COLUMBIA, Md. (AP) — Howard County Police have charged three Baltimore men in a jewelry store robbery last month in which $300,000 in watches was stolen.

Deontaye Harvey, 20, Gary Braxton Jr., 25, and Aaron Pratt, 19, were arrested over the weekend. All three have been charged with armed robbery and other offenses.

The robbery took place March 30 at Edward Arthur Jewelers in Columbia. Employees said three men, one with a handgun, entered the store and demanded jewelry. No one was injured.

Police released surveillance photos of the suspects and a citizen who recognized the men notified police. Officers say that person will get a reward.

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Comments (8)
  1. Doug says:

    Well,aren’t they the 5 watt bulbs of their parents .
    Real bright.
    Boys,may I introduce you to your new friends and cellmates.
    Deontaye,meet Ben Dover
    Gary,say hello to Bubba Backdoor
    and Aaron,shave your legs and put a little lipstick on.
    I think the warden was eyeballing you up.

  2. kaos says:

    Scott’s county its guys like you that keep the fuel on the fire, laws are not only being broken by young black guys from the the inner city, most of the drug sale are from young and old whites from those same counties you are praising. what those guys did they should be put in jail for along time but to stay it’s one group of guys is a silly statement you really need to get out more, those gansta’s you talking about might live right next door to you. Studies show more county kids are trying to be like those guy they see in the music videos on tv, so before you open your pie-hole read more in take your head out the sand.

  3. sheriffwillie says:

    Oh, Here we go again with the black & white thing. Too many angry people with empty unfulfilled lives & morally bankrupt.

  4. Erik says:

    The welfare generation will never learn how to act like civil humans, they are a lost cause and should probably just make a mass exodus back to Africa where they can lie, cheat, steal, kill and rape each other. These thugs want “something for nothing” because all of their role models are these loser gars who preach about selling drugs, stealing property and objectifying women.

    These three idiots are a prime example of just how stupid and incoherent today’s black youth really is. Did they really think that baseball hats would shield their identities from the massive amount of security cameras in Columbia Mall???

    One of them looked right at a camera! How dumb do you have to be??

  5. Ex-Baltimore says:

    I am well traveled. I’m from the West Coast of the US. I’ve also lived in the South. I’ve been all over the Carribean, Canada and Mexico. This year I’m headed to Europe. Anyway, you and too many other ultra-Liberals just want to live in denial of criminal facts that truthfully show that the core demographic that I mentioned above commits a disproportionate amour of crime. Blacks compose just 12% of the US population, but make up 58% of the US prison population. In addition, Blacks graduate high school at just 30%. still further, Blacks in this country are three times more likely to be unemployed than Whites and more than six times more likely to go to prison. These three robbery morons had no reason other than materialistic greed and stupidity to go rob that jewelry store. I obtained a $9500.00 Rolex Submariner from that same store, buy guess, what? I worked hard for it at my job and purchased the very expensive watch with money I had earned! I didn’t have to steal it. Black males today just want to be mean, violent, tough Hip Hop gansta’ thugs with baggy pants hanging off their filthy behinds and drive Benzes and Bently’s to empress their fellow gangsta thugs and ghetto ho’s and end up producing more little future worthless criminal thhugs just like themselves. By the way, when was the lady time you saw a gang of White dudes in surveillance tape robbing any store? Almost never! And as far as White kids acting Hip Hop? It all stops with just clothes and music and not sticking guns into people’s faces! Get real, dude! Get out of your Democrat denial!

  6. donnamartingraduates says:

    Wow, what a big surprise…Deontaye has previous charges for possession and distribution/manufacturing narcotics, Gary has previous charges of theft and domestic violence and another armed robbery charge from Annapolis, and little Aaron has possession, distribution, gambling, and assault charges with the drug charges being from just last month. What stellar dudes. And smart too, those baseball caps really cloaked their identities…

    Good on the person who was smart enough to turn those idiots in.

  7. Megan says:

    Here is my comment from the original article about this theft:

    @ ex-Baltimore-they don’t drive Bentleys. They drive the chromed out/tinted windowed Chrysler 300’s because they think it looks like a Bentley. I am so relieved that these thugs have been caught. The owners of Edward Arthur and their employees are all hard working kind people. I hope that they were able to get their watches back.

    “Below you will see a comment I posted on a story about the The Mall in Columbia a few days ago, before I was even aware of this incident. The mall should not be a place that is easy to rob. You have to get in and out and there is usually not direct access to a major highway. Obviously, word had gotten out that The Mall in Columbia is an easy target during the day. Most of the shoppers during the day are older folks or moms with children in strollers. Trust me, they will be gone soon. As the great comedian Chris Rock says “there are white people malls and malls that white people used to go to”. This will soon be a mall that ALL law abiding citizens, black, white, hispanic etc.., who care about their safety will boycott. ALL of my shopping will now be done from the confines of my safe home. And for people who say that I am being racist, go right ahead and talk. Facts are facts. Security cameras don’t lie. The Solstice store was robbed and 2 employees were tied up in the back room by young black men, the Apple store was robbed by young black men, a woman was robbed at knife point in the Macys parking garage by a young black man, and now the jewelry store was robbed at gunpoint by young black men. It’s time to profile. If you aren’t doing anything wrong or trying to hide anything, then you have nothing to worry about!

    “I don’t even go to the Mall in Columbia much anymore. I do most of my shopping online. I find it very uncomfortable to walk through the mall on the weekend and see the Howard County Police. Don’t get me wrong. I support the police but I don’t want to go to a mall where they HAVE to be because of the teenagers using it as their hangout spot. Even during the weekday hours it is getting scary. I was getting my sons stroller out of the car in Jan ’10 in the upstairs, just outside of Macy’s in Columba, when I saw 6 young black men (stating a fact, not being racist) running out of the mall. They had just robbed the Apple Store. If it wasn’t for me pointing out their mini van with D.C. tags, mall security and police would have had a much harder time finding them (having to look at security cameras takes time). I wasn’t looking or an aware but I didn’t even get a verbal thank you from mall security for my assistance. They were obviously aware that mall security is not willing or able to do anything and there are no real police at the mall at that time of day. I called the Security Office a few days after this incident to express my displeasure and of course, my message was never returned. After the professor was killed at the Towson Town Ctr, just doing some Christmas shopping, I stay away from there as well. They are both very nice, clean malls with upscale stores. They need to keep ALL the trash OUT!!!!!!!!””

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