Motorcyclist Killed On I-395 In Baltimore

BALTIMORE (AP) — The Maryland Transportation Authority Police says a motorcyclist has been killed in an accident on Interstate 395 close to where the highway merges with Interstate 95.

Mike Perry reports the crash happened Monday about 6:25 p.m. No other vehicles were involved.

Sgt. Jonathan Green of the Transportation Authority police says the man driving the motorcycle was 23. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Officials diverted traffic from southbound 395 and northbound 95 just as fans were leaving the Orioles game downtown.

Transportation Authority police are looking for witnesses to the accident. Anyone who saw the crash should call the collision reconstruction unit at 443-324-8894.

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  • Doug

    They commonly buzz by me on 95,doing 95.
    Seen them doing wheely’s on the highway.
    Who knows here.

  • J

    Pretty insensitive thing to say regardless of the facts. Heartfelt condolences to the family.

    • Leigh Ann Erdman

      Nothing insensitive, people just stating fact, they do buzz around on 95 and I have seen the wheelies and riding down the center line frequently. Young, invincible and less experienced.

  • Bullfrog

    May GOD comfort the family and friends of this young man. Maybe if more state troopers were on 95 they could stop some of the speeding demons and ticket some of those who tailgate and drive reckless.


      I agree.
      I travel 95 2 times a day and never see cops pull over motorcycles.

      God bless this young mans family in the Jesus name. AMEN!!



    • G

      State troopers don’t cover I-95 in the city. That’s up to the MDTA police. Even with them present it’s still not a major deterrent.

    • Unk

      Thats cause every time the police go to pull them over they run so that pyts u the public in more danger

  • only witness

    The young man was speeding more then the rate of a motorcyclist should be going……I will only give the rest of the information to the proper authoritoes…so dont listen to anyone else…I saw it all…

    • Leigh Ann Erdman

      ….on second thought what you are saying is that you left the scene of an accident, even more classy.

    • Leigh Ann Erdman

      and you provided info here first, classy

    • Jay

      I hope you stopped and tried to help him. But why would they say no witnesses was their? A game letting out near the end of rush hour a busy hwy leading into or away from downtown and they say no witnesses?


      To the ONLY WITNESS!!! Why in the hell are you reporting about it on here??? What do you want a COOKIE or something for being the person who saw it all happen and having a firsthand look at someone losing their life??? Your ignorant for not stopping an waiting for the police to get there!! Also, do you ride a motorcycle?? How do you really know how fast that gentlemen was going? I ride and I can tell you that sometimes it may look like we are speeding but most of the time we aren’t. We are keeping up with traffic or trying to stay away from being too close to cars. Staying in traffic can be more dangerous for a motorcyclist because people don’t pay attention to their surroundings. I can tell you from experience I’ve had ignorant drivers riding my tail when I’m going the speed limit if not 5 over. Some time is just has much the persons fault in the vehicle then the motorcycle driver! May this gentlemen rest in peace and his family questioned be answered. Only him and God know what really happened.

      • Margaret Hudert

        i agree with you @ to: only witness

      • only witness

        My bag. My post should have said only “Jehovah Witness”. Sorry was commenting on wrong story.

  • Leigh Ann Erdman

    Very unfortunate and a terrible loss for the family. I drive a truck with a horse trailer and I can’t even count the number of times that motorcyclists have cut me off at high rates of speed. They scare me because in all seriousness there is no way to avoid them if something catastrophic happens, especially pulling 10 thousand pounds of horses and trailer plus a truck without endangering others. I once asked a young man why he rode so recklessly on his motorcycle and he told me “it is the only way i can feel anything.” I also come from a family of bikers who are amazed at the wreaklessness of some of the young motorcyclists especially this time of year. Lets hope that the investigation provides details so at least the “truth be told.”

    • Leigh Ann Erdman

      excuse my mispell, early morning, not enough coffee

  • Sad but true

    So Sad!!! Bikers need to wake up..this way of driving is getting you guys killed. Where are the police patrols for this kind of stuff. These bikers dodge in and out of traffic like they’re the only ones on the road.

    I hope this serves as ANOTHER example of a senseless accident that could’ve been avoided

  • Dennis

    The last thing we need is more cops. In fact we need less cops.

  • MS

    why didn’t the city and state divert traffic onto 295/Russell street instead of onto 95 North? I was sitting in crazy traffic at 8:30pm and this happened at 6:30!


