BALTIMORE (Baltimore Sun/WJZ) — Nathan Krasnopoler, the 20-year-old Johns Hopkins University student who was struck by a motorist while bicycling on University Parkway in February, is not expected to recover, according to a statement released by the university.

Hopkins spokesman Dennis O’Shea said the following email from Nicholas Jones, dean of the school of engineering, was released at the request of the family:

“We have sad news to report regarding Nathan Krasnopoler, our student who was hit by a car and critically injured on Feb. 26. Nathan’s family has informed us that the brain damage that Nathan sustained as a result of the accident appears to be permanent and he is not expected to recover any cognitive function. We are deeply saddened to learn this and ask that everyone join us in keeping Nathan and his family in their thoughts at this very difficult time.”

Krasnopoler had been in a coma since the collision. His case has aroused anger among the region’s bicycle advocates, who saw the Baltimore police department’s original response as inadequate. The police have since promised a thorough investigation.

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  1. marian says:

    how sad that this once brillant young man will now be a varible vegtable. my prayers are with his family and friends

  2. Ex-Baltimore says:

    I feel horrible for this young man and his family. If this God forbid, ever happened to me then please pull the plug. I love cycling but, it is very dangerous out on the roads with Marylands nortoriously bad drivers.

  3. PMCAW says:

    I too regret that a young man has these injuries. However this is an old city with few area for true” bikle lanes”. Yet the City has bent over backward to assist bikers and make bike lanes.

    It was an accident–unfortunate but an accident–IM sure the family will feel some relief once they get the $15million,they are suing the 83 year old lady who had the accident.

    1. ann says:

      At 83 possibly this woman should not be driving and this accident needs further investigation. Money will not bring this family solaceand I think your remark was crude and crass.

      1. Jamie says:

        The only comment that is crude and/or crass is yours. Stop trying to start trouble on the Internet.

      2. JK says:

        Ann, I couldn’t agree more about the insensitivity of the previous comment

  4. susan says:

    How sad this must be to the family. My prayers and thoughts are with the family as they try to cope with unfortunate accident. Throughout this trauma Nathan knows that his family loves him very much.

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