GRASONVILLE, Md. (AP) — Maryland watermen plan to hold their second meeting on crab management alternatives.

Watermen meeting Wednesday in Grasonville are working with the Environmental Defense Fund and the state Department of Natural Resources.

DNR’s Steve Early says the meetings mark the first time watermen have sat down to plan the future of the commercial fishery. The deputy director of DNR’s Oxford Laboratory says changes are not currently planned and state officials are waiting to see what watermen recommend.

A catch-share system, in which watermen would be given catch limits, is one alternative being discussed. However, some oppose the idea and Early says changes won’t be made without industry consensus.

Maryland’s season opened Friday. The population rebounded last year following tough new limits that could be eased based on this winter’s dredge survey.

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Comments (3)
  1. Kurt says:

    How about harvesting less female crabs? It seems like a no-brainer. Didn’t I read an article of late in which they found that female crabs lay eggs more than once in their lifetime?

  2. sheriffwillie says:

    Limit the number of traps, the number of crabbers. The recreational crabber is mostly a day crabber & not too much of a problem but the licensed crabber is a PIA & infringes in the waterways & channel of sailboats & power boats. It’s ridiculous trying to maneuver through some of the fields. So fewer crabs means the price goes up. It goes up anyway & besides, the best crabs are never eaten here but are shipped to N.Y. & states that pay top $$$.

  3. Fast Eddie says:

    OK THEN…………….Now we have the foxes gaurding the hen house. The watermen telling us what the catch limits should be. That in and of itself may not be too harmfull if you divide their suggestion by half and figure out a way to keep them from poaching.

    Both Maryland and Virginia need to be on the same sheet of music in regards to protecting the bay’s resources. If not (can’t believe I’m saying this) the Feds need to step in and control the resources.

    Cut down on the amount of commercial licences. Keep the commercial watermen out of the rivers and in the open waters of the bay.

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