STEVENSVILLE, Md. (WJZ)—A former cop is caught on the wrong side of the law. The former Baltimore City police officer is accused of killing his neighbor in Queen Anne’s County.

Weijia Jiang tells us the problems all apparently started with a fight over a dog.

Police say that fight killed a man– known as a devoted husband and father of two– by a man who has been in and out of court several times over many neighborhood disputes with others.

In the exclusive neighborhood on the Eastern Shore, friends and family members are mourning the death of 55-year-old Mark Xander.

Police say his next-door neighbor, former Baltimore City police officer Charles Richter, shot him in the back Sunday evening.

“It’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to our family. It’s a nightmare. We’re numb,” said Steve Xander, victim’s brother.

Investigators believe Xander’s dog went on Richter’s property, sparking an argument.

Deputies found Xander’s body in his own front yard with his Rottweiler by his side.

“That’s a factor we’ll consider as potential motive. But with any investigation, we approach it objectively,” said Lance Richardson, Queen Anne’s County State’s Attorney.

Court records reveal Richter filed multiple charges against neighbors for noise complaints and trespassing. Those that live there describe him as confrontational.

“He’s sued just about everyone on this street. He’s dug everybody on this street into court, including me. A couple of people moved because of him,” said Jospeh Saia.

WJZ found videos Richter posted of himself on YouTube. The 66-year-old was on the Baltimore police force from 1965 to 1978. He ran for county sheriff twice, losing both times.

“He was considered a loose cannon by everybody,” Saia said.

Now Richter faces many charges, including first-degree murder.

“I just hope that nothing slips through the cracks, and some crazy thing will let this maniac off,” said Steve Xander.

After the shooting, Richter was taken to the hospital complaining of chest pains. A couple of hours ago he was transferred to the county detention center.

Richter will have a bail review Wednesday morning.

Comments (25)
  1. sheriffwillie says:

    What’s an ex Baltimore cop doing living in an EXCLUSIVE community? Guess all those kickbacks, & crooked deals paid off after all.

    1. Jack Sparrow says:

      Hey willie, too much beer isnt good for your liver! So because he used to be a cop means he shouldnt live in an exclusive community? How do you know what he’s been doing since 1978?? He was only a cop for 13 years so unless he retired on disablity he didnt receive a pension…maybe he started a second career…maybe he won the lotto….maybe he inherited the house….just somethings to think about before you open up that ignorant piehole of yours and let the garbage start flowing out….

      1. sheriffwillie says:

        Jack Sparrow, Eww, is your middle name Off? Jack Off Sparrow. You sound like an angry man. Chill you wanker.

    2. Ex Marylander says:

      My aunt was a friend of the victim. Sounds like that shooter was lookin’ for a fight and Xander was in the wrong place at the wrong time. If the dog was a threat, why didn’t he shoot the dog?

      Now, I have a bone to pick with Sheriff Willie. Don’t talk ugly about Texas. It’s the greatest place in the world to live. It’s just very different from MD.

  2. Doug says:

    Shot him in the back.
    Boy that was brave.JERK !
    And all for a silly dog ????
    Richter,meet your cellmate,Ben Dover

  3. Joe Fraser says:

    Check your last quote. I don’t think that Mark said that. Mark was the victim.

  4. common sense says:

    What exactly does being a police officer 20 some years ago have to do with this?

    And for all we knew he could have been fired from the department.

    Him being a former police officer is not relevant to this story.

  5. Ernie says:

    “Him being a former police officer is not relevant to this story.” <—–True. But WJZ is after ratings. And "Former City Cop Accused Of Killing Eastern Shore Neighbor" gets more attention than "Somebody Shot His Eastern Shore Neighbor".

    And what exactly is "He ran from county sheriff twice, losing both times." supposed to mean?

    1. sheriffwillie says:

      Means he is a loser in everything including life.

