ELKTON, Md. (WJZ)—Stuck on a toilet seat at Wal-Mart. It may seem humorous until you learn the victim ended up at the hospital.

Suzanne Collins explains police in Elkton are searching for a suspect who put glue on the seat.

Stopping in the restroom while shopping at Wal-Mart is a mundane task. But for a 48-year-old Cecil County man, it became a nightmare.  He unwittingly became glued to the seat in a prank.  An employee called 911.

“We have an older gentleman that’s actually in our bathroom,” said the employee. “This is no joke. [He’s] actually super glued to the toilet, and we can’t get him up.”

Police say this is no joke. As a matter of fact, it’s second-degree assault, and add to that destruction of property. The seat had to go with the man to the hospital.

“We’re looking at it in terms of probably someone pulling a prank with April Fools, but the serious aspect of it is business was disrupted at Wal-Mart,” said Lt. Matthew Donnelly, Elkton Police. “The fire department, police department, county paramedics [were] called to the scene. Not to mention the fact you have a gentleman taken to the hospital as a result of this.”

Police say surveillance cameras—of course, not inside the bathroom, but outside— show 15 random men going in before the victim.  No conclusions there. Now they are checking who bought super glue.

The glue sticks to the skin very fast, and research shows pressure or weight increases the grip.

A surgeon at Sinai Hospital says doctors actually use super glue to mend skin.

“It’s actually used in medicine since 1998 since it got FDA approval,” said Dr. Thomas Genuit. “Before that, we used it in veterinary medicine to mend bones and hides. It’s a very fast-acting adhesive that bonds in seconds up to a minute, and it binds to the proteins of the skin.”

Wal-Mart shoppers were incredulous.

“I think it’s the funniest thing in the world, however, it could also be the most dangerous thing in the world ’cause you never know what could happen,” said a male Wal-Mart shopper.

“It was just a horrible thing,” said a female Wal-Mart shopper. “I don’t know what I would have done. I just can’t imagine someone doing something like that.”

The Sinai doctor says any injury would come from tearing the seat from the skin, otherwise the glue can be dissolved with acetone. The victim was released shortly after he arrived at the hospital.

Medics turned the victim facedown, shrouding his face to spare him embarrassment from the crowd that gathered.

Comments (42)
  1. Doug says:

    Don’t you get it !
    You’ve been had !
    Like stated,it bonds in seconds.
    He put the glue there himself.
    If I used the can,just before him and squirted super glue on the seat,
    it would have already dried.
    The Walmart shoppers were incredulous ?
    Ask a Walmart shopper if they even know the definition .

    1. JBC says:

      You are not funny. I hate to tell you, but Walmart shoppers are not all low-lifes or ignorant hicks.

    2. Big P says:

      I hope he wasnt doin the number 2 if so how did he wipe his butt

      1. Barb says:

        Um… why would he be sitting to pee…. especially on a public toilet- wouldn’t you think that’s be his LAST resort. This guy probably never sat on a public toilet in his life and this was the ONE day he was about to have loose bowels and ran to the bathroom and sat without thinking. That’s the only reason I can think that he didn’t look to see the glue on it, didn’t feel the wetness of the glue on his thighs, and didn’t cover the seat with toilet paper or a seat cover… he must’ve been in a hurry…. poor guy

    3. Karen Olsen-Novabilski says:

      This is a damn shame…

    4. michael says:

      Every doug i ever knew was an idiot.How dare you talk about walmart shoppers.Where are you from canada,because all idiots in canada are named doug

      1. robin stevens says:

        I just love it

    5. whatnow says:

      Smart people go to WalMart because why would you spend $5.00 on something somewhere else when you can get it at Walmart for $3.89. Only an idiot wouldn’t go to WalMart.

    6. Mike says:

      I agree with Doug. I think there is a high possibility the game glued himself to the seat for the attention. They’ll find out soon enough though.

    7. Pete says:

      Supper glue stays in a liquid form until two surfaces are pressed together. You idiots with the conspiracy theory need to get a life. who would purposely embarrass themselves like that. wouldn’t a couple of bucks would be worth it.

