off the face of the earth after my dad died and I turned out great, I know how to behave. It’s just straight up discipline and morals.

    • 1uniquemonique

      Go back to school and learn how to talk, spell and write!

    • Billiam

      I didn’t know you could text to this post – because there’s no other reason Hazel’s post should look like it does – or is there?

    • Jon

      How old are you? Please speak english, not ebonics.

      Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

  • 1uniquemonique

    Dumb azz kid!!! Now watch this kid cop a crazy plea. Demons told him to do it. Young kids today just don’t know how good and easy things are for them. Maybe that’s the problem, adults have made it too easy for them. Eventually, he’ll become another burden for the taxpayers.

  • Sick of stupid

    Billiam and Jon…It is exactly people like Hazel who raise children like this young man…..i am all n shocked that someone would post something such a this and think they would be taken seriously….purhaps an english lesson is needed for her!!!

  • Sasha

    He said he was tired of being mistreated by his grandmother. Parents! If you beat your kids don’t be so surprised when they beat u up !

  • Amanda Plaine

    hey Hazel try an an English, typing and grammar lesson before you type a post. Good lord I hope you don’t have any children if so we’re all doomed

    • Sasha

      I think she was texting, as we use shorter words bec it takes so long.

  • Amanda Plaine

    sorry Sasha looks like pure stupidty I also use my phone and it doesn’t take any longer. Anyway this entire situation is sad

  • VWGirl

    Perhaps the grandmother was abusive to him. He is a child. Usually when children do this, its because they learned it from someone else, or….they are jus fed up of how they are bein treated. Maybe he lost it after being in an abusive situation and acted outta rage then came back to his senses, realized what he had done and called the police. U know kinda like in a Christmas Story when Ralphie finally attacks the bully. He beat him until his face was covered in blood and then jus stopped all of a sudden, realized what he had done, andjust started crying. Jesus Christ people! She was 66!!! Last time I checked…thats not elderly. Grow a brain and stop looking at this like this child is a MONSTER! He is a baby….14 years old. Im not saying that beating his grandmother with ahammer is right….however, like I said he is a CHILD, and probably didnt realize the damage that it would cause. Its hard to process logic when you are enraged violently, especially after being abused (repeatedly) and even more especially when you are a child who shouldnt even have to deal with that type of emotion at his age.

    • 1uniquemonique

      If this person was 24 years old, would you call him a monster? The bottom line is this kid, like so many others, does not like being told what to do. As a result, they rebel. At least he was jailed for this and wasn’t target practice for a cop. Then it would be “race” thing.

      • JQP

        I just love how people with absolutely no education in the area of child psychology make statements that sound so completely obtuse as to be laughable. Really, there are next to NO facts in this article and yet I see lots of definitive remarks. Parenting is HARD, it takes time, energy, EDUCATION, commitment. Good parenting does not require manhandling or beating your child, it doesn’t require a bible and fear… good parenting requires love, commitment, and hard work. It requires educating and re-educating yourself every day. I have NO idea why this happened, I have NO idea if he was a good child, misguided, a victim of abuse… I HAVE NO IDEA…. and neither do ANY of you. You are making such fools of yourselves. Plead feel free to come back at me with your intelligent, well thought out remarks. I look forward to reading the “you’re a moron”, “you’re holier than thou”, and any of the other inane name-calling… but pick up the argument… prove me wrong. Show me where in this article it says that he was a terrible person already well on his way down the wrong path and that his grandmother was an angel that never laid a finger on him… show me.

    • sasha

      agree VWGirl

  • M, REED

    we as people are quick to judge someone without noing the facts, make no mistake about it he should be held responsible for what he did and he will have to live with this for the rest of his life. However, no one really knows what was going on in this little boys head one of the problems today is familys want to overlook mental illness and it’s real i work in the health care feild so i know. It starts with the little things and then becomes bigger. As parents we need to start taking notice to our kids learning them and trying to understand them. The most important thing is recognizing when you need help with that child or children and then act on it meaning take the necessary steps to get help for your family before something like this happens. It’s sad when we can’t tell the differents in our kids being bad or just crying out for help we need to pray for our children cause they need it and i thank GOD for the wisdom he gave me to raise my two children in this cruel world we live in my heart goes out to the whole family cause not only do they have to worry about the grandmother but also that child i am sure they just want to know why this happened i pray for there peace and understanding.