  6. downwithPC says:

    where is kent island or stevensville md? i cant find it anymore. years ago it was the most peaceful,beautiful place to visit when all the birthers and generations lived there. oh, i know what happened,someone mistakenly rerouted the sewer pipes and when you flushed it and all the sewer rats from this side of the bridge moved over there they created distruction and mayhem. like what i say or not, this is very very true. even the locals have had to uproot because of the “city” people moving there and DESTROYING their community because THEY feel intitled. nothing but white trash and black thugs live their now and it is NOT safe.and all you politically correct people that dont like my commnts, you go live with them .

    1. j says:

      and what has that got to do with the situation? Are you saying the guy deserved to be shot in the back? Just don’t see the relevance of your comment

    2. spellcheck says:

      While I agree that Stevensville, MD was probably a lot nicer before it became too populated, I disagree with your assertion that only white trash and black thugs live there. Most Kent Islanders will probably agree that traffic is their main problem and not where their neighbors are from or the color of their skin. Killing your neighbor is wrong no matter where you are from or where you live. In closing, I would like to add that your spelling, grammar, and sentence structure gave me a headache.

      1. Billiam says:

        Spellcheck – couldn’t agree with your comment more! And my comment is directed at “j,” not you. Thanks for posting.

      2. ttrexxx says:

        trust me white trash applies

    3. Billiam says:

      well, I doubt if any of that is really true because it is a nice place to live, but even if it wasn’t, it would beat living with you!

      1. spellcheck says:

        And thank you for posting, Billiam. It’s like they say: “Good fences make good neighbors.” It seems in this case, there were no fences and Mr. Richter was not a good neighbor.

  7. tylerjake says:

    Yep, now it spreads to the Eastern Shore. It’s like a plague. All they need now in Stevensville is the MTA.

  8. Sheriffwillie says:

    There’s a section 8 complex coming to a neighborhood like your soon. The name will be synomous with the government idealogy. Giveaway gardens” will be the new name. Those of you against this social integration forced upon you by your friendly government, can move & I suggest that you look up the neighborhoods of your elected politicians & move there because you will never find the thugs & hoods, low trailer trash white , black, mexican living with the Pols.

  9. whatnow says:

    Love how the media never misses an opportunity to smear a cop. This guy hadn’t been a cop in over 30 years. That was totally irrelevant to this story.

  10. Resident says:

    I don’t know what this reporter is talking about — it’s not really an “exclusive” neighborhood. It’s a normal street just like any other — maybe the writer called it “exclusive” because it is a fairly short street and doesn’t have all that many houses on it. But it’s not some gated community with mansions or anything.

    And the reason that it’s relevant to report that Richter was a former cop is because Richter has promoted himself that way for years. (By the way, the reporter made a typo — he didn’t run “from” sheriff, he ran FOR sheriff… as in, he has tried to get elected sheriff twice. He has a website that was still up as of yesterday.) He ran his campaigns tooting his horn as a former cop and calling for tough punishment for criminals and no favortism to anybody — equal treatment for everyone under the law. So that’s why that mention is relevant — now that he’s on the other side, will he be expecting any different treatment than anyone else who shoots someone in the back? But I agree, the reporter did a sloppy job on this story, or else the editor did.

  11. Mr G says:

    …we may live in a country where you have freedom of speech but your almost better just saying nothing and walk away, you never know who has a gun and will shoot you over anything……this “ex-cop” willl get what he deserves when he ends up in prison and meets some of the same people he put there…My heart felt sorrow goes out to the family who lost a good men

    1. commonsense says:

      Um…the odds are that anyone he put away is either already released or dead. Doubt he’ll run into ANYONE who he arrested at this point.

  12. police31 says:

    look at this way he,s a drunk look at the picture thats all he do! is drink all day long and he,s aloving family man but the law came out of him he thinks hes still a poice officer and there are more like him thats retired or just was fired or administration termination, so i know the guy but you know look at his time on the force why he,s not there anymore! and he should been retired right now! ask a retired police sgt. gary west,and sgt slaughter,other former police officers people dont know some of the police officer are corrupted 90%now than ever!

    1. spellcheck says:

      Seriously, did you earn your high school diploma from a Baltimore City school? Your rambling about police officers makes no sense whatsoever.

  13. mike says:

    should of shot the dog !

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