      1. Pete says:

        I meant would it be worth a couple of bucks sorry

  2. Camry21205 says:

    At first I thought it was funny, but then I grew up in like 2 minutes and thought to myself, this is some serious shlt!! Me myself, I never #2 unless i’m at home, nowhere else.. They should catch whomever did this and give them jail time, seriously, jail time!!! My sympathy friend!!

    1. michael says:

      Any way you look at it it’s a very sticky situation.

    2. whatnow says:

      Ah, you must be young. I remember those days fondly when I only did it at home. Unfortunately, now I’m much older and my bowels run me, and if they say go now, I go now, even if I’m at WalMart!

      1. Flatius Jackson says:

        I’m older too-and I know better than to sit directly on a public a public toilet seat. I know people who used to urinate in the soap dispenser; and some who would unroll the toiletpaper, wipe feces on it, roll it back up and replace in the dispenser. You gotta be a dope to sit on those things without at least wiping them off!

    3. Kel says:

      I was LMAO and then I grew up too! Only at home 😉

  3. sheriffwillie says:

    Do you feel stuck in your dead end job at Walmart?

  4. Yaelle Glenn says:

    God I LOVE readng the comments on these articles!!! You have no idea how much enjoyment I get out of seeing the junk people put up here.

  5. pam says:

    I never sit on a public toilet. You never know what kind of germs or substances are on them. This is a horrible story.

    1. MLA says:

      Me too… My rule is “cover or hover”. NEVER sit directly on a public toilet! So fowl!

  6. Scott's County says:

    Who the on earth sits bare butt on a public toilet seat??? Yuck!!! Oh, wait… it’s Walmart. Never mind.

    1. kel says:

      HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Hell, I do my best not to even shop there anymore.

  7. Barb says:

    Just wanted to post a positive comment on the article- I think Suzanne did a really great job on this report! She really went all out going to the walmart, police department, Saini hospital, and even touching the super glue! lol Of course, the story really isn’t all that funny when you get down to it. I mean, really… that is so embarrassing- do you call someone screaming to help you … or if you have a cell phone (which may not work in the bathroom) – who do you call? Well, I’m guessing the man will not be sitting on anymore public toilets. I never had- always squat and hover myself- besides the health concerns, this just adds another reason to continue doing it this way

  8. Elizabeth Barnhart says:

    Never would I sit on ANY public toilet I always put BIG globs of toilet paper down or the seat covers IF they offer them. YUCK…. why would someone sit on one.

    1. Barb says:

      I know right? I even layer toilet paper on top of the water IN the toilet so it doesn’t splash up on me!

  9. MikeA. says:

    I have to agree with Doug…..Ialways thought that SuperGLUE dried instantly…….somethng smells here….no pun intended

  10. eesshh says:

    Hope they can make the charges stick.

    1. Kel says:

      HaHa…Good One!

  11. Amanda Bobb says:

    I think he did it himself too cuz he can sue WalMart now for not checking the bathrooms often enough… Ive actually had conversations with people about them doing EXACTLY that!!!!

  12. gjay says:

    Should no better then to sit on a public toilet. Nasty Nasty!!!

  13. marie says:

    Kinda weird that Preston and Steve (WMMR) were talking about this just yesterday morning! Sounds like someone took the topic a little too far. People need to grow up, I couldn’t imagine what that poor guy went through! Hopefully they catch the person who did it!

  14. Leah C says:

    Acetone nail polish remover would have fixed the problem! Superglue (or something like it) is used to bond acrylic nails to natural fingernails in nail salons. To remove them, women soak the nails in acetone nail polish remover. No need to go the hospital. This was probably blown a bit out of proportion.

    1. Rob says:

      And the thing is, Walmart sells both

  15. AA says:

    Veterinarians do not, nor have they ever used super glue to repair bones. That is absolutely ridiculous. We use it all the time for skin closure but you would never use it to mend a broken bone. Someone needs to get their facts straight.

  16. Bret Van Arsdale says:

    Well at least it didnt happen like the Larry The Cable Guy Joke, In hid joke it was at Home Depot, and the had to take the whole Toilet with them to the Hospital, Think they wiped his Butt for him also ?

  17. John R says:

    who the hell doesn’t check the toilet seat out for residue such as urine or poop or anything before they sit down? Just walk right in and plant yourself in the toilet seat? That’s just ignorant right there.

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