    Them dam bikes are not toys and NO you are not invisible.
    These kind of people will never learn.
    It’s all fun and games until you get hurt

    God bless this young boys family.

  • ski

    Boots, arm and head seperated from body.
    My mom didn’t let me get a motorcycle when I was young.

    • Leigh Ann Erdman

      In other words, excessive speed. Tragic, especially for the family.

  • Grieving Mom too

    Regardless of what really happened a family is devastated this morning. There lives are forever changed. A mother has lost a son and today a part of her is dead inside. I know all to well. I lost my 24 year old daughter in a car accident 2 years ago. She was a passenger…..So think more about the family and less about the how it happened. My thoughts and prayers are with them today.

    • Kathy Hyde

      thank you so much . hat is the only fact that matters … god be with this family and espiecally the parents .. they will be forever changed …

      • Kathy Hyde

        i meant that* and i spelled espeically wrong .. sorry

    • parent

      @Grieving Mom too: Thank you for putting the proper prospective on this article. It seems that our culture is more into judging others than experiencing empathy. Sad really. My condolences to the family of this young man, and to you too. I cannot imagine, nor would I have the strength to imagine, the pain you must still be feeling.

  • who cares

    89 percent of bikers dont have there license. i got no problem being pulled over to verify that i have my license. my husband and i are very safe drivers and until you ride a bike you dont under stand how many people are rude on the roads to bikers. but im not going to sit here and say i havent seen bikers acting crazy and going way to fast. my heart goes out to his family not matter what the cause.

  • 3speed

    If it were you having to check the details everytime you see a motorcycle accident on the news thinking it many have been your father, brother or husband you wouldnt be so heartless to assume anything. Nothing on this report said anything about speeding.
    How many of you still talk on your cell phones and drive? It only takes looking down or away for one second to plow right into one of us “Wreckless Bikers”. True many of the young guys show off but it doesnt make it any less of a tragity, Too many trolls online just waiting to put their cruel heartless 2 cents in to care how it affects the rest of us. My heart goes out to all the families that have lost loved ones on Maryland roads. LOUD PIPES SAVE LIVES!

    • Leigh Ann Erdman

      Loud pipes do save lives and when I hear them I start looking and appreciate the extra “alert sound”

  • BikerJohn

    Just throwing in my two cents. Myself, my wife, her parents, my brother-in-law (a motor cop) and countless others I know ride on I-95 on our motorcycles. While I agree that some sports bikers ride dangerously, not all of the motorcyclist community are that reckless. And it’s unfortunate that every time a motorcyclist is killed, this turns into a rallying cry against motorcyclists. My wife and her mother have both been involved in separate hit and run accidents that were the car operator’s fault and no one at the scene even helped them. BTW, they both have permanent injuries as a result. It’s a shame that a few bad riders out there have dangerously skewed the view of motorcyclist out there for the uneducated. While I don’t expect everyone to understand the perspective of a motorcyclist, please try not to lump all of us together as a cry to be more responsible. Speaking for myself and my wife, we ride very safely. I use a full face helmet, full protective and reflective gear, and I’ve invested in extra lighting for my bike. Despite that, I have car operators that are just as if not more reckless than the motorcyclists described as unsafe in this thread. Before people start throwing stones at one brand of vehicles on the road, I suggest you look inward and evaluate if you really believe you as an operator are driving as safe as possible.

    Stay safe

    • parent

      Hear Hear! Well said

  • DS

    Bless the family of the life that has been lost, no matter the cause. The cops are hiding in their spots, smoking, talking on the phones and acting less than an adult. That’s right, who needs the cops….they are worthless.

    SLOW down drivers……….Please.

  • Gene Walsh

    Mr Gene says…..regardless if he was speeding or even doing a wheelie
    I am sure he has someone in his life that right now is very sad, I too have seen lots of guys doing wheelies and speeding up to 100 mph , people are going to do what they want to do… is not the time to be judgemental…now is the time to be kind and respectfull ….God bless this young man and maybe someone will decide to be more carefull when they do ride

  • Somebody

    I believe it is protocal for cops not to persue people on Donorcycles as they are way to fast for anything any dept has on land to catch them. usually a helicopter is sent in to keep track of when they stop and provide the cops with the information. Could you imagine the carnage one cyclist could inflict on near by potential victims walking and driving. AYE YI YI

    • BikerJohn

      As they like to say, “you can’t out run a motorola”

  • Richard Crystal

    No matter whose fault it is, it’s sad. I can’t help but wonder though if he was riding one of those “rice burning” motocross bikes that are constantly weaving in and out of traffic, trying to break all land speed records.