    • Odalis

      I completely looked over your comment before I posted mine, but I completely agree.

    • JQP

      Jaya, M. Reed. Well, said.

  • Odalis

    What this child did was absolutely horrible. In the same respect, none of us knows what caused him to committ such a horrid crime. For all we know, she could’ve beat him with a hammer previously, she could’ve been sexually assaulting him, or worse. Everyone is so quick to judge, but we do not know what happened in his personal life. So don’t assume that this child is mentally ill or whatever else you’re assuming. Ask yourself what the grandmother did for him to have so much hate towards her. I am not condoning his behavior AT ALL. I’m just saying that there’s probably a pathological reason as to why he committed the crime.

  • Mary

    It sounds like he was being raised by his grandmother and perhaps she had guardianship of him. If that is the case, and he was committed to DSS, then more will come out to this story. I mean, he is not being raised by his parents and that is obvious, so he probably snapped due to the situation he is in and not being able to live with his parents. It is just an assumption, but what he did was no excuse just because he did not like the way he was being treated.

  • RUSS


  • RUSS


  • Doug

    What to do with said grandma beater.( charming grandchild)
    What to to indeed.
    This is what you do.
    Drop him off at the Soylent Green plant,to be processed into wafers.
    I don’t believe in rehabilitation

    • ha ha

      I’m quite certain only about 2% of this group gets your humor…. but I do, LOL :D

  • Michelle Pirkey Rose

    i dont know what has become of our youth today,but i do know one thing 4 sure,its a different world that i grew up in,sure i was an abused child for sure,belt whippings,electric cords,fist,& as i got older it all became mental abuse for me,it affected me in a very negative light but i never ever even thought of getting even,for my parents mistakes that they inflicted on me.because they will have to answer to the good lord up above for thier mistakes.you reap what you sew.and as for this young man that snapped,he to must pay for his stupid mistake he made to his poor grandmom.thats the main problem with kids today,they have no respect for thier elders anymore.it starts at home and kids emininate thier peers,so when they see the parents disreguarding authorthy they them selves dont listen and these kids do the same

    • Grandma Grammar

      You know what the problem is with adults today? They don’t know how to spell or write.

      1. Commas do not excuse you from putting spaces between your words. If your going to go through the trouble of punctuating, I’d imagine you would want to get the spaces right as well.
      2. What does the word emininate mean? It looks like you were thinking of “emulate,” then switched to “emanate” and then said to hell with it, I’ll make up my own word.

      • Grammar School Grammar Man

        Grandma Grammar:

        You know what the problem is with grammar Nazis today? They don’t know how to correct someone without being a hypocrite.

        For example, your is possessive and you’re is the contraction of you and are.

        If YOU’RE going to go through the trouble of correcting someone, I’d imagine you would want to have correct grammar as well. See what I did there?

    • 1uniquemonique

      Where the f*ck did you go to school? The word “I” is always capitalized. This is the problem with youth today, people like you wants to teach them that” ebonics” shyt. They graduate illiterate and only seek jobs in the drug trade.

      • ha ha

        LOL.. “people like you wants to teach them”. That’s hilarious.

        By the way, we’re not here to write well thought out essays… we’re expressing thoughts and feelings about issues on the fly, often with a phone or iPad that has a crazy spell-correction feature that changes the word “span” to “Spanish” before you have a chance to fix it. So, if you take issue with a comment, then make a good argument, but if all you have is your ability to nit-pick typos, then clearly you have nothing important to say. As my dear teacher would have said, “Dismissed.”.

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