  • Just Another Driver On The Roads

    I don’t think its fair that everyone faults the bike for speeding but yet all the cars go way over the speed limit also. The real problem is that people don’t know how to use a damn merge lane in this state I think it’s funny how every Marylander thinks they are the “BEST” driver ever!!!! Give me a break I have had many cars almost hit me on the beltway for not paying attention. The day that happens I know I will be in jail because I love my car!!!!!!!! And I don’t drive a bike but I do ride on one and the driver is very safe but cars don’t care about us they just don’t PAY ATTENTION!!!!!! Start paying attention to the road and follow the road rules Senseless deaths can be stopped but it’s the people that have to make that happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Debbie


  • Somebody

    To Just another driver on the road,

    You are correct about the merge, but don’t forget about the yield as well. The past two days when I leave work there is an on ramp to a major highway that I user and to the left of this lane is another merging lane with a yield sign to yield to my right away. Twice this week and once last week which was by a towtruck driver; I almost was hit by drivers so quick to get in front. I was to the point that I should’ve hit my brakes and let them t-bone me.

  • big love

    First and foremost my prayer goes out to that young mans family. now to the rest of you a..holes get a life who cares if you ride or not. another life is gone

  • Firefighter / EMT / Motorcycle Rider

    First, not all people who ride motorcycles are dare-devils or a$$holes. There are millions of responsible riders. There are a few who don’t rspect the law, or other drivers. If you see illegal driving of a motorcycle,call 9-1-1, or #77 if you are on the highways.

    Second, the witness on here may have been in shock after witnessing a fatal crash. What if the victiim was on a drug run from the city and was armed and not dead, what would have happened? He/She may be trying to get thier thoughts together before calling police, making sure they remember the incident how they saw it.

    Third, I am sure as the investigation unfolds the facts will come out about speed, if the driver had a valid motorcycle license, if the bike blonged to the driver or if was stolen, and wether alcohol or drugs were involved.

    Fourth, it is not illegal to leave the scene of an accident if you were not involved. While there is no legal requirement for a witness or passer-by to stop, I still feel there is a moral responsibility to stop, investigate, and call 9-1-1.

    Lets all wait for the final report to come out in the news.

  • sheriffwillie

    Hey Mut, don’t throw in one incident where a car ran into a biker to validate your argument. Its like drunk driving, for every one person caught there are literally hundreds who just coast away through the grace of God. The a….hole whiz by gang of bikers & there are way too many, are the cause for this subject, argument.

    • Mut

      Says the sheriff who claims running thier mouth will get them all what they deserve. Just shows what you know about your “subject, argument”

  • sheriffwillie

    The hyprocisty on this thread is stiffling. Such insincere B.S. Like any of you out there unless related to this biker really give a rat’s a**?…You say one thing & tonight on the way home you will cut somebody off or if cut off you will finger them spit if close enough & curse like Moses when he found out he wasn’t going to the promised land. How about just shutting up & driving responsibility from here on out. The life you save may be yours. That poor sucker of a biker either made a poor choice when he was on the bike or some person was having a bad day & biker paid for it. How nice we have no control folks.

    • ha ha (but more ironic than funny)

      ehhhh, Mr. Willie, where YOU may not really give a “rodent’s backside” about this human life, others of us did in fact develop a sense of empathy as children. Perhaps your narcissistic view that we all share your lack of empathy says something about your brain chemistry. I’ve read your comments on other issues and, dude, you are nuts… really, you need to be on medication or be sent “away”.

      • sheriffwillie

        ha ha, First punk, I’m not a dude. Second, I have an opinion like everyone. Third, if you don’t like what I have to say just skip over it. I make no apologies for anything I say because my words are based on life experiences. I never attacked you so just be a nice boy & do your homework or make your bed for a change. Your mom would be so proud of you at thirty two & still living in the basement.

      • williejoe

        Ha Ha, Do you know Howard?

      • ha ha

        ha ha “willie”, I’m not a dude, either. and, hey, you’re right, we ARE all entitled to our opinions… just like I am… and you are… and my opinion of your comments is that they are crazy and unbelievably racist. I’m just speaking my mind, sister… I make no apologies…if you don’t like it, then skip over it. Ha Ha

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